PeniMasterPRO Physiological Penis Expander Device Designed With Comfort, Efficiency and Clinically-Tested


Enlargement of the body organs and changing their shape is not a new invention.

Body parts enlargement techniques have been used for multiple purposes all through history.

For instance, the neck rings in Asia and African cultures that used to elongate or extend their necks, African Mursi tribe expand their lips and ears, braces to correct crooked teeth, leg expansion surgeries and most common of them all, pregnancy.

These amazing ability of the body organ expansion can also be used on the human penis by enlarging the corpora cavernosa, which is the part responsible for holding blood in the penis during erection.

Hence, allowing the penis to have more capacity to hold blood resulting in a bigger and thicker penis.

What Is PeniMaster?

How It Can Help With Penis Enlargement?

Unlike any other website selling penis enlargement products, you won’t find any fake reviews or posting of before and after photos at Penismaster website. And, although, there are people who are looking for such stuff before deciding to buy, it’s really what counts when it comes to determining a quality penis enlargement device.

First of all, penis enlargement is POSSIBLE and penis size is not controlled by the gene, and there’s no doubt about that as long as one goes through the proper implementation of the routines.  Penimaster is among the few companies that own EB SSL Certificates just as those with Facebook and Google that basically means user information is securely stored and handled, but more importantly the company’s identity is publicly exposed taking full responsibility for the information provided on their website.

PeniMaster PRO Numerous Application

Furthermore, Penimaster device can also be used for numerous medical therapeutic fields of applications. The Penimaster is one of the first, or probably the first penis extender and enlargement device to offer a vacuum cap, which is a special technique to provide comfort without cutting off the blood flow to the glans(penis head).

This particular technique provides the user the ability to wear a penis extender device over a long period without experiencing discomfort and allowing to achieve the maximum possible gains painlessly and comfortably.

Cosmetic Applications

  • Penis Enlargement
  • Penis Elongation
  • Penis Girth Thickening
  • Penis Girth Straightening
  • Penis Glans Enlargement
  • Penis Glans Enlargement

Therapeutic Applications

  • Peyronies Disease Therapy
  • Penile Retraction
  • Erectile Dysfunction Therapy
  • Premature Ejaculation Therapy
  • Penile Rehabilitation for post Urological operations

PeniMaster vs PenisMaster PRO

What Are The Differences Between The Two PeniMaster Extenders?

PeniMaster is somewhat complex to understand, but if you take time to learn more about the PeniMaster products, you’ll find that they have one of the most efficient penis enlargement device, as well as for medical penile therapy purposes. So, let’s learn some quick overview about the PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO.

  • PeniMaster PRO

    PeniMaster®PRO is designed with self-adjusting mechanism for comfort. It uses a vacuum process to hold the glans, which can then be used with either a rod extender or belt expander. PeniMaster®PRO is a complex device, but not worry as there are numerous video tutorials showing how to use the device quickly, easily and effectively.

    The self-adapting anatomic fixation allows proper fixation of the glans physiologically. This technique makes PeniMaster®PRO able to pull and stretch the penis effectively either with the rod extender, or belt expander, and it’s easy to hide underneath clothing, as well. It works for both cut and uncut men due to its self-adapting mechanism.

  • PeniMaster

    PeniMaster (not PRO) is a penis extender device also known as rod extender similar to typical penis extenders we know like SizeGenetics, and X4 Labs. PeniMaster has two versions; Chrome and Gold.

PeniMaster Chrome/Gold and PeniMaster PRO

How PeniMaster Mode Of Operation Works Physiologically?

Works For Both Penis Size Enhancement and Penile Curvature Correction

Parts of the body increase can change or increase its size through a formation of new cells within that certain part. With regards to male genitals, this natural process ends when a person reached the age of 20 and beyond. If there is a need to increase or straighten the penis after growth is stopped, tissues within the penis requires a long-term physical stimulation such as stretching or squeezing in order to stimulate further growth naturally.

In this case, PenisMaster subjects the penis to physical stimulation through a technique known as traction by applying a pulling force over a certain period of time every day. This is why such devices like PeniMaster is commonly called as penis enlargers or extenders.

Penis Tissue Growth
PeniMaster PRO on Peyronies Disease

Overtime, penis length becomes longer and girth becomes thicker with continuous used of the PenisMaster over several months as new cells in the body parts or in this case, the penis have grown three-dimensionally in a physiological manner. Long-term application or treatment may furthermore correct or compensate penis curvature in the case of Peyronies Disease. Usually, long-term use of the device can result to long-term or permanent results.

