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6 Brain Performance Boosting Activities At Any Age

The human brain consists of nearly 100 billion neurons, or may be more. These neurons form a hundreds of trillions of network connections or synapses.

Today, science has learned a fraction on how the brain really works. With all of that complexity of the brain, its entirety of how it works still remain a mystery.

On the other hand, we know that the aging process in humans has impact on the brain. For example, aging causes the thinning of the frontal cortex.

One of the roles of the frontal cortex is memory formation and concentration. It is why taking care of the brain to maintain its optimal health is crucial. Memory and concentration are just among the many other functions of the brain.

And, one of the ways we can do is to engage in brain performance boosting activities, so we can keep our brain healthy, and of course, make us healthy and happy.

But, before we explore these brain performance boosting activities and start doing them, it would be useful in our quest to maintain health by knowing what are neurons.

What Is A Neuron?

Here is clear explanation on what are neurons. It explains the functions of neurons, as well as the different types of neurons. Knowing the basics of neurons is helpful in perceiving the complexity of the brain.

Moreover, it may be helpful in encouraging us to engage in brain performance boosting activities to keep the brain at its optimal function.

Engaging In Brain Performance Boosting Activities

Now, let’s quickly explore these activities that can help achieve mental clarity and sharper memory. It is not necessary to all these brain performance boosting activities at once, but doing one or two is enough when done consistently.

1. Exercise

Regular exercise is valuable for physical fitness, slows down aging and other health benefits including brain health. In one study, researchers found that in just 10 days without exercise, there is a reduced amount of blood in the brain.

In another study, researchers found that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is effective for better brain. And, for the timing of exercise, it is best done in the morning.

But don’t limit yourself to doing HIIT because even a simple and light exercise as walking is beneficial for brain health.

2. Proper Nutrition

Just like regular exercise, proper nutrition is just as crucial for brain health. As a matter of fact, proper nutrition should be priority.

When it comes to proper nutrition, focusing on consuming whole foods is essential. Of course, always prefer organically produced whenever possible.

Take a close look at your current dietary habits and make sure you include or even increase your fruits and vegetable intake. These are packed with antioxidants, which is beneficial not only for brain health but overall health.

Include in your diet healthy various kinds of nuts, spices, and omega-3 fats. Even coffee is good for your brain as long as it is the right kind of coffee and prepared appropriately.

3. Brain Exercises

Working on puzzles, for example, is among the beneficial exercises for the brain. Even working with LEGO is a good one and it’s fun.

Additionally, crossword puzzles are great games for the brain, as well. In today’s digital age, there are many brain games available in mobile. However, if you choose mobile brain games, make sure you avoid addiction and limit your time spent with digital screens.

Of course, don’t forget reading books and make habit of reading. It is one of the most valuable brain performance boosting activities to engage on regularly.

4. Relax and Keep Stress Under Control

Worries and stress are bad for the brain. It is not to say we do not worry at all, and stress is a naturally occurring emotion in humans. However, both worries and stress should under control.

Chronic stress and worry degrade memory and limit learning ability. Besides, worrying, for instance, does not solve anything but creates problems instead.

Hence, make sure to manage your stress and keep it under control at all times. Other ways to keep stress under control includes;

  1. Have a pet
  2. Take vacations
  3. Tai Chi
  4. Grounding

Of course, don’t limit yourself doing these stress-relieving activities. Anything that can make you relax in a natural and healthy way, do it. On the other hand, avoid alcohol and recreational drugs as these can worsen the stress and anxiety in the long run.

5. Laugh…Naturally and Be Happy

If you are able to put your worries and stress under control, laughing should not be difficult to do. However, don’t force it. Instead, make it naturally.

It has been said that happiness is state of mind and a choice. And, doing the above said brain performance boosting activities as habits, it’s easy to feel and be happy.

6. Meditation

The last of the brain performance boosting activities you should be putting as regular practice or make them as habits is meditation.

Although meditation is an ancient practice, contemporary researchers found and agreed doing meditation as a regular practice has many benefits.

One of the benefits of regular meditation is the ability to control one’s emotion, reduce anxiety and able to perceive difficult things and situations at different perspective making possible solutions easy to achieve.

Regular meditation combine with yoga is beneficial for the heart. When the heart and brain are in coherence, it creates clarity of mind and other benefits such as total relaxation and feel positive emotions like being happy.

Eric Butterworth refer meditation as the “silence”. 

Meditation is also helpful in solving addiction problem, and even beneficial in achieving better sex.

Final Thoughts

These brain performance boosting activities are effective. Of course, there may be more but make sure they’re healthy and natural. Perhaps, the most important thing you can start doing now is check your diet, which falls under proper nutrition.

Start making dietary changes today. If you’re a fan of new year’s resolution, include healthy dietary changes in your to-do list. But make sure don’t just list the necessary changes but take consistent discipline action to achieve the changes.

if you don’t have any idea what to eat, following proven healthy dietary regimens can be helpful.

There have been reports like this one by the BBC that mental health problems have been impacted negatively due to the lockdown. In the U.K., it affects adults according to the ONS while in the U.S., the CDC reports issues in substance use and suicidal ideation during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

This is the reason taking care of our health is crucial during crisis like COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. In the end, a healthy body is good for the brain, and a healthy brain can be helpful in boosting the immune system.

Hence, in addition to taking immune system boosting supplement, do these brain performance boosting activities to achieve better physical and mental health.


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