Erection Fitness Laid Out A 120-Day Plan For Extraordinary Penis Size Growth Both In Girth and Length


Erection Fitness is an online membership that teaches how to achieve extraordinary penile growth through a 120-day plan. This penis enlargement approach is based on natural growth achieved through penis exercises.

However, the difference between Fitness Erection and other penis enlargement programs, it teaches a step-by-step action plan for achieving measurable growth of the penis.

This penis fitness target tissues, ligaments, and muscles that function to achieve both erection and orgasm control. Methods and penis exercises trigger the tissues within the penis area causing it grow and increase in size above normal.

What Is The Method Behind Erection Fitness?

Similar Technique Used By Bodybuilders

The method applied is similar to the method used in bodybuilding called Progressive Overload Sequence. Particularly, this method was used originally to rehabilitate soldiers after World War 2, and was created by Thomas Delorme, MD.

Later, it was adapted by bodybuilders and become successful of sculpting the body. Recently, progressive overload method is now applied in penis enlargement.

Erection Fitness Penis Enlargement Program

The Company and Man Behind Erection Fitness

Meet The Penis Enlargement Coach

Leading Edge Health teamed up with Mr. A.J. “Big Al” Alfaro a.k.a. male enhancement coach to come up with a penis enlargement exercises routine that can help increase penis size within the 120-day period. The exercises stimulate the muscles, connective tissues and ligaments.

The technique is applying a gradual increase in strength until overload effect is achieved. Erection Fitness’ exercises are very specific. In fact, the entire program is divided into 4 separate stages.

Who Is Coach AJ "Big Al" Alfaro?

The Four(4) Stages Penis Enlargement Exercise Sequence Program

  • Stage 1 - Beginners' Boot Camp

    Stage 1 lasts around 4 to 6 weeks, and it is designed to induce strong motivation to keep one finish the 120-day program. At this stage, you will learn and familiarize the 10 basic exercises by watching the demonstration on videos.

    Each week, new exercises are provided. Just as the bodybuilder performing strength training for bulking muscles, you will learn to get comfortable applying the Progressive Overload Sequence.

    Detailed instructions are provided telling you when to increase exercise intensity for achieving maximum erection growth. Plus, this stage instruct precisely when to take necessary breaks allowing the tissues to repair, or allow to grow or expand increasing penis size.

    Keep in mind, Stage 1 delivers quick results, so do not be surprised if your partner felt noticeable results within 4 to 6 weeks doing the program.

  • Stage 2 - High Intensity Penis Exercises Pushing The Length To The Limit

    Stage 2 of the Erection Fitness program is designed to overcome the plateau. Normally, after the initial 4 to 6 weeks of training, many reported hitting a plateau. Stage 2 provides a detailed staggered sequence of high-intensity penile workout schedules that include new exercises. The fresh exercises are designed to stretch the penis to reach a maximum length increase.

    The creators expertise can help one beat the plateau stage. Often, most guys who push to their limits and use penis enlargement devices to the extreme got injured. At this point, Erection Fitness instruct appropriate plan of actions avoiding injury while achieving extraordinary gains in length.

  • Stage 3 - An Increase In Blood Flow For Thicker and Fuller Erection

    Stage 3 is focused on achieving a full erection by increasing the blood flow into the penis. Various techniques and exercises are performed mainly for improving blood flow. Increasing the volume of blood to flow into the penis can result to harder and thicker erections. Amazingly, achieving such maximum and full penis erection can be pleasurable for both partners during sex.

    Additionally, stage 3 explains and pushes one to perform the most advanced and high-intensity exercises allowing further penis size increase.

  • Stage 4 - Maintaining The Gains In Both Girth And Length

    Most penis enlargement program neglect to teach the method on how to maintain the size gained. One cannot simply stop performing the exercises when the desired gain is achieved. With all those efforts and time spent doing the exercises, it is unacceptable if the penis size gains will end up nothing in the long run.

    Stage 4 teaches how to make the body wean gradually from doing the exercises provided in the 120-day program. Also, it provides a weekly maintenance program to be perform along with 2 to 3 erections each week to maintain the size gained.

Erection Fitness Customer Feedback

Fitness Erection Membership Inclusions

Detailed Penis Exercise Routines Designed By An Expert
  • A daily worksheet workout of the 120-day program.
  • Specific exercises from day 1 up to the end of the program.
  • Detailed explanation about the cyclical 5 to 7 week penis exercises training cycle.
  • Revealed when to expect most noticeable gains in girth and length on every stage of the plan.
  • Every exercise is presented in detailed video demonstration.
  • Keep you motivated by learning to use physiological indicators including EQ(Erection Quality) in gauging the progress.
  • Overcome premature ejaculation learning to achieve 25 to 30 minutes of controlled erection without ejaculating.


