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3 Tips To An Unforgettable Foreplay For An Amazing Sex Experience

Foreplay is an essential part towards an amazing sexual experience. However, many men are not doing it well. Perhaps their wife or girlfriend did not ask for it. Female orgasms do not just happen. In order for a woman to reach orgasm, there must be some foreplay to do.

Do not be mislead through those quick sexual acts in movies. Certainly, the majority of men have seen these urgent sexual acts where the leading man slam her lady on the wall, slip himself in and within 2 to 3 minutes the woman is shuddering orgasmically.

Sexual Foreplay Tips

This does not happen in a typical lovemaking session. Men who are imitating such quickness in sex can make a woman unsatisfied sexually. In fact, some married women will tell that they do not experience real sex enjoyment.

Okay, the 3 foreplay tips will come later in this article. First off, it is crucial for men to know the importance of foreplay. During the first part of this article, we will be discussing why men are not accustomed to foreplay. If you are one of those men reading this article, read on to learn more about this amazing prelude to sex.

Let us face it. Women do not ask men what to do exactly before they have sex. Instead, women imagine what their partner has to do. There are some women who asked exactly what they wanted their man to do, but the majority of women simply do not.

E. Sandra Byers Ph.D. and Andrea Miller are sex researchers who conducted a study in 2004 found out that both sexes take foreplay and actual sex intercourse the way their partners wanted, instead of asking what they want.

Furthermore, the study conducted by Byers and Miller revealed that both sexes want the same length of time foreplay to last, and that is 18 minutes to be exact. Nonetheless, why most men do not do it that long? For most women, it is an uncommon routine to ask what they desire their man to do during foreplay even if it is the right thing to do.

Men, it is time to turn that 18 minutes into a brilliant and amazing experience with the tips provided in this article.

Reasons Why Men Do Not Apply Foreplay Correctly

There is one reason why men are not doing foreplay the right way, and that is FEAR. Here, there are 3 fears that are particularly common why men skip foreplay. It is essential to uncover and face these 3 fears in order to overcome it.

Reasons Why Men Avoid Foreplay

Fear #1 – Most Men Do Not Comfortable With Girly Gestures

Men are dominant in nature. When it comes to sex, hard thrusting and conquering are among the manly things men do. It is due to this nature that most guys do not embrace the girly acts during sex such as hugging, kissing, gentle cuddling and whispering sweet things.

It may seem silly, but it is the truth that most guys are very hesitant of doing this gentleness. Practice gentle touching with your lady friend or wife. Discover where she wants to be touched. Kiss her and whisper sweet things into her ear.

Fear #2 – Getting Bored

Eighteen minutes of foreplay is a long time and boring when it is not done right. Human sexuality is a coordinated act. That means a good communication between partners must exist. Also, most men are fearful of losing their erection due to long foreplay time.

Do not concern about your lady friend looking at your member not standing hard all the time. Just do your part on stimulating her to keep her arouse. If you are doing a good job, she will respond accordingly. Additionally, training her is the best way to let her do what you desire during foreplay.

Keep this in mind, women do not care so much about how hard your member at the start of a sex session. There is a lot to discover when it comes to sex. That is why an open communication between partners is essential.

Fear #3 – Fear Of Coming Too Early

Foreplay Preparation Tips

With long foreplay period, men are worried to experience premature ejaculation. In order to avoid this from happening, practice and experiment through various ways that will keep you aroused but far from reaching orgasm.

Tell your girl what to do in order to maintain your arousal while not having to ejaculate too early. Furthermore, check out this article about how to overcome premature ejaculation.

Girls like to come or reach orgasm prior to actual intercourse. If you have not experienced this, this is the time to make it happen. If you feel like coming when she holds your penis, remove her hand and tell her that you are so turned on about it especially when she spreads out her legs.

You will be surprised how cooperative she is when it comes to helping you relax, and let you enjoy your own climax. This helps your body and mind relax a bit and able to hold back from ejaculation too early when you insert your shaft into her.

