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5 Valuable Tips To Maximize Results From Your Penis Enlargement Efforts


There have been many misconceptions about penis enlargement. There are countless forum threads and Q&A websites talking about it.

And, many people are talking about that it’s impossible to increase penis size, and many of their reasons; if it’s possible to increase the size of the penis, they could have 8 feet penis. Well, realistically, that is not going to happen.

Achieve Desirable Penis Enlargement Results
Make The Most Of Your Efforts To Achieve Desirable Results

Fortunately, increasing the size of the penis in both girth and length is possible. Realistically, however, it is not as easy as picking stones at the river banks.

A penis enlargement journey requires time, effort, dedication, patience, and persistence in order to achieve the desired results.

Mainly, I suspect, this is the number one reason many who attempted to get into this journey quit before they even see positive signs of the results they’ve wanted to achieve.

Moreover, a lot of those who quit and have failed tell their stories that penis enlargement methods are simply “BS,” and none is working, resulting in those who are interested become disappointed even though they’re interested in achieving a bigger penis size.

To make your effort paid off and allow you to maximize the results achieved, eventually, take a few minutes to read and ponder these tips provided below.

Some of these tips may not be practical for most, but it is being used by those individuals who succeed very well not only in penis enlargement but life’s success.

1. Positive Mindset, Attitude, and Belief

It is vitally important to establish the right mindset and belief before beginning your penis enlargement journey.

It includes setting your goal and has a clear idea about what you want to achieve and why you want to attain such gains in either girth or length or even both.

Self-Belief and Positive Mindset
Positive Mindset and Attitude Are Crucial

One’s mindset and belief or faith in the techniques and routines mentioned in this website are just as vital as implementing the methods in real life.

Proper mindset and faith should be established before beginning to implementing a program, or else, you could be performing the routines while having the attitude of negativity. Perhaps you would say, “This thing is BS,” “It’s not working for me,” etc.

All these mindsets and negative mindset can eventually lead to frustration and eventually, loss of motivation resulting to quitting and failing to achieve the desired results.

2. No Shortcuts

Penis enlargement, as I’ve mentioned many times on this website, is not a quick and easy thing to do. Just like achieving a million dollars and consistent decent income financially, it requires a positive mental attitude and goal setting.

Avoid Shortcuts
Avoid Looking For Shortcuts. Simply Work For The Desired Results You Want

If it is easy to attain excellent results with penis enlargement techniques using manual exercises, or used along with penis enlargement devices like penis pumps and penis extenders, millions of men can achieve that quickly. However, it’s not a walk in the park.

Therefore, prior to beginning stepping into the penis enlargement journey, make sure you have a clear goal about what you are going to achieve.

Clarity can help step up motivation, and having high motivation results in persistence and patience going through the routines until signs of positive results are beginning to be noticeable.

Moreover, penis enlargement routines when done correctly is not only for the aim of increasing penis size, but it can result to better overall health and sexual health, develop self-confidence, and boost sexual stamina, or even help overcome premature ejaculation(for those who are experiencing it).

It is not only the size achieved that matters, but numerous psychological and physical factors that can get improved along with penis enlargement.

“Whatever it is you want, you have to feel as though you already have it!”

3. Clear and Allow Your Mind To Relax

Just like any sincere bodybuilder who workout at the gym regularly, they come to perform the exercises relaxed with peace of mind.

Mental Clarity
Mental Clarity, Focus and Relaxation Play Crucial Roles In Succeeding and Achieving Desirable Results

In fact, it is not advisable to do the workout wherein you’re thinking about a previous fight with someone. Things like this can distract your attention instead of focusing on performing the workout.

Although this is not a very common thing to do, allow at least 5 minutes of relaxation before doing the routines, or you can incorporate this relaxation process with a warm-up routine, which is helpful and make the workout a lot efficient.

Devote your time entirely to do doing the exercise routines. Routines do not require long hours, but a few minutes a day, so take the time to devote that few minutes a day to relax, clear your mind, and perform the exercises.