On the other hand, using the PeniMaster device for a short-term period lead to short-term results, or temporary. Whatever temporary gains achieved can return to its previous size, or shape.

PeniMaster Clinical Study and Medical Report

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich, a renowned andrologist and urologist compiled a medical report with regards to the efficiency of PenisMaster PRO penis enlargement device. His personal assessment of the PeniMaster PRO’s performance with regards to physiological factors is based on hs experiences with patients’ results compare to traditional penis elongation devices.

To read more about Dr. Petrovich detailed medical report and his qualifications, click here.

  • Excerpt of Dr. Ruslan Petrovich Medical Report

    …I have never been able to wear extenders with loop fixation for more than one hour due to emerging pain. Extenders with belt fixation often did not stay on or the belts jumped out of the supports in the event of higher tensions. Based on these experiences, there was no ideal extender for me up to date.

    While, on the contrary, my personal experience with the new PeniMasterPRO vacuum extender is positive.

Case Study On The Role of Traction on Patients with Micropenis and Hypogonadism

Micropenis or penis size that is under 2 inches when fully erect is often associated as symptom of male hypogonadism, which is a condition in which the body is not producing enough testosterone. There are certain congenital syndromes linked with low-T or testosterone levels and micropenis. Lots of patients do not consult a doctor as they feel embarrass and simply live having micropenis throughout their lifetime.

Recent advancement in medicine can now able to treat micropenis in all ages. In fact, experts seen good results of micropenis treatments whether the individual is 20 or 60 years old. The earlier the treatment begins, the earlier the results can be realized, and the patient can expect to have normal spermatogenesis in cases of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

  • Details Collected From The Patients

    -Penis length at flaccid stretched ranges from 4cm to 8cm
    -Penis length at full erection ranges from 5cm to 9cm with average 6.8cm
    -All patients experienced prostatic hypoplasia
    -Prostate volume ranges from 2 to 5 cm3
    -All patients experienced low-T ranging from 1.8 to 4.2 nmol/l(nanomole/liter)
    -All patients undergone hormonal treatment depending hypogonadism reasons

  • Traction On Micropenis Study Results

    -4 patients with micropenis caused by Kallmann syndrome
    -2 patients with micropenis caused by Kleinfelter syndrome
    -8 patients with anarchism or hypergonadotropic hypogonadism
    -2 patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and isolated luteinizing hormone (LH) deficiency

Dr. Petrovich took 16 patients ages 22 to 62 years old with hypogonadism and micropenis from 2012 to 2014. None of the patients in the study had sexual experience. Examination of the patients including penis measurements, ultrasonic examination of prostate, as well as hormonal examinations.

The patients were divided into two groups. The frist group were given treatment with gonadotropin and testosterone undecanoate (NEBIDO®). These are the patients who have hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. The second group were patients with primary hypogonadism and given with NEBIDO® only. As a follow-up, patients were examined every 3 months interval.

Six months into treatment, all patients showed physiological growth on their penis achieving an average 11.8cm during erection. Moreover, all patients with prostatic hypoplasia have shown an increase in prostate volume ranging from 14cm3 to 18cm3.

Admittedly, during the end of 6 months treatment period, none of the patients reported any penis growth. For this reason, after 1 year of hormonal treatment patients in both groups were gvien with PeniMaster Pro penis extender device. Still, while the patients were using PeniMaster PRO, hormonal treatment continues. At the end of 6 months with this complex treatment, results were in.

Penile length while fully erect increased on all patients achieving an aveage of 14.6cm, and this resulted to a penis size increase in patients with hypogonadism up to 7.8cm in average after 1.5 year of complex treatment using the combination of NEBIDO® and PeniMaster Pro enlarger device.

Details of this clinical study can read here.

PeniMaster® PRO Package

Take A Sneak Peak On Inclusions For PeniMaster PRO

If there’s one penis enlargement system out in the market that has lots of components, it’s the PeniMaster. Using it for the first time can be somewhat intimidating. Fortunately, every package of PenisMaster delivered to every customer comes with a detailed user guide in printed form and a DVD that contains all the detailed tutorials on how to use and assemble every attachments and accessories that come with the package.