The 3 Steps To An Amazing Foreplay For Best Sex Experience Ever

Step No. 1 – The Preparation

Hot and Sexy

Keep in mind, foreplay begins before undressing each other. Foreplay can even begin during the start of the day while sex is planned for the evening. For instance, begin hugging tightly and whispering sweet things to your girl before she heads to work.

Whisper affectionate words like “I love you” or “You’re looking great” or “You’re so hot, honey. I can’t wait you come home tonight”, or anything you think can make her giggle. Plus, prior to stepping out of the door, give her a gentle tap at her bottom. Do not be afraid of doing it, girls love it.

When she come home later right after work, greet her along with a tight hug like you never letting her go. Women usually tell stories at the end of the while she was at work. Listen to it attentively while touching her arms and circling her earlobe gently with your fingers.

If she cooks, surprise her by approaching from behind and lean over her while taking the wooden spoon from her. Stir with the food while your other hand wraps around her waist and crawl its way towards her breast, buttocks, her crotch, and whisper…. “You’re so damn sexy. I can’t help myself”. Then, stop and eat dinner together.

These actions will make her hot and ready for sex. Now, her body and brain are both ready when time comes that you will be slipping off her panties.

Step No. 2 – Make Her Wait

Sex and Foreplay Tips

Making her wait for the actual event has an advantage. There is a reverse psychology happening when you do this. At this stage, surprise your girl by holding back the thing she is expecting you to do.

On a comfortable surface, you both agree to have sex, slowly remove her dress, caress her, lick and kiss her on obvious zones. DO NOT aim too early removing her panties and tingling her clit. Give her a soft and gentle massage for her thighs, instead.

Then, daringly approach her hot spots but divert your massaging direction towards a different route such as her buttocks. Leave out the pearl at this time. Turn her over and give her a relaxing back massage with a bit of aromatherapy oil, if you have.

Additionally, while she is lying face down, part her legs and gently insert your shaft over the folds, but do not slip it in, yet. Do this on the other parts of her body such as her arms, feet, belly as well as kiss her neck and nibble her earlobes.

Lie on top her and feel the breathtaking sensation when both your skins are touching each other. Furthermore, observe subtle signs that she is getting excited. These signs can easily be detected as shuddering, lots of lubrication, sharp breaths or perhaps vocal about saying “OMG! I’m turned on and horny now”. Then, proceed to Step No. 3

Step No. 3 – Now Is The Time

Reached Orgasm and Begging For More

While you desire your lady friend or wife to desperately longing for the main event, you do not want to frustrate likewise. To balance everything, slowly move towards focusing on the most obvious zones of her body such as kissing, caressing and licking her nipples. Move your hand gently over her crotch while tugging her panties aside then letting your fingers to gently tracing the outer lips.

Any moment from now, you can feel she is begging for more. When you feel it, slip one finger inside her and do a gentle stroking movement. In addition, let your thumb find her pearl and gently stroke it in circling motion.

Let her give way and react deliciously to it. Certainly, you will hear her moaning, and she is about to come, do something else such kissing her nipples. You can let her come at this stage.

When she comes, let her rest for a moment. You may choose to repeat the action or do a more adventurous action such as licking her crotch. Target the clit and lick it up and down as well as in circling motion.

When she is begging for more, it is time you initiate the main event. Apply some of the tips mentioned here and here for an amazing and satisfying sexual experience.

When you do this often, you will notice that it is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Both you and your lady friend or wife will become closer and open to talking about fulfilling and satisfying lovemaking sessions in the future.

Additional Tips About What Women Want During Foreplay

  • Some women want to be lick on every inch of her body. To complement it, honey or wine can be use to pour onto her body, then lick every inch of it.
  • A slippery bubble bath is good. This makes her turned on especially if you shave your hand through her legs, arms, waist, breasts or wherever she wants.
  • Cooking dinner together is another lovely means of prelude to foreplay.
  • Dancing together through sexy music can make her turned on, as well.
  • Gently kissing at the lips, neck while gently touching her hot spot is a good one, too. Others call it dry humping.
  • As much as possible, delay the undressing to the last minute. This creates a delightful tension.

Always remember, better sex experience every time means a healthy and happy relationship.



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