Start Your Natural Penis Enlargement Journey

Erection Fitness Natural Penis Enlargement Program Works

But, This Program Is Not For Those Who Are Looking For Shortcuts and Overnight Results

The Erection Fitness penis enlargement program works. The detailed and intense 120 program was provided in order to gain maximum size increase in both girth and length. There are already many men who achieved and maintained what they have gained. However, it is also undeniable that there are those who do not achieve the results desired, and calling the program a failure.

First, before investing in this program, understand this is not a magic pill or magic spell. Doing the exercise, not according to the program can lead to unsuccessful penis size increase. Although, the exercises throughout the program are not meant to be perform for long hours, it is crucial to follow it. Therefore, before you click the order button and pay, make sure you are committed to executing the program according to the action plan.

It's Happening Testimonial
Erection Fitness Is The Real Deal

Of course, anyone is free to use additional techniques such as using vacuum penis pumps. Hydro penis pumps such as Bathmate and Penomet are both highly effective in helping achieve an increase in penis size.

Always keep in mind, use the hydro pump according to the manufacturer’s safety limit instructions. Using these devices to the extreme can lead to injury instead of gains. In addition, should you are comfortable wearing a penis extender, SizeGenetics is a perfect companion while doing Erection Fitness program.

Bonuses and Freebies

Great Complementary Products For Penis Enlargement

Fitness Erection creator Leading Edge Health is also the manufacturer of the popular and highly effective natural male enhancement supplement VigRX Plus, and VigRX Oil male lubricant.

Leading Edge Health is generous to giveaway both VigRX Plus and VigRX Oil 1-month supply for FREE when purchasing Erection Fitness lifetime membership. To be clear, Erection Fitness is ONE-TIME payment of $97.

Initial impression, it seems expensive. However, taking consideration the program’s effectiveness plus the bonuses included the package, this is an excellent value for money. One-month supply of VigRX Plus is a $76 value plus One-month VigRX Oil supply at $49 value.

Erection Fitness Bonus Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Learn More About This Natural Penis Enlargement Program

While a detailed general questions about penis enlargement is provided here, sometimes it would be beneficial to provide some commonly asked questions that are related directly to the product, such as Erection Fitness, in this case. Even with the is age of modern technology where one can simply search something about anything only, it can be daunting to particularly find out exact information about the product without losing dozens of website links opened in your browsers tabs.

When it comes to Erection Fitness commonly asked questions, there are a few, which are going to be outlined below.

Erection Fitness FAQ

Do Erection Fitness routines and exercises really work?

To avoid without getting confused and overwhelmed with tons of medical terminologies, depending on the exercise routines, there are two primary areas that affect the effectiveness of the exercise. The very first area is to expand or increase in size of the erectile tissue cells known as the corpus cavernosa; and the second area is to extend or lengthen penile length while strengthening the ligaments at the same time.

Consistent stretching of these tissues on a regular basis cause them to eventually expand or increase in size permanently allowing to hold greater blood volume for bigger erections. The penis size gains in both length and girth can become permanent and the method on how to to achieve it is also outlined in Erection Fitness.

Do the gains achieved with Erection Fitness program permanent?

The short answer is yes, and it has also been mentioned earlier. As the exercise routines are performed consistently, which of course involved repetition of stressing the penile erectile tissues through stretching technique using advance routines, it can essentially case the breaking or tearing of tissues and expanding the size, healing the tissue cells; and as it heals, the size of the penis becomes larger and larger until you reach your goal. The technique is not new. In fact, this has been proven throughout centuries. Of course, doing it right is the key to success.

Erection Fitness guides each user on how to do the exercise the right way making it safe and efficient while allowing maximum gains. While there are guides out there that are freely available, you won’t find anything as complete and well-detailed routines inside the Erection Fitness membership area.

What about results, how long will it take effect upon starting the program?

There is no definite time when it comes to results, but one thing is clear since Erection Fitness is guaranteeing a 120-day penis enlargement program, results can be achieved within that period. For first timers, the first two months can provide great results provided dedication and effort are put into work. Don’t worry about dedication because it won’t take 10 hours a day to that. In fact, it’s far less than that.

How much larger can the penis grow or gain with Erection Fitness?

Probably, this is one of the most asked questions out there in which many bogus penis enlargement programs exploited. Most men provided dedication, focus and time are put into work can generally gain in the range between .75 inch to 2.25 inches in girth; and with penis length gains ranging between 1.25 inches to 3.25 inches. The longer and more time you dedicate to performing the routines, the more startling the results you could achieve.

Are the penis exercise routines within the Erection Fitness program safe to do?

Erection Fitness penis exercise routines are completely safe provided you follow the instructions carefully. Patience is another factor to succeeding in penis enlargement. There are no shortcuts, so don’t rush things to avoid injuries, pain and discomfort that can delay penis growth. The routines are not only safe but are also enjoyable to perform when done correctly.

Happy Users To Who Took The 120-Day Fitness Erection Program

Discover What They Say and Their Experiences

Below are additional testimonials or feedback from those who have seriously implemented and followed Erection Fitness penis enlargement program. Certainly, if one really know what he wants and truly committed to achieve it, results follow.

