Are you looking for a natural means of achieving a bigger penis size, boost sexual stamina for longer performance in bed, and beat the two most prevalent male sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation? READ ON…

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This website is an online resource for natural male virility enhancements and non-invasive penis enlargement solutions. There are numerous solutions when it comes to boosting male virility and increasing penis size.

Although you have to keep in mind, penis enlargement is not something that can be achieved overnight with great results. Fortunately, it is possible and techniques that work are going to be covered here for the benefit of those who are interested in achieving permanent penis growth safely and efficiently.

The resources page offers a quick overview of how to get started. In addition, anyone without any prior experience is encouraged to READ THESE TIPS. In today’s modern society, many men believed that “Size Does Matter“, and this has been confirmed by the recent study conducted by researchers at PNAS.

Yet, there’s more to than just penis size like erection hardness and better stamina are also vital. Plus, for men with penis size beyond average, enlargement might not be necessary, working on improving erection quality and stamina could be a better priority.

Moreover, if you want to build muscles, achieve a lean and sexy body, check out the list of top bodybuilding supplements.

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Penis enlargement devices like pumps and traction extenders are expensive. While it is highly recommended to use them, it is not necessary to purchase any of the devices right upfront in order to get started. The first step towards achieving permanent and great results in penis enlargement is to have the right mindset. It’s a lifelong commitment, and if you stick to it, you’ll not only achieve bigger penis but better sexual health and stamina, as well. Get into the right mindset, and use the recommended penis pump and/or penis extender to speed up your results.

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Fresh From The Blog....

Doing either or both male enhancement and penis enlargement is an exciting journey, and most importantly, IT WORKS. However, not all men who would attempt beginning the journey may succeed.

In fact, many would quit before they even see any positive signs or gains. Increasing penis size is a slow process, but it works, and this should be accepted as there is/are no shortcuts for it. One must have the patience, persistence, and dedication in order to succeed.

Always have and set a goal right from the beginning prior to performing your first routine. These goals will set as guidelines and motivation to follow along until results are achieved.

In this website, you will find programs that contain penis exercises to increase penis size without the aid of dietary male virility enhancement pills and/or penis enlargement devices. Although, devices like penis pumps and penis extenders are proven helpful in increasing penis size and maintenance of penile health.

Moreover, there are those seeking ways on how to get a bigger dick, yet aiming to use pills. That is a completely a wrong approach.

There is no such thing as a penis enlargement pill. The only way to achieve penile growth is to do physical stimulation either through penis exercises, or devices, or a combination of both.

However, pills can be very helpful if use along with these penile size enhancement techniques, but relying solely on dietary male pills for growth is not reliable and efficient, and most of the time, it can lead to frustration.

The best male enhancement strategy especially when aiming for size gains, improve stamina and better performance, and better penile health is a combination of dietary male pills, exercises, and using devices; and don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle because sexual health is hugely dependent on overall health and well-being.

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Aren't These Scams and Do Not Work?

This is totally a sad and unfortunate fact. While there are those who claims quick solutions, those are really not possible as for one who is interested into getting this enhancement part of man, he needs to be at the right mindset and decided to follow routines that have been proven working.

This website is by no means exploit the human male weakness and desperateness for achieving a bigger penis size.

The methods presented and recommended in this website are working and safe to implement provided one is willing to put his time, effort, and dedication to make it happen.

PE is a slow process, and while there are those who implemented it achieve a very good results in just a short amount of time, not all will have or achieve similar results due to factors like frequency and intensity of routines.

The routines either through manual penis exercises alone or with the aid of penis pumps or traction extenders should be carried with consistent effort while following safety precautions as recommended by their respective manufacturers.

For someone who is unfamiliar and has not tried it, topics like this is always perceived as scams. We cannot blame them, and for anyone who is offended when it comes to this topic, close your browser and stop browsing this website.

Otherwise, if you’re among those who are interested in the topic and keen to learn and even implement the methods and techniques… please continue reading the most commonly used and proven methods listed below.

Achieving a success in penis enlargement can change one’s life positively. Let’s face it, most men who are not confident with their penis suffer low self-esteem when it comes to sexual matters.

For instance, men who are less-endowed feel envy on men who are well-endowed, and most of the time they feel inferior when going to showers at the gym, or avoiding local saunas. Although, these are mostly psychological, it can have significant impact one’s life.

Finding a resource that can help one get started with penis enlargement journey is easy, but implementing and keeping on track in achieving the goal is not that simple.

Hence, take a few minutes to read the tips just below on how to achieve great success with penis enlargement, or if simply want to improve erection quality (EQ) and avoid erectile dysfunction (ED) issues. Not a definitive list, but can get one point in the right direction.