So, it’s important to pay attention and read/watch these user guides to avoid delay in setting it up for the first time. That’s the purpose of these guides, btw and they’ve included in each PeniMaster package for the benefit of its customers/users.

PeniMaster PRO Package with all the Parts
PeniMaster PRo Rod Expander

Here is also provided the link to PeniMaster’s official user guide in PDF format that can you can download or simply view it online. Additionally, if you’ve decided to buy PenisMaster Pro today, you can also watch tons of PeniMaster video tutorials while waiting for your package to arrived.

  • PeniMaster PRO Package Inclusions

    -1 pc Sluice ring
    -2 pc Split adapter (2 sizes)
    -1 pc Standard rotary valve
    -1 pc Pump ball application system

  • Rod Expander System Components

    -1 pc basic ring including spring balance
    -1 pc coupling socket
    -Complete set extension rods(6 x 0,5cm, 2 x 2cm, 2 x 4cm, 2 x 6cm, 2 x 8cm)

The rod’s pulling force generator mechanism allows penis elongation or lengthening in an axially symmetrical manner using similar technique use in common penis extenders. This very common traction technique generate pulling force on the penis head(glans). The pulling or traction is force remain the same regardless of position of the penis. If you’re familiar with typical penis extenders, the device can be put on and hidden underneath clothing.

Because the rod expander can be hidden discreetly under a loose pants, penis enlargement process can continue as long as the device is put on even at work, or doing various day-to-day activities without any issues.

Of course, the complete set includes 1 piece PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system. The expander belt system is developed specifically to be used with the PeniMasterPRO for the purpose of increasing penis size in a versatile manner.

Rod Expander Parts
Expander Belt Demo Usage

The expander belt pulling force generator system can be worn in numerous ways such as using it similar to a suspender as shoulder belt, at the hip belt, or even use as knee belt. Each of the techniques of wearing the expander belt has its own pros. Also, just as with the rod pulling force generator, expander belt system can be hidden underneath clothing, so it won’t hamper one’s day-to-day chores while penis enlargement process is constantly in action.

As a matter of fact, one can still do certain sports or workout activities such as cycling or jogging while wearing PeniMaster®PRO using the belt expander system. Take note, though, tight clothing is not idea, instead wear lose pants in order to make the PeniMaster®PRO unnoticeable.

PeniMaster® Penis Enlarger Kit

Chrome and Gold Editions

So far, we have been discussing the PeniMaster® PRO in this article. However, a product called PeniMaster® is also available. This penis enlargement kit uses the same technique and similar components just as with common traction extender devices.

The PeniMaster® (not PRO) does not comes with the anatomically self-adapting penis glans chamber. It comes on two different versions, PeniMaster® Chrome and PeniMaster® Gold editions.

  • Package Inclusions

    -Mounted PeniMaster® plus next generation support surface with adaptive fastening apertures
    -Various extension rods (6×0,5cm, 2x2cm (pre-mounted), 2x4cm, 2x6cm, 2x8cm)
    -4 pieces holding belts
    -3 pieces silicone comfort bands

PeniMaster® Parts Package Inclusions

PeniMaster® Kit Step-by-Step Instructional Guide

Easy To Follow Instructions (Also Check The Official User Guide)
  • STEP 1

    Adjust the PeniMaster according to the length of the flaccid penis with the extension rods.

  • STEP 2

    Insert and guide the flaccid penis into the basic ring, then wrap the comfort tape around the shaft of the penis. Note: If uncircumcised, foreskin also be withdrawn prior to wrapping.

  • STEP 3

    Use the holding belt and position it behind the glans.

  • STEP 4

    Put the 2 ends of the holding belt into the provided slots of the contact surface, then carefully tighten until the penis is fixed without discomfort.

  • STEP 5

    Press the extension rods right into the support from below.

  • STEP 7

    At this time, the device can either be position upwards or downwards direction, as you prefer.

  • STEP 6

    Adjust PeniMaster according the right tension suitable enough to produce enlargement yet does not induce discomfort.

Contacting PeniMaster Support

For Inquiry On Various Concerns Like Warranty, Returns, etc

Keep in mind, if there is anything you want to know that is/are not covered in this article, you can always talk/contact PeniMaster support, which is among the best online support based on experience, and also the experiences of current PeniMaster customers. Simply fill up the contact form with the information you want to know, sent it, and wait for support to get back to you.

Usually, support respond within the day eager to help with your problem or concerns. They’ve also provided contact numbers in their contact support page, so you can use those numbers to contact them if you want to talk to support.

