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10 Top Bodybuilding Supplements For A Lean, Sexy and Better Body

There are enough muscle building supplements on the market to make your head spin. Unfortunately, not all of them are made for you and many of them are quite frankly, unnecessary.

So, to keep you from wasting your time and cash on supplements you don’t need, and to make sure you get top results from supplements you do decide to take, we’ve put together this list of the Top 10 best bodybuilding supplements that you can incorporate into your daily muscle building diet.

But before we get started, let’s clear out a misunderstanding about supplements in general that is popular with many bodybuilders, particularly beginners.

Many people believe that taking a certain product will give you some kind of insane edge; all you have to do is just add that one supplement to your bodybuilding workout and BOOM! Results will just come pouring in.

This is the perfect opportunity for supplement companies to pitch you one product after another as that elusive magical supplement which in reality you don’t need.

If you are someone who follows their bodybuilding workout, weight training, and weight lifting program religiously, you should know that you can never take a supplement once in your life and still gain muscle mass far more efficiently than someone who takes supplements all the time.

Muscle Building Supplements

You May Ask, WHY?

It is because building muscle and burning fat is all about the intensity of your workouts and a proper nutrition strategy.

Supplements account for only a small percentage of your progress. That said, they are useful in giving you that extra push.

Problem is, out of tons of supplements out there only a few have been proven to work and are actually effective.

That’s precisely why we came up with this list of Top 10 best supplements to take to get ripped and gain muscle mass.

Let’s first figure out the basics, though.

1. Protein Powder

The first useful supplement and probably the most popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts is the protein powder.

It can be hard for you to get enough protein from your diet, and supplementation with protein powder can definitely help.

Protein powder is also great to take after a bodybuilding workout and when you’re on the move.

Whey protein is cheap, tastes good and is very efficiently absorbed into your body. For those of you who are lactose intolerant, egg-based protein powders are also widely available on the market today.

2. Creatine

The second supplement in our little overview is creatine. People can experience different results with different varieties of creatine.

And there are a lot of them.

Monohydrate is the most basic form of creatine. It’s also the cheapest and is probably the most studied, so we can rest assured creatine monohydrate is pretty safe.

There are also other types of creatinine available that claim to reduce bloating. However, the functionality of these kinds of creatine lacks the scientific backing, unlike monohydrate.


3. Energy Boosters

At number three are stimulants and supplements that give you energy. And again, despite what the market offers, beta alanine, vitamin B, nitric oxide, and caffeine are probably all you’ll ever need.

Nitric oxide will get you pumped up during your workouts and can give you that extra energy to squeeze out those last couple of reps.

Beta alanine is said to decrease lactic acid build-up in your muscles, allowing for your body to recover faster between sets.

And perhaps the best part is Beta alanine decreases fatigue, so it’s another great tool to get you pushing out extra reps.

First-time users of beta alanine might feel pins and needles but the prickly sensation is not painful and becomes less of a bother over time.

Caffeine and vitamin B are both supplements you can take for boosting energy before you work out as well. Most good pre-workout supplements will include a combination of these in one supplement.

The trick here is to make sure your pre-workout supplement stays effective, and it continues giving you energy without overusing it. It is a common mistake among newbies to become dependent on the pre-workout supplement just to even get a regular workout in.

Of course, supplement companies want you to believe you should take their product before every one of your workouts, but experienced bodybuilders know that’s the least effective way to use them.

To get the best impact from your pre-workout supplements you should only take them once, maybe twice a week, and only during a workout when you really want to work on increasing your workload, intensity levels and breaking some personal records.

Make a point of really going hard when you decide to take your pre-workouts. Coffee and vitamin B on the other hand, are safe to take pretty much every day.

Bodybuilding Energy Boosters

4. Muscle Loss Minimizers

The last two bodybuilding supplements we should mention before we get to our Top 10 list are perhaps important like no other when you’re on a cut and you’re trying to burn fat while minimizing muscle loss.

BCAA‘s or Branch Chained Amino Acids and L-Glutamine will help spare muscle tissue during a calorie deficit. Everyone who has lowered their body fat percentage to pretty low levels has run into the problem of losing at least a little bit of muscle mass in the process. This is inevitable, but we can do our best to prevent it as much as possible.

If you’re already taking protein powder then BCAA’s and L-glutamine are most likely already included in that powder. For that reason, the only time you really need more is when you’re cutting calories.

That’s pretty much it. Those are the only supplements you really need.

BCAA or Branch Chain Amino Acid
Top Muscle Building Supplements

That’s pretty much it! Those are the only muscle building supplements you really need.

You may be wondering why we didn’t mention fat burners. The answer to that is because we consider them, for the most part, to be very unhealthy which are known to cause a whole bunch of different problems.

In our humble opinion, the only fat burning supplements you should take are Green Tea and EGCg, which is actually derived from green tea itself.

It is sometimes really surprising how many knowledgeable, well-intentioned fitness professionals recommend fat burners to their clients. Focus on creating a substantial calorie deficit and you won’t need to take any unhealthy fat burning pills.

Okay, enough said. Let’s get right into our list.

