Best Penis Extenders For Natural Penile Length Enhancement Gains (2019’s Top Stretchers and Experts Approved Brands)

Probably, there are 100’s of penis extender brands available on the market today, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re only going to cover the TOP 5 penis extenders.

While other traction penis stretchers are basically geared with a similar design as the one’s mentioned here, these top and probably the best penis extenders in the market that offer more than just a penile size enhancement device.

Hence, why bother listing 100’s of different brands if we can narrow the list to only the best available penis stretchers?

This way, we can be sure we are only picking the best among the best and potential users won’t have any difficulty picking as any of the five mentioned here are amazing stretchers.

Each of brand of these top penis extenders have linked to a full review providing an in-depth overview helpful in making a well-informed decision prior to purchasing the device.

Best Penis Extenders In 2019

What Is A Penis Extender Device

Why Medical World Refer To It As Traction Device?
Penis Traction Device

Penis extender technology is based on traction, which is a technique used by surgeons for many years. Extenders are very useful when it comes to penis enlargement as it helps increase penis and correct curved penises, as well.

Traction penis extenders have been talked about quite a bit in the past few years. A traction penis extender is a device that you wear on your penis which stretches the length of the penis causing it to grow over time.

There have been quite a few studies conducted by doctors and scientists in the last few years about the long term effects of traction penis extenders. The thing that all of the studies had in common is that everyone got the same results proving that penis extenders do indeed work and they do indeed increase the size and length of your penis.

Do Penis Extenders Work?

How Safe It Is When Used For Penis Enlargement and Straightening Purposes?

The advantages of using a traction penis extender are that they are medically proven to work. The results you get will stay with you long term meaning after you use this device you won’t have to go searching for any other sort of treatment.

One disadvantage of these devices is the length of time you must wear the device in order to see results. If you want to achieve any sort of significant results you will have to wear the penis extender for 6 to 12 months with at least a few hours per day.

On the flip side, there is always good news because the size gained will stay with you. Natural and non-invasive penis enlargement requires endearing commitment and when using penis stretcher could get uncomfortable at times. This is the reason picking the right device designed with quality, comfort and durability is vital. When it comes to achieving amazing results, it all comes down to how much time you are willing to put in to see growth.

On the other hand, there are people looking for before and after pictures before buying or owning a device. If you’re looking for some sort of penis extender before and after pictures, you’ll be able to find them by visiting the respective review pages for each device listed below.

Don’t get discourage if you don’t notice any results initially. Penis enlargement or even penile curvature correction is not something that can be achieve through shortcuts. You need time and with it the consistency and gradual increase of routine intensity are required in order to achieve success whether it be for lengthening or curvature correction.

How Penis Extenders Work

Common Tips On How To Use A Penis Extender Properly and Effectively

Applicable To Most Traction Rod-Based Extenders
Parts of Traction Penis Extender Device
  • Insert the penis into the plastic “Basel Ring” of the stretcher.
  • Secure the glans into the cradle using a comfort pad, or silicone noose making sure there is no discomfort of pain. Some brands of penile stretchers, for instance, SizeGenetics include a host of comfort accessories to make sure the user wears the device comfortably.
  • Adjust the traction force through the provided adjustments; you can either increase or decrease the tension according to your preference. For beginners, it’s always vital to start at lower tension and gradually increase it overtime.
  • When additional extension rod is needed, pick the right extension rod and affix it securely. This is applicable if the penis is longer than originally provided. Normally, penis extender packages include additional extension rods; others make it available as an addon.
  • Well-Planned Routine

    In order to be efficient and reap the long-term benefits when using penis stretcher, always stick to your plan specially when it comes to number of hours wearing the device. Normally, when you bought an extender, it comes with a recommended routine like the one that comes with SizeGenetics.

    Sometimes, you maybe tempted to wear a little longer in hopes of wearing the device longer could give you quicker results. However, this is not the case and could end up in feeling discomfort, pain and even injury.