As far as warranty is concern, PeniMaster offers 3 years warranty with 1 month return policy. There aren’t much mentioned in details about warranty except, so contacting support is always a good idea to learn more about warranty period and policy.

Contact PeniMaster Customer Support

PeniMaster PRO vs Phallosan Forte

PeniMaster PRO vs Phallosan

This section is included as some are looking for comparison between the PeniMaster PRO and Phallosan Forte as both has an identical design and technique using a vacuum to secure the glans for stretching purposes. The non-PRO version of PeniMaster, however, is comparable to a typical penis extender like SizeGenetics, JES Extender, or Male Edge. In this comparison, PeniMaster PRO and Phallosan Forte will be covered.

Take note, this comparison is based on personal experience, and should not reflect the overall quality of either device. Although, PMP(PeniMaster PRO) is much preferred due to some advantages especially when it comes to continuous side-ward stretching. Phallosan Forte only offers either left or right stretching though is elastic belt. Of course, modifications can be done in order to use it for OTS(over the shoulder stretching) such as using a suspender.

PeniMaster PRO, on the other hand, offers a lot of options and various possibilities such as upward stretches(left/right), side stretches(left/right), and down stretches(left/right). Refer to the visual demonstration below. So, if you want a device with more flexibility out of the box, PeniMaster PRO is the right option.

Other noticeable difference in which it makes PeniMaster PRO more preferable due to Phallosan is bulkier. So, wearing it in public could be somewhat noticeable when wearing it while at work or in public. Of course, wearing loose pants is always a good solution for either device. See the image below to compare and it’s clear Phallosan is more bulkier than PeniMaster PRO.

For those who are interested in increasing the size of the glans, PeniMaster PRO is more preferable as it totally isolate the glans and can be an effective device for glans enlargement alone. An effective way of doing it is;

  • Take off the diaphragm.
  • Attach sluice just as attaching the glans cap normally.
  • Attach the glans cap.
  • Use the hose system to adjust and control the pressure.


Offers More Ways To Wear Without Bulking Under Clothing!

If you’re serious on your penis enlargement journey and want to use the device even at work, or while shopping, PENIMASTER PRO is the answer.

User Feedback and Experiences

Penimaster PRO Testimonial

Unfortunately, you won’t find any at the official website. I am not sure if it’s a company policy, or some other reasons. The good news, third party forums and its members are sharing their results and experiences with it. As usual, results can vary from person-to-person, and it’s normal as we cannot expect everyone to have exactly the same results or gains. Some users stated to have been able to gained .25-inch in 4 months period.

Also, it might be worth mentioning about certain users of PeniMaster PRO experienced some sorts of blisters or redness of the glans. If this happens, taking a rest for a few days to a week could be good idea and not doing any penis enlargement routine while allowing the blisters/redness to completely go away. Additionally, putting Vaseline on the glans might help with redness or blisters.

Other PenisMaster® PRO users thought of putting a micro pore tape on the glans glans to prevent blistering. The PeniMaster PRO system employs a 2-parts latex system to deal this issue. If the user does not take to take off most of the air, blistering can happen. Other potential causes might be due to worn out part/area of the latex due to excessive used or too much vacuum or tension. This why this particular PeniMaster® PRO components is among what is considered consumables and they’re available for purchased at PeniMaster’s accessories page.


Start Your Penis Enlargement Journey Today and Enjoy The Results of Having A Bigger Penis Permanently Plus Better Erections, Improved Stamina and Longer Performances In Bed!

Let’s face the fact, many men believed that penis size can indeed affect self-image, and self-confidence. Any man who is uncomfortable or wanted a bigger penis size, seeking ways to improve overall sexual health, boost sexual performance, and looking forward to satisfying his partner sexually, Penimaster is a fantastic device worth looking into as it can help all these areas when used correctly and consistently.


  1. Thanks for a short comparison between penimaster pro and phallosan. I was on the verge of getting it, then suddenly I thought to get more info about it. It turned out, penimaster is also preferable from those I’ve read at thunderplace. If I have a chance in the future, I would be keen in trying both, but penimaster for now… i think.

  2. Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered it accidentally, and the info I’ve found here is interesting. I was actually looking at Phallosan forte, but when I see this penis master device, I’m kinda convinced it would work better. It’s kinda expensive, though… but I guess it’s the quality being paid for.


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