Below is a list of the top 10 bodybuilding supplements freely available on the Internet.

The rankings have been determined by product reviews, customer comments and overall performance as reported by participants in bodybuilding and fitness forums.

We have also taken every care to be as accurate as possible but please note we did not test every one of these products on ourselves. That said, we believe all the information provided in this article is based on facts, honest opinions, and good old-fashioned trust.

The 10 Top Bodybuilding Supplements For Sculpting A Better, Healthier and Sexier Body

Enhance Your Muscle-Building Workout Results With Appropriate Supplements


Take your fitness to the next level with the C4 from Cellucor. The original formula with patented blended ingredients will boost your workout performance to new levels as well as provides the extra energy you need to go hard into that last set of reps.

Cellucor C4 is the supplement for improving your lifts without hurting your wallet. It’s recommended for serious bodybuilders and athletes who have a habit of setting the bar high.

Pros: New improved formula

Cons: Slight tingling under skin right after drinking

Cellucor C4


Looking to push extra hard in your next workout? Gat Nitraflex brings all the testosterone power you need to get your muscles rippling and the sweat flowing.

The product is known to help users with energy, motivation, and determination. Set your goals high and go after them. Gat Nitraflex has your back so you can work harder at looking better and feeling fitter than ever before.

Pros: Dissolves easy, great flavors

Cons: Can cause mild stomach trembles with first-time use

Gat Nitraflex


The ideal supplement to optimize your performance and strength, Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak is designed specifically to optimize your muscle mass building process.

For all-natural athletes looking to take their game to the next level, this is one supplement that will earn its rightful place in your training regimen.

Pros: Nonhormonal, all natural

Cons: A little pricey


Increase your nitric oxide and get an extra boost of oxygen in your blood for those prolonged training sessions. NOXYGEN not only lengthens and strengthens your workout performance; it keeps you going back for more.

This supplement will help you work as hard as you do to get that perfect workout whenever you need it.

Pros: No stimulant properties, ideal for regular, daily workouts

Cons: Can get a little expensive when used often



If you’re a really serious athlete ready to see some really serious results then this supplement is for you.

PreSeries Bulk ups so many areas of your game it’s hard to keep tabs. Strength, focus, muscle growth and sheer endurance all get a powerful boost. Try this once and you really will feel the difference it makes to your bodybuilding routine.

You’ll never look back.

Pros: Excellent for staving off fatigue

Cons: Can taste slightly bitter


Advanced formula BCAA drink packed full with citrulline malate, L-glutamine and of course, BCAAs. Scivation Xtend will help anyone power through even the hardest bodybuilding workout. The best part about this supplement is it functions before, during and after your session.

It’s great for fat loss and constructing new muscle.

Pros: Zero calories, sugar and carbohydrate free

Cons: Can taste too sweet for some palates

Scivation Xtend


Made from 100% whey, this supplement is rapidly digested and easily absorbed hydrolyzed supplement that is scientifically proven to bring the best results.

Recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in the field of quality, protein isolates, ISO 100’s formula uses a multi-phase purification process to ensure you get the very best quality.

The supplement is great for before, during and after workouts.

Pros: Gluten and lactose-free

Cons: Can be slow to dissolve


One of the most popular whey protein isolate supplements, Gold Standard 100% was world bestseller in 2015.

It comes with all the naturally occurring BCAAs, leucine, isoleucine, and valine you would expect from an expert in bodybuilding supplementation.

Pros: Easy to mix, tastes great

Cons: Contains small amounts of salt

Optimum Gold Nutriton 100% Whey


If you’re hitting the gym hard then you’re going to need a healthy dose of extra protein. Muscle Milk is designed to provide all you need on your journey to increased lean mass.

The supplement is great for muscle recovery after arduous workouts while retaining critical minerals to avoid muscle cramps.

Pros: Precision protein blend, lactose, and gluten-free

Cons: Can clump if not stirred properly

Muscle Milk Collegiate


100% Whey protein isolate with added vitamins and a special blend of minerals. The supplement supports weight management, builds and recovers muscle mass and easily meets daily protein needs.

Powerful, pure protein, free of lactose, gluten, and any impurities, Isopure comes in a range of dynamic and delicious flavors.

Pros: One of the highest quality protein powders on the market

Cons: Can produce a thick texture when not mixed thoroughly


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements to help you build and achieve lean, sexy and better body. Now, of course, we know that we don’t have to remind you to always read the labels and when in doubt, consult your medical practitioner or get some qualified medical advice on whether or not you should be using these supplements at all.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

As we said earlier, incorporating supplements into your bodybuilding regimen to build muscle mass is an entirely personal choice.

Some people achieve amazing results without them while others consider supplements to be an intrinsic component of the bodybuilding lifestyle.

For them, supplements are all part of getting ripped. It’s up to each individual to decide which side of the fence they’re on.

What we can tell you, without a doubt, is that all of the supplements on our list are safe to use when taken correctly, and may indeed help you build a better body in 2017.

After all, it can’t all be hype. Can it?

So, until next time, so long and keep pumping!


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