    When it comes to penis enlargement, no pain; no gain is not applicable. If you feel pain while wearing the device, stop using it immediately and only resume once the pain subsides. It may take a few days to go away.

  • Avoid Over-Stretching

    When it comes to using an extender device for penile enhancement, less is more. What that means? Over-stretching the penis will not result to quicker and better gains. In fact, when the penis is overstretched very often, it can lead to pain or injury.

    For beginners who are just getting started and no prior experience with penile exercises, it’s always recommended to begin with lower tension. Once you feel the penis is ready for higher tension, gradually increase the tension until max traction force is reached.

  • Be Consistent

    Penis extenders are no magical devices that can give you overnight results. There is no such thing as an overnight penis enlargement strategy. What makes a penis extender effective and safe is through consistent application.

    In fact, anything that involve penis enhancement, consistency is always the key to achieving great gains and long-term success. Instead of stretching beyond comfortable level, stay at comfortable stretch and do it consistently. This strategy is safe and effective and can give you the penile length gains you’re aiming.

    Once you feel you’re ready for the next level, increase te tension gradually. This time, it may be a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it and stay on it for awhile prior to moving on to the next level.

Consistency of Routine

NOTE: To learn more about detailed instructions on how to use a penis extender along with their specific attachments and accessories, always refer to the official user guide. In the meantime, you can watch the following instructional video guide for SizeGenetics, Male Edge Extender, and Labs Extender.

Common Issues Encountered

Mostly By First-Time Users

Penis extenders especially the ones mentioned below are safe, comfortable and effective. However, beginners and even some advanced users could experience certain issues when using it.

Each penis extender package includes a user guide either in booklet form, or DVD disc. It is important to pay attention to reading or watching the user’s guide first prior to tinkering the device. Hold your excitement upon unboxing the package you just received because reading the detailed instructions can save a lot of time and avoid frustration later.

In some cases, when the stretcher has been over-worn, certain side-effects may occur especially when the device is used inappropriately, which is the majority of the cases. Penis stretcher manufacturers’ concerns are safety, efficiency and durability.

These top 5 stretchers listed below are top-notch and have been manufactured to the highest quality. However, when any of these devices are used wrongly, these side effects are very common and may go away in a few days. It is important to note that when any of these occur, stop using the device immediately and only resume using it once the symptoms are gone.

JES Extender
JES Extender

Common side-effects or issues include;

  1. Penile pain
  2. Irritation of the skin around the shaft and glans
  3. When use wrongly, it could damage blood vessel
  4. Erectile dysfunction or impotency, which is very rare
  5. Loss of tissues, it happens but extremely rare

Using a penis stretcher is similar to doing an exercise routine. Avoid overdoing it as it could potentially lead to injury,or penile pain.

Top 5 Penis Extenders

Well-Established Brands That Are Available In The Market Long Enough

There are far more than 5 penis extenders available in the market today. However, personally, I feel these TOP 5 penis extenders are considered timeless and dominate in the market not only because they’re good in marketing, but due to their proven effectiveness and safety. Additionally, these 5 traction extenders have been used and recommended by professionals in their patients and clinical studies.

Penis Traction Extension Rods
#1 - SizeGeneticsFamous for its 58-way comfort system. Now comes with 2800 grams tension as a standard.$199.95 ~ 398.956 - Months Warranty
#2 - PeniMaster and PeniMaster PROProfessionally made with German quality and technology. Famous for its adaptive fastening system. Lots of upgrades and add-ons to choose from.Starts at EUR 129 or $ 1423 Years Warranty
#3 - X4 LabsFamous for its 4-in-1 Quad Support Piece system and hybrid traction system. Several packages to choose from including Peyronies Disease treatment package.Starts at $103.986-Months Growth Guarantee
#4 - Male Edge ExtenderSecond generation penis enlarger with handmade quality in Denmark.Starts at $149Double Money Back Guarantee
#5 - JES ExtenderConsidered the original penis extender as it's the first traction device available in the market.Starts at $209Double Money Back Guarantee (same as Male Edge)

#1 - SizeGenetics

Famous For Its 58-Way Comfort System

Nominated as “Adult Product of the Year 2013” (PRP Award). SizeGenetics extender has been in the market for many years and it has been known for its comfort when wearing the device.

