FDA Warnings and Public Notifications Regarding Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements


This is a live feed from the FDA.GOV website about latest recalls and warnings about products containing hidden ingredients that could be harmful if taken without prescriptions.

Male Enhancement Pills Previously Subjected To FDA Recalls/Warnings

FDA Recalls Warnings and Public Notifications

Recently, two of the products we’ve featured on this website has been issued a warning by the FDA. This November, FDA issued a warning on Vitalikor’s Fast-Acting male supplement, and days later Vitalikor recalls the products on certain lot numbers voluntarily.

Another product that has been issued a warning is ExtenZe. Fortunately, it was for a counterfeit or fake ExtenZe supplement being sold on the market and not the actual ExtenZe product manufactured by the original and legit manufacturer.

The news links below lead to the official FDA.GOV website. You can read the full story there, or you can simply subscribe to their RSS feed and monitor every news the FDA issue about recalls and warnings.

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Recent List of FDA Announcements (Warnings and Recalls)

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Unfortunately, these include everything that FDA given a warning. There is no way to be able to filter the results focusing only the results on male enhancement, penis enlargement, and male sexual health related products.

FDA 101: Information On Product Recalls

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