10 Penis Enlargement Tips

  1. Be inquisitive, ask questions, and let your common sense work.
  2. Avoid buying anything that is uncertain to be helpful and valuable to your penis enlargement efforts.
  3. Avoid products promising quick results such as gaining 1 inch in 1 week, these are hype products and no such quick results in penis enlargement.
  4. Never assumed that you will get the same results as the other guys. Every one’s biology is different, and results varies.
  5. Read penis enlargement information from many sources as possible to gather info that are reliable.
  6. Never rush on intensive routines either with exercises or devices, as forcing the penis with rigorous routine can lead to injuries.
  7. Accept the fact that penis enlargement is a slow process, but you will get there if you are dedicated, persistent, and patient.
  8. Stick on a routine that is working and making progress.
  9. Be consistent in performing the routines just as performing physical workout routines.
  10. Practice a healthy lifestyle such as maintaining healthy eating habits, being active physically, and drink enough amount of liquid every day.

The information presented on this website is not for the purpose of convincing everyone to do penis enlargement, or male enhancement. FACT is… this is not for everyone, but for only those who are interested on it. This website simply presents what works provided the routines along with supplementation are both done appropriately.

Penis Enlargement Is Impossible - The Penis Is Not A Muscle

For the uninitiated, efforts to be spent in penis enlargement would simply be wasted.

However, for those who have tried and boldly venture into it, results are positive, and it’s really possible to enhance the size of the penis through various exercises and with the aid of penile enhancement devices like pumps and extenders…and penis size is not controlled by genes.

Initially, I was doubtful about the process and I was making it a ridicule prior to knowing there are those who have already achieved permanent gains with it.

Contrary to most belief that penis is not a muscle, the reality is the penile anatomy is consist of smooth muscle tissues.

The male penis is an organ compose of two chambers called corpora cavernosa. This chambers is filled with coporal sinusoids, or in plain English erectile tissues predominantly compose of muscles.

Now, while there are no studies conducted on penis enlargement alone, there have been studies about correcting penile curvatures using traction device.

It has been found that continuous application of pulling force to the penis results to a longer length. If you’re interested in learning more about these studies, there is a link at the resources page which you can visit, and read more about it.

If you want to achieve bigger penis size, try the exercises outlined in this website. There are also professional guides and penis enlargement programs where you will be guided in details.

In particular, Big Al’s penis enlargement coaching program is amazing. It is not only focused on increasing penis size but improving various sexual health condition like premature ejaculation, improve erection quality, better stamina and performance.

All these benefits are possible that can lead to a man’s overall self-confidence resulting to better performance. In fact, improved self-confidence lead to betterment in everything.

While studies and surveys told us that size does not matter, for those who experience penis growth tell a different story. No one can tell the difference unless you have it and you actually use the gains.

Others resort to more risky procedures, and I’m talking about penis enhancement surgery. However, for me it’s risky and additional gains achieved through a surgical procedure is not that great.

Plus, upon completion of the surgical procedure, penis size gains cannot be used immediately as the patient needs some time to recover and allow healing.

Furthermore, the body needs to adapt to the newly added length and/or girth, and for this reason, rehabilitation is necessary. Still, it takes  months before it can be use for its intended purpose.

Why Pursue Penis Enlargement - No Scientific/Clinical Research Conducted

Initially, this was my perspective, too. Why pursue and spent my efforts towards the uncertainty on penis enhancement? However, curiosity allowed me to try it, and I’m happy I did.

While there are those who have already vouched for the effectiveness of penis exercises for natural penile growth, I was initially doing it for penile health purposes. I thought, if I do regular massages of the penis, I would improve my erection quality. It proved I was right.

After about over a month of doing light stretching and Jelqing, morning wood happen almost every morning and it’s hard every time. I was not the only one who noticed the noticeable improvement in erection quality, but my wife, too.

Then, I started increasing the intensity of the stretch and JELQ, as well as the length of the session. Take note, I haven’t doing penis exercise routines for half an hour, I merely do it for 5 to 10 minutes every day, and sometimes, there are weeks I was only doing it 3 to 4 times. I’m no hard core on it, but still achieve great results.

It is important to take note, during the first  month specially if you’re doing it lightly just as me, you won’t notice size gains, but the first thing you will notice is improvement in erection quality, and also in my case, I was able to improve performance as I was suffering from premature ejaculation.

Moreover, I did not made frequent measurement when I was initially doing it. Noticeably, after around 4 to 5 months of regular penile exercising, I notice that when I sit on a toilet, I can feel my penis is touching the bowl when it is around 50% erect. This is not the case months ago prior to doing penis exercise routines.

Hence, I believed and I don’t have to wait for a research results to publish publicly before I do penis enlargement. It is possible, and if you’re afraid of doing it, start slow as this will avoid injury. Then, gradually increase the intensity and session length once you think you and your penis is ready.

Always observe your body, your body is a great indicator whether you’re having progress, or not. If you don’t achieve any progress but pain, stop doing it, or modify the routine.