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Premature Ejaculation Myths Men Should Know

Real men should know the difference between facts and myths especially if they are about sexual health.

Here, we’ll cover and dispel some of the common myths with regards to men and sex particularly the misconceptions about men’s major issue, premature ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation Is Psychological

Being informed and having a clear understanding of male sexual health can make all the difference in improving one’s sexual performance and health.

Shattering these myths once and for all is the first step to helping men and their partners to achieve better sexual life experiences.

Apparently, jumping into the sack with the missus after a big meal isn’t a very good idea, isn’t it?

It turned out, it all has to do with an old wives’ tale your mother warned you about; physical activity after eating would result in cramps and other horrors.

Yet, the old wives’ tales and other myths are often hearsay at best.

Unverified and perpetuated via word of mouth as truth, we learn to accept these myths at face value mostly because we don’t know any better. In reality, for this particular myth, we’ve found that mothers may not always know best.

Hence, when it comes to validating myths surrounding a subject as taboo as male sexual health, asking your mother may not be the smartest thing to do.

Instead, we should ask the professionals who know more about the condition than anyone else. Doing so, it helps us shed the light on the five most common misconceptions that concern men things like sexual performance and premature ejaculations.

Myth #1 – Premature Ejaculation Is Purely A Psychological Matter

During the early days, it was thought that premature ejaculation was simply caused by certain psychological factors or triggers such as anxiety, stress, eating lifestyle, and marital issues.

However, it was later discovered that it has inherent physical factors wherein it has been increasingly recognized as major causes of rapid or premature ejaculation. Eventually, this can significantly affect a man’s ability to control ejaculations.

Probably, one of the major reasons why men do not consult medical help when it comes to premature ejaculation is they’re unaware it is a medical condition than can be treated safely through medications.

Although, for men who do not choose a medical option, there are various ways on how to overcome premature ejaculation using natural methods.

On the other hand, it is also a smart move to consult a medical professional as the first step of tackling such condition to be diagnosed with regards to other underlying causes that trigger the condition.

Myth #2 – Wearing Double Condoms Can Help Men Last Longer During Intercourse

Wearing A Double Condom

Well, it might be true as condoms can help reduced sensation to a certain level.

Wearing condoms whether being worn singly(commonly done) or double helps delay ejaculation as sensitivity is reduced.

Similarly, applying creams with anesthetic properties or employing herbal medications can help can purport numbness and dullness when the penis is stimulated either manually or through vaginal stimulation.

Unfortunately, such solutions is a stop-and-go option that does not help enjoy long-term results.

Myth #3 – Premature Ejaculation Lessens With Age

Premature Ejaculation and Aging

The premature ejaculation condition is either life long or acquired.

Unfortunately, men with lifelong premature ejaculation, studies conducted in Europe and the U.S. do not show the prevalence of premature ejaculation lessening as the person ages.

Men with acquired PE, however, show a slight improvement compared to the former.

It has been shown that men with acquired premature ejaculation condition tend to improve when using behavioral technique known as Start-Stop method also known as “EDGING“.

In fact, it has been reported to work 50% to 60% effective. While some medical professionals consider it as intensive and temporary, those who are serious and dedicated to performing the technique are able to reap the benefit in the long run.

I know for a fact it is effective because Start-Stop method was able helped me in the past eliminating my rapid ejaculation without taking any medication.

Myth #4 – Premature Ejaculation Is Similar To Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

Clearly, this is false. While both appear as similar sexual conditions, they’re different.

Premature ejaculation has the inability to control ejaculations, while erectile dysfunction(ED) is a condition wherein a man’s as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection suitable for sexual penetration.

These are two different conditions, and medically, require different treatments.

A recent study conducted by Menarini Asia-Pacific revealed that premature ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction that affects 1 of 3 men.

Also, it is worth noting that some men with erectile dysfunction may also be suffering from premature ejaculation. Therefore, both conditions have the possibility to co-exist.

Myth #5 – A Real Man Should Fix His Own Sexual Dysfunction Problems

Avoiding Doctor Checkup

For those who think there is a truth on this myth might also be a fan of the equally dangerous and foolish assumption that real men never see a doctor.

Certainly, many men place sexual ability as the definition of manliness or masculinity. Sadly, having a condition like premature ejaculation can be devastating to a man’s self-confidence either socially or sexually.

In fact, having such condition might trigger stress and anxiety in which both are stimulants and triggers the condition.

Although, self-help process of improving a man’s betterment in his sexual performance, it is helpful to consult a medical professional from time-to-time.

Such a move, doctors are able to detect early signs of male sexual health conditions like prostate and testicular cancers, plus among myriad of sexual health condition not known to the masses.

Of course, if you are pursuing something like penis enlargement, going to a medical professional might not be a good idea as surely you will not get encouragement for it.

Unless, of course, if you go to someone who is familiar and practitioner of penis enlargement.

Tips For Discussing Sexual Health Condition With Your Doctor

If you’re among those who feel nervous or hesitant to discuss sexual health condition like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction with your doctor, continue reading these helpful tips below.

  • Be honest and help your doctor understand your problem, so it will be easier for the doctor to recommend or initiate the appropriate treatment.
  • Focus on what is important such as gaining back the control over your sex life.
  • List down all current and past medical conditions and include any current medications along with all recent health check results.
  • Ask and talk to your partner to help you along the process. Open and honest communication between you and your partner can help solve the problem and give you her full support towards overcoming the issue. After all, both of you will benefit when the issue is resolved.
  • Relax, your doctor has heard it all before, hence do not be afraid to share more detailed information helpful to the doctor’s diagnosis, and perhaps ask questions to learn more about the condition.



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