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Ejaculation By Command Guide To Overcoming Premature Ejaculation By Lloyd Lester

Ejaculation by Command is a two part approached guide helping the average person improve his sexual endurance fulfilling his female partner’s deepest sexual desires. It is all about re-wiring the mental and physical abilities to eliminate completely premature ejaculation issue and enjoy fulfilling and lasting sexual experiences without opting to pills, creams, lotions, potions, or gadgets. Ejaculation by command teaches pure and natural means of conquering premature ejaculation.

Of course, this is not designed to let one achieve results overnight. There is a series of exercises provided that need to be regularly performed to be able to gain full ejaculatory control in the long run.

As mentioned, the techniques are presented in two parts;

Part 1 – Secrets of Sexual Stamina Mastery

In part 1, you will find the fundamentals and discover the reasons why sex is often short and quick, which is embarrassing for most men. In addition, you will learn the lies, myths, and misconceptions that cloud the issue around premature ejaculation making it more difficult for most men to overcome premature ejaculation, making men unable to carve out new, more confident and long lasting sexual performance.

Sexual Stamina Mastery

Part 1 contains 3 chapters detailing the nature of premature ejaculation like its causes and realistic expectations. Chapter 2 covers myths and misconceptions in details.

Lastly, chapter 3 of the first part covers and explains male sexuality. Understanding male sexuality can be very helpful in terms of improving performance and gaining stamina. Getting to know your body is sometimes one the most neglected part in male sexuality. Often, men think of dominance in sex. In fact, it is demonstrated in the animal kingdom that male is dominance in everything.

However, although we human has that animalistic character of dominance in sex, we have the ability to examine ourselves and know more about our body to make us a better person especially when it comes to sexual performance. Here, you will learn the two stages of cumming, the point of no return(PONR), and learn to understand arousal pattern.

Part 2 – Techniques of the Masters

Here in part 2 is where the meat of the guide. It is in this part where Lloyd Lester laid out the tools and knowledge you need to begin re-training as well as re-wiring both the body and mind to be able to endure longer lasting sexual performance, and at the same time, giving your female partner an unforgettable erotic experience she never thought. That is called sexual dominance for you and sexual satisfaction for your partner.

Part 2 of the Ejaculation by Command guide contains 5 chapters. All the chapters cover essential exercises that are helpful to overcoming premature ejaculation for long term results. Particularly, chapters 4 and 5 covers these important exercises including relaxation and breathing techniques during sex. There is a total 4 breathing exercises mentioned on chapter 4;

  • Preparatory breathing
  • In-Sex breathing
  • Synchronized breathing
  • Triangular breathing

As mentioned with our free guide on how to overcome premature ejaculation here, relaxation is one of the main key secrets to overcoming the problem. Inside the Ejaculation by command guide, Lloyd Lester mentioned it, too. In fact, he has provided an exercise triggering a relaxation response

Chapter 5 of the guide primarily focused on exercises of the pelvic floor muscles. There are 12 exercises provided by Lloyd Lester.

Chapter 6 of the guide is all about enriching your diet. In order to maintain a pristine sexual health condition, it is vital to maintaining good health for the entire body.

Chapter 7 is all about enhancing the skills you have. Lloyd Lester introduces you to female orgasm. Knowing the process how female achieve orgasm is important to cultivating your own technique to make your partner satisfied sexually.

For instance, women require foreplay prior to beginning penetrative sex. It makes it easy for a man to let her female partner reach orgasm if proper foreplay is done right at the start.

Recommended sexual positions suitable for men who have premature ejaculation are also mentioned. Additionally, Lloyd is kind enough to detail the right and wrong way of clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris or clit can be compared to a man’s penis it is sensitive to sexual stimulation. In fact, most women can reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone. However, there are certain ways it can be stimulated for maximum pleasure and avoid the one’s that can hurt her orgasm.

Chapter 8 of the Ejaculation by Command guide is all about adopting the right mindset and attitude. In this chapter, Lloyd Lester advises men who have premature ejaculation to get their partners involved in solving the issue.

Personally, I was able to overcome my premature ejaculation issue by telling my partner(wife) about the issue. I admit to her that this is an issue, and she was willing to help me in the process of overcoming my early or rapid ejaculation problem.

Not too long… I was able to conquer it completely, and we are now enjoying lasting and fulfilling sexual experiences every time. For some men, involving a partner can be very difficult especially if the partner is not willing to cooperate.

However, do not get despair as you can get over it on your own with patience and persistence implementing the right exercises and techniques taught inside the Ejaculation by command guide.

The secret here is not to get discouraged if you cannot make it the first time. Keep trying and trying until you are able to overcome and break free from such condition. Keep in mind, failure will only become a failure if you accept it as a failure.

Therefore, keep trying, and if you can keep a journal about what you have done. Keeping a journal is a great way to keep track where you failed so that you can correct it easily next time.

Emergency Tactics To Lasting Longer In Bed

This is a guide provided as an exclusive bonus to the main Ejaculation by Command guide. These are quick solutions that can be used by any men who is experiencing premature ejaculation.

In this short bonus emergency guide, you will find 15 chapters packed with quick techniques. These techniques are not designed for long-term endurance gains but are good ones if you simply want quick solutions to dominate the session tonight.

However, do not get caught on these quick techniques. Still, go through the Ejaculation by Command complete guide as these techniques are designed for long term results making you an alpha male on demand.

Here are what you get when you purchase Ejaculation by Command;

Ejaculation By Command Package

Ejaculation by Command Official Website Link



  1. My partner has problems with his erection sometimes, but most of the time…ejaculating prematurely. I will try to convince him to have this guide and hopefully he is open to it. He has this pride sometimes, but I’m hopeful I can convince him.

  2. Premature ejaculation is very frustrating and still coping with it right now. I’m looking for solutions for it… I’m hoping this answers to my longtime sexual frustration. I know this is going to be a long journey and thank you for the overview and inspiring introduction.

  3. I have serious premature ejaculation issue. I don’t know if this would of great help for me or otherwise it would only be wasted.

    • The guide works, but the questions is “are you willing to spend time and effort doing the recommendations consistently?” This guide is useless if you are just planning of buying and reading it. The real secret is the application. Reading it won’t get you any further, but implementing what is written in the guide is what matters most when it comes to achieving results.

  4. Please tell me or let me know some methods to fix my premature ejaculation. I have tried a lot of numerous treatments but hardly any of them helped.

    • You haven’t mentioned what treatments you took that didn’t seem to helped you with your premature ejaculation issue. Well, I can say is you just stumbled on a page with a guide to overcoming premature ejaculation, or you could checking the links provided below covering tips on how to overcome premature ejaculation.

  5. i have issue with very early ejaculation. i have actually bought many medicines and the outcome wasn’t so great. so, i’m trying an all-natural method, though it might require some time and effort i’m ready to do it now.

  6. This truly provides the fundamentals about understanding premature ejaculation. Plus, the exercises are easy to implement, although at the start it’s a matter of self-discipline on performing the recommended exercises. I love the quick cheat sheet, but definitely I’m after of the long-term solution. I’m into my 15th day as of this respond… As I’ve said, exercises are easy but it’s difficult to keep on track on it especially if you’re not getting used to it, but it’s possible and very doable, just make your willpower/self-discipline working at all time.


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