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Covid Dick – A Rare But Real Phenomenon

There is clear evidence that Covid-19 infection causes erectile dysfunction. However, there is more to it. One incident has been reported and is the topic of a podcast where a man with an average penis size shrunk by 4 cm. Penile shrinkage is not new and has been recognized by medical experts as real.

However, this particular incident is the first in which a man’s penis shrunk by 4 cm. At this time, Covid dick is rare but real.

Listen to the Covid dick podcast below;

Doctors find that shrinkage in penis is one of the 200 plus long covid symptoms when they asked thousands of affected individuals.

Covid Dick and Other Male Sexual Health Consequence Covid-19 Infection

Certainly, Covid-19 infection has systemic consequences and among them has a negative consequence on male sexual health. Clearly, erectile dysfunction is one of these negative effects, and, of course, penile shrinkage is the topic of the podcast above.

Moreover, three more side effects have been found as a direct consequence of Covid-19. Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago find that among the consequences include;

  1. Testicular pain
  2. reduced sperm count and quality
  3. decreased fertility

Thomas Hope, the lead investigator of the study says;

But the signal that jumped out at us was the complete spread through the male genital tract. We had no idea we would find it there.

These results indicate that the testicular pain, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, reduced sperm count and quality, and decreased fertility associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection are a direct consequence of infection of cells of the male reproductive tract and not indirect mechanisms such as fever and inflammation.

Can A Man with Covid Dick Recover The Lost Penile Length?

An expert podcast guest expert, Dr. Charles Welliver, says, there are things that can be done for those who experience Covid dick and other male sexual health issues as consequences of Covid-19 infection.

He said, there is a concept of penile rehabilitation like those being done with prostate problems in order not to lose length, and perhaps gain penile length.

Dr. Charles Welliver recommends taking Viagra or Cialis to help improve and maintain proper blood flow. Penis exercises like penis stretching is also another helpful penile therapy. It is not just helpful in gaining penile length but also improves blood flow.

Another regimen that can be done by those who are affected by Covid dick is regular use of a penis pump. While a conventional air pump is good enough, opting for a more modern pump that uses water instead of air is better, like the Bathmate.

Another urologist, Dr. Ashley G. Winter also recommends using a penis pump. And, the last thing mentioned as one of the solutions to recovering penile length is using a penis extender or penile traction device. There are various penile traction or penis extender devices available, like the Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, Penimaster, Sizegenetics, and the one mentioned in the podcast, RestoreX. 

Final Thoughts

Thousands, if not millions, have suffered Covid-19 with serious consequences. And, it’s clear that among these people, some suffered from male sexual health issues.

Although experts are clear that Covid dick is a consequence of Covid-19 infection, it’s not yet time to lose hope. As we see, there are things that can be done in order to avoid penile shrinkage, and if shrinkage has already occurred, one may be able to regain the lost length of the penis.

When it comes to penile therapy, whether employing penis exercises or using devices like penis pump or penile traction device, the key is consistency. Just like doing physical exercises like going to the gym, penile health therapy must also be done with consistency.

Lastly, one of the penis exercises to improve and maintain a strong erection is Kegels exercise. It can be done at anytime and anywhere even if you’re on queue in a supermarket or wherever you are. 


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