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Does Pain Management with Weight Loss An Effective Strategy?

Looking at people who are in pain, it seems that pain and being overweight co-exist. Although not all people in pain are overweight or obese but the majority of overweight individuals are in pain like joint and back pains.

So, does losing weight can help ease or manage pains? What does science says about pain management with weight loss, is it an effective solution with lasting results?

Pain Management with Weight Loss
Losing Weigh Is Beneficial For Pain Management

Pain Management with Weight Loss

Both obesity and pain depict serious health concerns in our society today. There is strong evidence that suggests obese individuals have common pain complaints including chronic pains.

But is losing weight can help manage pains? One study concludes that losing weight either through surgical intervention or natural means is beneficial for people with pain complaints and improvement in quality of life.

In general, losing weight, either via surgical intervention or via behavioral intervention like diet and exercise, appears to be beneficial for pain and associated QOL(Quality of life).

Okifuji A, Hare BD. The association between chronic pain and obesity. J Pain Res. 2015;8:399-408. Published 2015 Jul 14. doi:10.2147/JPR.S55598

Unfortunately, the researchers admitted it is difficult to achieve long-term results and benefits. But why?

Due to unhealthy lifestyle particular in dieting and exercising, it is obviously difficult to achieve lasting results and benefits. The process of losing weight is not a one-time process. Instead it is a habit.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits makes losing weight and maintaining ideal weight effortless. It’s unfortunate that today, regardless of the countless methods of losing weight and fad dieting, nothing seems to be working for the majority.

Hence, the effective and beneficial pain management with weight loss is an almost impossible goal to achieve.

How To Lose Weight and Enjoy Lasting Results and Benefits?

Every year-end, new year’s resolutions are flooded with weight loss topics. Today, millions of people are overweight and it is obvious that majority of these people want to lose weight.

However, a few weeks passed in the new year or a month for some who are persistent and weight starts to come back.

Lasting Weight Loss Results
Losing Weight with Lasting Results is Possible

The key to losing weight is not think and aim to lose weight. Rather to picture yourself with the end results you want. First you need to ask the question, why I would want to lose weight, in the first place?

Higher is the chances most people would answer to that question to be healthy, improve quality of life without any pains, or even better sex.

The more focus being put on these end results, the higher the chances one would stick to the plan of maintaining proper nutrition and doing regular exercise.

Anyone to achieve a pain-free life should focus on these end results.

Healthy Lifestyle Practices For Maintaining Ideal Weight

Losing weight is not only beneficial for getting rid of pains but it has a domino effect that provides many health benefits. Right now, if you’re in pain, pain management with weight loss may be your ultimate goal.

However, it is not just pain management when you lose weight and restore your body to ideal weight. The ultimate goal is to achieve good health.

Achieving optimal health creates many amazing things in life, hence, an improvement in ones qualify of living. Living a a life free from pains is priceless.

Therefore, aim for healthy lifestyle practices that contribute to achieving optimal health.

Here are some suggestions you should consider;

1. Eat Healthy

Anyone who wants to lose weight or in better perspective gain back ideal weight, proper nutrition is an essential part. Many says exercise matters but you can exercise all year around without changing your diet and you’ll get tired and disappointed.

On the other hand, eating healthy focusing on whole foods, results can be quick, safe and healthy. There are many legit dieting methods like the Mediterranean and ketogenic diets.

Generally, if you don’t want to follow any dieting regimen, simply eat in a simple way focusing on consuming whole foods. Even Penn Jillette lose 100lbs with his potato only diet.

And one more thing when it comes to diet, always prefer organic produced. Another crucial thing to keep in mind, make sure to avoid sugary drinks and snacks, as well as highly processed foods.

Instead, as part of your dieting effort for weight loss, focus on increasing your fruits and vegetable intake. If you can’t resist on snacks, make sure your snacks are helpful in your weight loss journey. For example, eat almond nuts instead of junk foods.

Proper dieting plays a crucial role for anyone to make the most of pain management with weight loss for long-term results.

2. Exercise

Second to healthy eating or proper nutrition, doing regular exercise is essential as it produces the weight loss hormone irisin. It makes losing weight quicker along with proper nutrition.

However,  don’t make it hard with alibis that you cannot exercise because you don’t have a gym membership. It is possible to exercise at home.

Even daily walking, jogging or running are considered excellent exercises. If you can’t do these regularly, make efforts to do natural movements. It means doing household chores are counted as beneficial physical activities.

3. Get Enough Sleep

It is said that an extra hour of sleep can cut back obesity risk by half while lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Here’s why?


Additionally, it’s not just the number of hours matters but the quality of sleep. It would be best to achieve a 5-hour good quality sleep than 8-hour of shallow sleep.

In one study, researchers find that poor sleep is linked to pain. Perhaps, the combination of maintaining ideal weight and good quality sleep is a perfect strategy to easing or even eliminating pains.

While researchers seem to agree that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is the optimal number, it is the quality that matters. Hence, make sure to avoid sleep deprivation and get regular quality sleep every night instead.

4. Yoga and Meditation

One of the causes of weight gain is stress. And, meditation and yoga are among the best ways to keep stress minimal and under control especially for individuals above 40-years old.

Of course, regular practice of meditation and yoga is beneficial for pain relief.

5. Cold Shower

Most people love warm bath because it is relaxing. It may be the primary reason many avoid cold showers.

However, cold showers triggers the body to produce brown fat, which is type of fat beneficial for weight loss. Plus, the health benefits of regular cold showers outweigh its short-term discomfort.

Once you get into the habit of having daily cold showers, the feeling of discomfort turns into fun and excitement. The first few cold showers may be difficult but as you do it daily, it becomes a normal thing and a part of your beneficial daily routines.

The health benefits of cold showers include;

  • Improved fertility
  • Weight loss
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boost the lymphatic system
  • Anti-depressant effect
  • Helpful for achieving good sleep
  • Improves focus and breathing
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Boosts the body’s metabolism, which is another essential factor for effective weight loss
  • Keeps the skin healthy

Final Thoughts

Pain management with weight loss is effective and beneficial But as researchers say, it would be difficult to sustain in the long run as many people lose weight and able to maintain it for a short period only; then, gain back the weight gain.

However, with discipline in maintaining proper nutrition as the key element to long-term and lasting results, maintaining an ideal weight is achievable.

Pain management with weight loss may be difficult as most people with pain have difficulty in sustaining ideal weight, it is clearly beneficial for someone who is determined to live a pain-free life.


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