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Left-Handed People Are 5 Times Better At Sex (Survey Finds)

One of the major reasons people get into a relationship is sex. Of course, everyone wants to have a better sex.

One survey in 2014 says that people who are left-handed are better at sex. It looks like lefties are better performers in bed than right-handed people. And, the gap is huge.

In the survey, 86% of the 10,000 left-handed respondents say they are extremely satisfied with their sex lives. On the other hand, only 15% of the right-handed report similar level of sexual satisfaction.

That gap translates left-handed people are 5 times better at sex than right-handed.

Why Left-Handed Are Better At Sex?

Unfortunately, the survey has not revealed the reasons. However, some suggestions say that one of the primary reasons is that lefties have problems adapting in the world where mostly designed for right-handed.

Therefore, lefties make themselves more creative and dextrous when it comes to satisfying their partners. Particularly, improving and their performance in bed.

Some suggest that lefties, perhaps, are using their spare time trying to improve their skills including performance between the sheets.

Should Right-Handed Be Feel Bad About It?

Definitely not! Another great way to achieving better sex in a relationship is being responsive to your partner. This is the most common denominator in healthy relationships both emotionally and sexually.

Showing appreciation to your partner is one of the keys to an effective foreplay outside the bedroom. Some people call it resetting sexual perception outside the bedroom.

Moreover, the couple can further enhance their sexual intimacy by harnessing sexual energy for healing purposes. This does not just extends the couple’s sexual performance but able to reach some point of bliss that is therapeutically beneficial for both.

Additionally, a regular yoga practice is also an effective way of achieving better sex. Of course, getting enough sleep every night is another one.

In terms of diet and lifestyle, make sure you consume the right foods like watermelon and its rind. Basically, try to maintain eating aphrodisiac foods.

When it comes to overall diet, you might want to consider the Mediterranean diet.

Lastly, don’t forget to exercise and meditate.


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