Made from durable and medical-grade materials that do not cause irritation when it contact with the skin. The traction adjustment is so fine and adjusting to the right amount of traction force is not that difficult.

SizeGenetics Ultimate Extender

Furthermore, SizeGenetics has also been featured on various media outlets such as magazines and TV shows. SizeGenetics has been so successful in maintaining its quality and efficiency through the years since it was first introduced.

The traction technique employed in SizeGenetics extender has been clinically-proven safe and effective. It has been tested in various clinical trials and it really does live up to its claims. Of course, results can vary from person-to-person due to some factors such as intensity and consistency, plus others might be using other forms of penis enlargement routines along with SizeGenetics.

#2 - PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® PRO

Designed with German Engineering Precision

Yes, you’ve read it right, and it’s a typographical error. PeniMaster® has two different versions for its penis extension system. Although, PeniMaster® is not widely heard in the U.S.A., or other countries, it is popular in Europe, particularly in Germany where it is made.

It’s a German made product. If you visit PeniMaster® official website, you won’t see any flashy banners and even testimonials, but pure details about how this penis enlarger works.

If you’re accustomed to the typical penis extender, you’ll be surprise the design of the PeniMaster® PRO. The non-PRO version of the extender, however, resembles the typical penis extension system similar to other traction devices mentioned here.

PeniMaster Penis Enlarger Device

#3 - X4 Labs

Offers A Wide Range Of Penis Extender Packages

X4 Labs is one of the leading penis extender brands that offers a wide variety of packages ranging from cheapest to expensive ones. Each package offered by X4 Labs is geared towards a user’s budget and goal. Beginners should be fine opting for the starter kit, but as one advances he has the option to upgrade to a more advanced packages that come with a wide-range of accessories helpful for achieving quick gains.

In addition, X4 Labs offers a wide range of accessories including universal upgrade kit that is compatible and can be used with other penis extender brands. The universal kit includes X4 Labs unique comfort design ensuring comfortable wearing of the penis extender for a long period of time without soreness or irritation.

As far as medical backings are concerned, X4 Labs is also clinically-tested on various trials and doctor-verified, which means we can be sure that what they say at their official website meets’s code of conduct.

As part of an ongoing clinical study, X4 Labs offer free extenders to those who want to participate and willing to report the progress. Another thing that is worth knowing with X4 Labs, it offers financing options. What this means, individuals aiming for a complete set of extension system can purchase the package, pay only 50% upfront of the total cost and remaining balance amount can be paid in either 2 or 3 installment plans. This is a great opportunity to those who are serious in penis enlargement but has a tight budget.

#4 - Male Edge

Second Generation Penis Extension System

Male Edge penis extender device is a second generation natural penis enlargement device. Male Edge is made in Denmark, and although it is made of plastic, it is durable as long as you get the original device. Yes, there are fake Male Edge in circulation according to the manufacturer, so make sure you get yours at official Male Edge website.

Male Edge is known to be a second generation as it evolved from the original traction extender device, JES extender, which we’re going to cover last in this top penis extenders line up.

It has been documented to increase penis length by up to 28% and penis girth increase by up to 19%. The figures mentioned are based on average results gathered from clinical trials.

When it comes to Peyronies disease or penile curvature treatment, Male Edge results have resulted and average increase range from 0.8cm to 2.3cm in penis length, and 20% reduction in penile curvature.

Male Edge Penis Extender Device


The Original Penis Extender

JES Extender device is the original penis extender first came out and introduced to the market in 1995. It is designed and manufactured in Denmark by a team of doctors and specialists. It’s a handmade quality product.