As you may not know, this technique is done by many successful people from various walks of life, and there is no reason you could not use it in your penis enlargement journey.

Furthermore, this could help you improve your quality of life by making it a habit of pausing for a few minutes before doing anything at the beginning of your day.

Most importantly, to be able to clear and relax before doing the exercise routines, make sure you’re in a comfortable place and ensure it’s private.

Forget for a few minutes about things ahead and solely focus on yourself. Yoga people are doing the same thing; that’s the same reason they’re calm, relax, and efficient about what they do.

You could add and turn on some soothing and relaxing music, which helps block out all distractions and negative thoughts lingering in your mind.

4. Deep Breathing

In connection with the previous tip, deep breathing is proven to help achieve calmness and relaxation for the mind. Doing it a few minutes before the routine, along with the advice earlier and with a warm-up routine, can be very helpful.

Deep Breathing Exercise
Breathe Deeply

It may be your first time to have heard it. However, still, such a method already helped numerous people, whether in terms of relieving stress, thinking of solutions to particular problems, or even achieving financial success. Fortunately, the same technique is 100% applicable to penis enlargement, so why not do it.

Doing a combination of warm-up routine, relaxation, and deep breathing allows one’s self to be able to shift gears blocking those negative thoughts about life and focusing on this specific moment about personal growth and development, in this case, achieving bigger penis and better sexual health.

Whenever an outside thought tries to insert in your mind, simply and calmly bring back your focus on breathing and relaxing.

There are various tutorials available online about proper deep breathing techniques, but basically, you want to inhale through your nose and exhale on the mouth.

It feels good, and although you might find it difficult at first, doing it the subsequent time regularly, it becomes effortless.

Here is a video tutorial about deep breathing that you can incorporate during relaxation and warm-up. If you find a better tutorial than what I’ve provided, make use of it.

Moreover, there are tons of deep breathing exercises that are found on YouTube, so pick the one that feels helpful and easy to follow along.

5. Perform The Exercise Routine And Focus On Your Penis

Focus is another crucial factor to consider. During an exercise routine session, focus on the penis upon stretching and stroking. It is applicable for both performing penis exercises like Jelqing and stretching, or performing penis enlargement routines using a penis pump.

Focus on the sensation of extending the penis outward with each stroke, or stretch. Remember this; what matters most when doing the routines is the quality of the execution and not just the number of repetitions. You could do 100s of reps, but if the execution quality is poor, it does not make a significant difference in the long run.

Focus on every set of repetitions. Plus, the more you relax and focus, the more efficient the body adapts to the changes, and in this case, stretching of the penis. Penis enlargement routine is not something like a contest that you want to finish it quickly, but instead, focus and do it with quality.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Drink enough amount of water every day. Hydration and proper nutrition are both vital to the proper functioning of the body.
  • Have sex regularly.

    Those without a sexual partner, or away from their partners, masturbation can be done instead of sex. However, make sure you do not overindulge yourself with masturbation that it can eventually result in masturbation addiction(that is not good).

    Perform either sex or masturbation regularly, but avoid too much of it. Everything too much does not do any good to the mind and body.
  • Perform workout regularly, like doing cardiovascular exercises. Doing regular exercises does not mean you have to go to the gym and require membership, but a simple run at the park for 30 minutes, or if you have a treadmill, run on the treadmill for at least half an hour.

What If Doubts And Hesitations Prevail But Still You’re Interested?

I’ve included this part because I’ve experienced this one personally when I was just about to test the water. I had doubts and hesitations, too, and it was a very frustrating situation wherein I was caught between choosing to go on or give up the idea.

Tips those still in doubt
More tips to those still in doubt

However, my instinct pushes me forward. Perhaps my experiences with other situations in life previously had helped overcome it.