These men are the living proof of the effectiveness of the program. However, it is also important to note that while these men have achieve amazing outcomes through their dedicated efforts, results can vary from individuals to individuals due to factors like dedication, patience, consistency, and intensity of implementing the routines.

Read carefully the testimonials below, so you will learn great lessons from these guys. These are actual testimonials submitted to creator of the program. Take it to your own advantage as an ore for your inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals in penis enlargement.

Erection Fitness Customer Testimonials
  • All I can say is that it works.

    All I can say is that it works. My penis went from 51/2 inches (Length) X 5 inches (girth) to 7+ (Length) to 6 (girth) over approximately 1 year. My wife loves the changes but doesn’t want me to get much larger so I’m maintaining here. Not even sure if I could get much larger.

    Early on, to get my initial growth in length I did the exercises exactly how you described them. I got to 7 inches very rapidly this way and have been maintaining since around June. I do keep working on girth to maintain thickness and do my exercises on a semi-regular basis. -DEH

  • Difference In Girth After Three Days

    I have been doing “PE”(penis enlargement) exercises for a long time so I was able to jump right into the program suggested. WOW, I have seeing some awesome feelings and will be anxious to report when I get some gains. The first thing I want to say is that the video’s were a great help. I watched all of them and some over and over. It helped me perfect the exercise that I was doing. I went back and watched them to make sure I was doing them right. On a couple of them, I was not doing it right, but when I did, I certainly saw/felt the difference.

    Then there was a difference in my girth and stretching and after about three days, I was really packin’. Sex last night was the best I had ever had. I completely filled my wife’s vagina more than I have ever in the past. So, Kudo’s! I am really excited. -Ralph

This next guy’s testimonial (to the right) proves that penis enlargement is not only for young people but for men who are young at heart, as well.

In fact, older men should motivate themselves to perform penis exercises these routines are not only for achieving bigger size purposes but proven effective to help maintain sexual health as well as penis health when it comes to maintaining and achieving good erection quality avoiding erectile dysfunction, which is very common in older men.

To read more success stories from men who have implemented Erection Fitness, click here.

  • A 58 Year Old Guy On Erection Fitness Program

    I’m 58 years old and in 18 months I’ve increased my length from 57/8 inches to just over 71/2 inches. In circumference I’ve increased from 51/2 inches to 6 inches. Plus, your exercises have given me a rock-hard erection (which my wife has appreciated) and total control of ejaculation timing.

    Now I can easily have ‘marathon” intercourse sessions in which I can bring my partner to climax 2 to 3 times and then climax with her during her last climax. Needless to say, this has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams.

    My goal is to be “8 inches X 61/2 inches“. That is my silent mantra as I begin each session. I’m sure I’ll get there, probably by this time next year. PATIENCE is the key. You have a VERY satisfied customer here and one that is still astounded at his gains.

    I can’t thank you enough. I do think several of your techniques have the basis of my gains. Good health and circulation is necessary as well. I look like a fit 40 and feel like 30. Can’t ask for more than that. Thank you for the e-mail info. It’s very helpful. -John B.


  1. I am 53 and have tried all the different kinds of penis enlargement equipment, have taken pills, used creams, oils and done everything suggested to me, but I am still just 5 inches long when erect and I have bad premature ejaculations. Do you think this will work for me? I also want to know if I can increase the size of my balls. Please suggest to me a diet that will help grow my cock and balls and also what is the free stuff you are offering? How does that help? Please explain further how your program can help me.

    • Hello Pee Jay, you haven’t provided the details on your routines. Perhaps the consistency of your routine is not that consistent, or you haven’t done the routine right. To save you spending money that you’re uncertain about the results you would be achieving, I think you better go for getting a coaching program from Big Al. This way you will be guided properly about the routine on how to perform it appropriately, and how many times and how long you should be doing it. I know it’s very disappointing when you do something but don’t achieve anything. I was on your shoes until I found that the intensity and consistency of my routines were not enough and I needed to increase both and added a few tweaks in order to start seeing gains.

      Also, you haven’t mentioned how long you’ve been doing penis enlargement because it doesn’t happen overnight, or even a week. You should allow time because there are no shortcuts and it’s not a good idea to over train either.

      Check out Big Al’s penis enlargement coaching

  2. Looks like a definite program for me. I mean I don’t have any prior experience, but I’m kinda feel it would work. I’m looking for penis enlargement program and particular gravitated to Big Al’s coaching program, and I can see he with this, too.

  3. Given the fact Al is mentioned and involved with this penis enlargement program, you should feel confident with it. Al’s coaching is so far great not only in achieving bigger penis but for sexual health improvement and maintenance, as well.

  4. Looks like this is possible means of penis enlargement without having to buy pills or devices, or other similar stuff. Just pure natural…


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