JES Extender Timeline

  • 1994 – The year JES Extender penis traction device was invented.
  • 1995 – General Patent Application For JES Extender System
  • 1998 – First publication of traction results at Symposium Sitges, Spain
  • 2000 – JES Extender sold 100,000 units globally
  • 2004 – JES Extender has been sold in 50 countries
  • 2008 – Introduction of the Second Generation penile traction device called Male Edge
  • 2010 – Sold 500,000 units from around the world
  • 2012 – Patents granted for Male Edge in major markets

Penile Traction Therapy And Peyronie's Disease

A few years ago, penile traction therapy has earned huge interest as a primary non-invasive solution to men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. Additionally, men with short penises or also known as micro penises can benefit from utilizing penile traction therapy.

Based on clinical studies, the use of penile traction therapy is safe and tolerable provided the individual using the traction device has the patient and determination to implement the routine as instructed.

Currently published literature suggests certain cases of Peyronie’s disease may benefit from penile traction therapy’s conservative non-invasive or non-surgical approach. It helps increase penile size particularly in length and reduce deformity in case of curved penises or Peyronie’s disease.

In a typical routine, traction penis extender should be worn 3 – 4 hours each day for a period of several months. There are a lot of these extenders in the market today especially online. However, not all traction devices are created equal. The above list is a recommendation of the top penis extenders that are proven efficient and comfortable to wear allowing maximum potential increase in penis size, length and girth.

PubMed listed a lot of clinical trials using traction device for Peyronie’s disease and other related penile shortening cases.

Peyronies Device

Penis Extender Buyers Guide

Quick Tips For Picking Your First Traction Device

Planning of buying a penis extender but have no idea what to look for? Penile traction devices work. In fact, there are numerous clinical trials conducted on it and it has proven to increase penis size or correct curvatures. Although, clinical trials conducted were meant for a medical condition like Peyronies Disease, and among other penile issues, it does work for penis enlargement as well.

However, while there are many to choose from, it can be confusing especially for first-time buyers. If you’ve read this article from the beginning, you’ll a lot of information regarding a penis stretcher, and how to use it efficiently. Below, we’ll cover the basics on what to look for in a penis extender in order for it be more helpful for you and make a well-informed decision.

Quick Buyer's Tips and Guide
Accessories and Spare Parts

Basically, the top 5 penis extenders listed here are all functional and well-established brands. However, as you noticed all of them have different packages that comes with different parts. Other packages contain certain parts and/or accessories, while others do not.

  • Attachments and Replacement Parts

    Right from the very basic package, always look for a device that includes attachments and accessories for comfort purposes including comfort cushions and pads, silicone straps and nooses, and most of all always check if the manufacturer or company selling the device offers replacement for these parts.

    These parts when used heavily on regular can get damage to some degree due to wear-and-tear, and when it does happen, you can easily order replacement parts and continue the comfort of your penis size enhancement journey. Also, certain parts are expendables, and when they’re out of order, the only option is to buy replacement parts yourself.

  • Extra Parts Availability

    This is one of the area in which you need to look for because having the extra part or accessories makes the device more flexible and can be used for further growth. For instance, look for a penis extender package includes a set of extra extension rods consisting of different lengths.

    Having these extra rods makes it easier to make a well-suited extension device for any flaccid length penis. For those who think the built-in rod is enough, think again if you outgrow your built-in rod. When you have these extra extension rods, it’s easy to adjust and make the rod longer to fit the lengthened penis.

    Mostly, rods comes in different sizes making it very easy to adjust the size. Then, as you outgrow the least or shortest extension rod, change it with the longer rod. The great thing about having different extension rods is you can put together these rods to form a longer extension.

    Avoid buying a penis extender that only has one long rod built-in. It’s not good because even if you buy it cheap, you’ll find out later it does not fit to your penis properly; it’s either your penis is too short, or the device is way too long to fit current size. So, always go with a penis extender that offers of includes extension rods especially if you’re serious about your penis enlargement journey.

  • Detailed and Clear Instructional Guide

    The penis stretcher brands mentioned in this article are great and have been able to helped many men gained penile growth. However, while these devices are effective and safe, it all comes down to proper usage. A well-designed penis extender comes with numerous attachments and extra parts for the purpose of achieving comfort while wearing it throughout the recommended number of hours per day and position the device wherein it is well-hidden under-clothing without compromising comfort.

