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Men’s Formula For Improving Self-Confidence

There is no doubt that one major factor that holds many men back from going for what they wanted and succeed is the level of self-confidence. Hence, we’re going explore some tips for improving self-confidence.

There have been many articles written about how to improve self-confidence, but it seems there are men who can’t grasp everything about boosting one’s self-confidence.

In fact, one can consider it as his worst enemy because a man with a low level of self-confidence makes him feel inferior from others.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you are seeking a means to make a difference in your life. And, that difference might be about penis enlargement, boosting sexual stamina, or any other numerous self-improvement goals.

On the other hand, the changes might not be easy especially when self-confidence starts moving backward. If one allows this to happens, it usually ends up in frustration and giving up before the reaching the desired goals in life.

Fortunately, there are various ways to gain self-confidence and stand up high towards achieving the desired goals in life. Consider this as the basic formula for improving self-confidence.

Although there are no specific rules for a self-confidence formula, the list below might be able to get one think and take action to boosting his self-confidence.

Mind and Focus

Great leaders of the past and present agree that a man becomes what he thinks. It is another way of saying, what a man thinks becomes his reality eventually.

In fact, this is true. On the contrary, when self-doubt begins to engulf one’s mind, bad circumstances occur, and self-confidence begins to deteriorate, as well.

When there is a feeling of negative thoughts begins to crawl into the mind, stop and think for a moment, and then counter it with positivity by telling yourself, “I Can Do It!”

This your first line of defense in order to guard your mind against negative thoughts that can destroy self-confidence in the long run. In short, think positive about yourself and goals.

When hunches present about your goals, treat it with respect and ponder upon it as it is intuition about what you should do to achieve your goals.

Mental works are great starting point for improving self-confidence.

Move Forward Steadily

There have been times in our life in which we tend to back-off and give up. However, as stated previously, it is all in the mind.

Keep Moving Affirmatively

Whether the physical body or mental part tends to move backward or give up, stay focused on what you want to achieve and keep moving forward even if you’re moving slowly.

Moving slowly is a lot better than moving one step backward. The small steps in moving forward represent small successes, which later can have a huge impact in boosting self-confidence.

For example, if you want to achieve something big and you’re afraid you cannot do it, approach it one baby step at a time. The consistency of moving forward helps you get closer to the destination.

Once you take a look back what you have done, those small baby steps that keep you moving forward begin to add up making you feel more confident to pursue and finished what you’ve started.

Every little achievement or success is a catalyst towards improving self-confidence.

One Baby Step At A Time Lead To Bigger Results

Now, let’s consider this part being one’s goal to achieving desirable results performing penis enlargement. In general, penis enlargement is not an easy thing to achieve especially it requires a long-term commitment, dedication, time and effort to achieve permanent results.

In addition, since there is no scientific proof and not supported by the medical community, both of these are enough to lead one to give up or hesitate to get started with the journey.

However, penis enlargement has provided great success for many men who are serious about it, and that includes me.

In order to get yourself into confidence mode that you can do it, too… simply begin your journey with small goals.

For example, you can try to Jelq and stretch in light routines. Consider it as a massage instead of a hard routine, and try it consistently for 30 to 60 days.

Through this period, you might not be able to gain any length or girth, but certainly, you will be able to improve your erection quality.

That small improvement can surely spark your interest in penis enlargement and move forward towards looking at it as a long-term goal.

The motivation you gain in that 30 to 60 days of testing the waters can have a huge impact on your success about increasing your penis size either through penis exercises or using devices like penis pumps and traction penis extenders, or even combination of both.

This will also help you switch the mindset of doubt towards clarity and confidence.

Dress For Success And Confidence

Appearance Matters

A man’s physical appearance can create a lasting first impression. Hence, it is important to dress properly in order to look good.

Feeling and looking good both have a significant impact in maintaining and improving self-confidence. Undoubtedly, if you feel and look good throughout the day and make it a habit every day, you will feel stress has no place in you.

Looking and feeling good might not have a direct impact on your penis enlargement goals, but it definitely has an impact on other life’s goals.

Planning For Success and Self-Confidence

Make A Plan

Planning is probably one of the most neglected things in a man’s life. The majority of men tend to go with life every day without thinking about planning for the rest of his life.

The plan is a road map of one’s life whether it is about spiritual, love, or financial goals. Every successful man living today will tell you(if ask), a plan is vital to achieving success. It’s a GPS for life’s direction.

Go with life daily without a plan, and you will feel it’s difficult to achieve whatever you want. Achieving success needs careful and meticulous planning, yet you never have to wait your plan to be perfect before taking action on it.

Self-help experts like Bob Proctor, for instance, you have to know exactly what you want.

If you see it your mind, you gonna hold it in your hands. So, start planning today what you want to achieve and take action on it slowly but steadily until success is achieved.

Keep in mind, ever little success being achieved is an excellent motivator and self-confidence booster.

Planning, in addition, helps you get on the right path about what you want to achieve. Think positive, plan, and taking action are the keys to achieving a better life, confidence, and success.

Improve Competence

Learn To Be Competent

One of the factors to boosting self-confidence is to know what you’re doing and what exactly it does when you do it in the long-term. This is applicable whether you want to achieve a better life, sex, or even your personal goal of increasing penis size.

Watch videos read step-by-step instructions about manual exercises on how to properly implement them. All these can help you feel confident that you know what you are doing.

Eventually, positive results will follow, which in turn can influence an improvement with your self-confidence in achieving success in life.

Hopefully, these fundamentals are helpful in enlightening for those read this. For a low self-esteemed individual, this may not be practical at first, but keep moving on and tell yourself you can do it.

It’s all in the mind, and your mind is a powerful equipment within you, so make use of it fully to your advantage in improving self-confidence.

Self-Talk For Improving Self-Confidence

Here’s another great thing for improving self-confidence, it’s self-talk. Properly done self-talk is an amazing way to boost one’s confidence.

Self-talk can be done either through creative visualization, or the most common way is to talk to yourself in front of a mirror.

Great speakers and philosophers to this mirror technique and it’s amazingly effective. It is a way of practicing yourself towards a solid self-confidence.

We practice all the time, and practice makes perfect especially with the right practice. Here, a daily self-talk in front of a mirror is a valuable habit.

If you’re skeptical on this, check this study summary from East Tenessee State University;

A review of the literature suggests that self-esteem is an important construct in understanding how individuals evaluate and ultimately determine their own sense of competency, self-worth, and success.

Here’s another study supporting the benefit of self-talk.


  1. I’m commenting anonymously(if you don’t mind)…my current penis size is under 4 inches and I’m a white male. It’s kinda short, so I’m aiming at gaining at 1 to 2 inches. I know it involve a long time and I have to commit on it long-term. Luckily, I feel good about my decision of going for it, and I’m hoping to get this motivation get going high always.

  2. Great tips, and it’s true that it’s all in the mind. At first, I had a hard time buying on that idea, but really… to be confident is the way you think of yourself such as how worthy you are. If you believed you’re worthy, then so be it, believed on it.


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