So, if you’re in this kind of situation, here is what I can tell you…

  • Pick a routine that you are comfortable with or curious about performing. I’m referring to manual exercises such as Jelqing and stretching, along with numerous variations.
  • Try performing light routines and do it consistently for 30 to 90 days. It is vital to be consistent and do the methods regularly to establish a baseline.
  • Do it daily for at least 5 minutes.
  • Observe what you have achieved. Of course, there is no size increase at this period. It is seldom to attain size gains within this time, yet, you may experience an improvement of your erections. You may find it bigger and harder than it was previously, or perhaps, improve your sexual stamina.
  • Continue doing the light routine until 30 or 90 days is finished. I suggest going for 90 days.

During the period suggested, hopefully, you would be able to decide whether to continue or give it up. If you choose to continue(like I did), you are now certain what you are going to achieve in a period of 2 to 3 years.

Again, approach penis enlargement with a long-term perspective and not something you can perform one time and reap the results indefinitely.

Additionally, check the most frequently asked questions on penis enlargement at PE FAQ and resources pages to learn more about how you can get started with your journey towards a bigger penis size.


  1. I have to admit I’m surprised about these facts. I thought it was just an impossible and the favorite topic for scams. I’ve been all my life experiencing stress and lately been able to recuperate on it and hoping to gain and achieve a better sexual health and of course performance. Been meeting a lot of potential female partners lately and I’m excited. I’m not really into enlargement, but perhaps the exercises can help me a lot along with of course… my workout routines at the gym. I’m thankful I’ve stumbled on this website as really I’m not into telling anyone even my friends about my intention about it. It’s really a taboo for me, but I just feel it’s not right to talk about it with friends. Now, I’m here to share my thoughts about what I should do because I feel the need for it.

    Well, many might say it’s no big deal, but I know a lot out there feel the same about what I feel and intend to do. I feel enlightened that are topics on this online that is serious and not simply about spamming. I received a lot of these similar topics promoting viagra, etc in my mail. This was the reason I thought all these are crap and ripoff, but surprisingly not if you look something into more closely and seriously.

    I want to thank you, but still I would like to stay anonymous… sorry about that if that’s something not ideal, but please do respect 🙂 Kudos!

  2. I think this is the missing piece of the penis enlargement puzzle. I can attest penis enlargement is possible because I’m doing it for almost a year now, and I will continue to do it because it does provide me with great results in gaining size both girth and length. So far, I’ve managed to gain .5 inch gain in length since I started and around .25 in girth. Not a phenomenal gains but I think I’m heading in the right direction.

    I’m only implementing stretching and jelqing, but I’m planning of using sizegenetics to aid me achieve results. I prefer sizegenetics extender as I can wear it even during working hours.

    Psychologically and mentally, it helps me develop willpower and dedication not only in doing the routines regularly, but I’m able to apply it in my daily life works. The day I accepted there are no shortcuts to achieving great gains, I become more persistent and patient doing it. And, I guess I’m beginning to reap the rewards.

  3. I never thought until I’ve read this article that penis enlargement is not something to be taken for granted. Also, I’ve realized based on what I’ve read previously about those who experience injuries due to carelessness. I think, personally, this is an eye opener for those who are looking into penis enlargement. I have also watch a series of videos at Youtube wherein a man undergone surgery and only gain a little, but it takes time for him to use that gains due to the rehabilitation process. What that taught me is better go for natural solutions. I have no experience on this yet, but thanks for the motivation this article have given me.

  4. I do penis enlargement myself, and I can tell by experience these unconventional tips do work. PE is not an easy adventure, and I totally agree with it. During the first year of doing it, I barely had any gains, but my stamina and erection quality improved significantly. Performing PE exercises, I had started with manual Jelq and stretching…in fact helped me overcome my rapid ejaculation problem.

    My wife had no idea about what I’m doing, until I told her one day…sometime after a year of doing it. Fortunately, she was receptive about what I’m doing. That’s another bonus.

    I commend you for compiling these very essential tips when it comes to penis enlargement. And, you’re right about testing it for a few months and see what the results are because I did have great results in terms of erection quality and stamina.

    Great read, btw.


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