    Therefore, proper usage is very important and mastering how put on and remove the device pretty quickly makes you feel more of an expert rather than frustrated owner of the device. There is no one single way to wearing the device, so make the most of the user’s guide or watch the DVD instructional videos on how to use the extender properly in different ways and find the right one that fits you with comfort.

    Owning a well-designed penis extender does not mean it would be helpful right at the very moment you hold it in your hands. The key is knowing how to use it and for some people, this is the hardest part. The good news, most penis stretcher packages include a both a written user’s guide and instructional video to make the it easier for the user to follow recommended usage.

User Guides
Perfect Fit and Comfortable
  • Perfect Fit Adjustment

    Unfortunately, achieving the perfect fit every time is difficult as there is no digital measurement on the level of pull force or traction applied. Applying the right traction force is an important part of the routine. In fact, it’s the most important because the applied traction force makes the difference for gains.

    While it’s not possible to achieve a perfect traction force every single time, penis extender offer minute increment in adjustments which can be done by turning these adjustments to either clockwise, or counter-clockwise to meet proper tension. The devices come with a calibrated springs wherein these adjustments are attached with visual markers engraved into the rods for easy tension adjustment.

    This is what you see in penis stretchers where lines marked as 600 grams, 1200 grams and 1800 grams, which are very common. Recently, SizeGenetics ramped it up to 2800 grams as their standard maximum traction force. If you’re not familiar with the gram unit, here are its equivalents in pounds(lbs) and ounce(oz).

600 Grams1.32277 lbs21.1644 oz
1200 Grams2.645547 lbs42.32875 oz
1800 Grams3.968321 lbs63.49313 oz
2800 Grams6.172943 lbs98.76709 oz
  • Money-Back Guarantee

    This is important because when a company offers a money back guarantee that means they stand by the quality of their product. Use online search engine to search for a penis extender device or brand that offers a money back guarantee. The top 5 that are mentioned here all offer a money back guarantee in different forms.

    Please refer to the above table for more information. Some manufacturers offer a warranty that provides replacements in cases when certain parts are broken due to wear and tear. Of course, you have to understand that not every part in a device are subject to warranty. For instance, expendable parts are meant to be replaced and not covered under warranty.


Final Thoughts

Truly, when use correctly and consistently penis extender can deliver the results desired. Of course, there are no shortcuts and any attempt to overdo the routines thinking it could be helpful for quicker gains and results would end-up in pain or injury. Consistency is the key when it comes to using a penis extender device, and it’s true with other penis enhancement methods.

Penis extenders are very useful and can be easily used in a consistent basis because it can be put on and well-hidden under clothing. Loose pants are suitable for when wearing stretchers at work, and even while doing shopping, or even talking to your neighbor or girlfriend. No one knows it’s there when properly worn.

However, for beginners, I would advised not to wear it at work the first time you received your package. Instead, wear it at home and familiarize yourself on how it feels to be worn for a certain number of hours, and have a plan on what to do in case you feel some level of discomfort.

Wearing it at home initially can make feel a more of an expert very quickly. Study the user guide for whatever particular penis extender you’ve got. Try different settings until you get it right, feel it right, and be able to wear it comfortable throughout the recommended number of hours per day.

Once you’re well-oriented on how to wear it, and remove it quickly whenever there’s a need to massage your penis, you can now comfortable and confidently wear the device wherever you go including at work, shopping, or even while driving.

On the other hand, it may not be convenient to wear the device while playing sports that are heavy on actions like basketball, tennis, and swimming. Don’t do that; but if you’re an office guy, clerk, or messenger, and even IT personnel, or as long as the work does not involve too much actions like twisting and jumping, wearing the extender is possible.

The longer you wear it, the quicker and better the results you get. But, always remember to stick to the planned routine recommended by the manufacturer if you’re just beginning. And, as you become more of an expert using and wearing the device, try to come up with your own routine which you think could help you achieve a lot more than just the basics provided.

Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. Oh man, I can’t wait to do this shit!!! I’m gonna have like 20 baby mother’s lmaoo I’m just joking. I’ve enjoyed the reading it really helped me out and also for my decision, thank you so much for your time and effort. 🙂

  2. What do you think about vacuum extenders? I’m sure they are the safest. I think it’s the best way of enlargement.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I bought the SizeGenetics after reading your great endorsement. I’ts been over 3 weeks and I still haven’t received it. I sent a few email but no answer. Are they still in business? Can you please help me out with this issue?

    I really like your site and the tons on info on it. Keep up the good work!

    • Yes, they are in business.

      Have you tried using their contact form on their website?

      You can also send me a message here:

      Please provide some details regarding your order and I will try to contact them also. The more details you can provide, the better.

      There were incident in the past in which the person didn’t received his unit due to a different delivery address from his credit card used during payment.

    • Hi Jassim, I’m not sure if there are any authorized distributor or reseller in Cyprus for SizeGenetics. You can order the SizeGenetics extender online and it supports shipping to Cyprus.

      If you have very specific concern about shipping, you can directly contact SizeGenetics support and ask them about whatever you want or should know more about shipping. You can send a direct message to Sizegenetics, by clicking here.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of users who have achieved great gains with extender. And, I’m really surprised it is recommended by doctors as shown at “TheDoctors”.

  5. At 16 years of age I have an 4.5 inches penis, but seems it has stopped growing, however I want to increase size up to 5+ inches. Based on what I’ve read and understand by also reading other numerous sources, penis extender could help me achieve what I want and I kinda gravitated to it as I can wear it even during classes…since I’m studying college at this time. Anyway, I’ll be getting one probably in the next few weeks… just taking care of a few things prior to doing it.

    • It varies from person-to-person and how long it has been used along with the traction force applied. Typical gains can reach up to 2 inches in length.

  6. I’m currently staying in UAE right now and probably would be here for 6 months to a year. I wonder if there is a local store selling penis extender like sizegenetics. I’m not sure if this thing is allowed here due to culture…that I’m not sure so I would ask someone here to make it clear so ordering it online would not be an issue during delivery.

  7. Finally,,,I’ve decided to buy something that could aid in my penis enlargement efforts. Been doing jelqing since January this year and I’ve got significant improvement in erection quality and stamina. Gain about .25+ inches in length. Now…I think it’s time to take it to the next level with penis extender. At first I was thinking about getting bathmate or penomet, but eventually decided to opt with sizegenetics ultimate. It’s expensive but I think it’s worth it in the long run for a serious newbie like who is beginning to look at penis enlargement as a longterm effort. In fact, I enjoy doing jelqing on a daily basis allocating at least 10 minutes a day of doing it.

  8. So, I’m just curious which is the best? why are some of them 30 dollars and others are 250 dollars or even more?

  9. I’m 16 years old and I want a penis extender as I want to increase my penis size by at least 1 more inch. I don’t if it’s OK to start now while I’m at 16 or should I wait until I reached 20. My doctor told me I’m done growing but all I know is typically male stops growing at 20s. And of course, I will be using my mom’s visa card and just want to make sure nothing is traced back to what I’ve ordered 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll just wait till my 20’s, get my own visa card…

    • Your doctor might have been mistaken. I’m just curious why he told you you’re practically done growing at 16 years of age? If I put myself on your shoes, I would wait till 20 as it is not advisable to stimulate growth while you’re at growing period. I just don’t know why your doctor told you you’re not growing anymore. Perhaps there could certain reasons.

      As far as privacy is concern, SizeGenetics penis extender, for instance provide privacy for its billing…it’s discreet and nothing is written in the billing mentioning specific about penis extender. So, you’ll be safe with your mom, unless she will ask you what is that you order as it will mentioned the company name.

  10. I wanted to make my penis a a bit larger and I totally understand pills do not work so i looked into this and it seems like it works. I’ve also read the instructional guide you’ve posted and it all make sense to me now.

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