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Edging Exercise For Improved Stamina And Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Edging exercise is a masturbation technique that has benefits for men with premature ejaculation. Essentially, edging exercise is masturbating until to the point when it reaches just before ejaculating.

When the point of no return(PONR) is sensed, stimulation of the penis is stopped to prevent ejaculation.

Edging Masturbation Technique For Men

Once the intense feeling to ejaculate subsides, gentle stroking or stimulation of the penis can begin once again maintaining one’s pleasure highly as long as possible.

When one reaches just before ejaculation, stop and let the intense feeling subsides. The process is being repeated for as long one wants it to last until deciding to unload finally.

Stamina Training and Pleasure Purposes

Edging can be both for pleasure and training oneself to be able to have full control over arousal. When it is for pleasure, one can last for hours of masturbating without jacking off. On the other hand, for those who have issues with early or premature ejaculation, edging exercise technique can be very helpful.

Take note, beginners in edging exercise who have premature ejaculation issues, the edging technique cannot be mastered in a single session. Therefore, perform edging exercise as much as possible until you will be able to recognize your point of no return easily and be able to hold it back fully preventing ejaculation.

We can say, the edging technique is one of the ways in desensitizing the penis to be able to control and hold back prior to reaching the point of no return. Moreover, edging technique is a great companion for Kegels exercise.

The Point Of No Return (PONR)

The PONR is also called the point of inevitability, beyond this point ejaculation occurs uncontrollably and automatically.

Men who have premature or early ejaculation issues are sensitive and reach PONR quickly.

Edging exercise is one of the effective techniques to train oneself in delaying ejaculation and be able to control fully the amount of arousing stimulation without reaching PONR.

Point Of No Return In Premature Ejaculation

Learning how to recognize the point of no return is very useful for any man who wants to last long sexual intercourse. Commonly, men who are experiencing premature ejaculation feel inferior and sometimes can result to questioning their masculinity.

Even some men lose their self-confidence in sexual performance leading them to think they are not fully mature, or undeveloped individual.

Sex therapists also refer premature ejaculation as rapid ejaculation. The good news, edging can help take control of the arousal allowing to recognize the point of no return avoiding early or rapid ejaculation.

7 Steps To Performing Edging Exercise

  1. Find a place without distractions where you can be alone and private.

  2. Relax and get an erection.

  3. Apply lube to both hand and penis. A hand lotion is good for edging purposes.

  4. Gently stroke the base of the penis while slowly moving towards up to the frenulum.

    The frenulum part of the penis is sensitive to stimulation, and when aggressively stimulated, ejaculation can occur pretty quickly.

    Keep in mind, edging is a way of training to have full control over arousal.

  5. While stimulating the frenulum you sense the urge, hold back and move the stimulation back to the base of the penis.

    Remember, keep the strokes slow when you are just starting edging technique.

  6. After awhile of stimulation, you can feel you are about to reach the PONR(point of no return), or the urge unload(ejaculate).

    Stop stimulating the penis until the intense feeling or urge to ejaculate subsides, then resume edging once again.

  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 as many times as you want until you are ready or decided to stop, or at least 20 minutes at minimum.

    There is no preferred or specific rule on how long should be the minimum time for edging.

    However, the longer the time it is done, the quicker you will learn to train and control yourself.

Is It OK To Ejaculate During Edging?

Usually, ejaculating at every end of edging session is not allowed. However, it is OK to ejaculate at certain intervals of 2 or 3 sessions, for instance.

Beginners try to practice this simple steps of edging technique for about 2 weeks initially prior to expecting any noticeable improvement in sexual performance.

Remember, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. Allow your body to master the sensation, be consistent with the exercise until you see noticeable improvements.

Masturbation employing the edging technique is not a one-stop solution to overcoming premature ejaculation. However, mastering this technique as one’s first line of defense over early ejaculation is a smart move.

For one who is serious about absolute ejaculatory control, edging is simply the beginning. There are lots of training available online offering techniques on how to overcome premature ejaculation such as Ejaculation By Command and Ejaculation Trainer.

However, edging is free, and proven technique helping numerous men overcome or improve their rapid ejaculation condition. Another great fact about edging, it can be used in conjunction with the popular Kegel exercises. Mastering both of these techniques, one may need not look for other solutions.

Additional Tips

Edging Tips

  • Allow the entire body to relax. Both edging and ballooning are best done while lying down.

  • Edging while listening to meditative music like Sade, Journey, or Enigma can be helpful.

  • Start stimulating the penis in a slow pace, and for beginners, it is OK to avoid the frenulum initially.

  • Avoid watching porn as it triggers too much excitement and may cause to cum very soon.

A Thousand-Year Old Taoist Practice

The concept of edging or withholding ejaculation during sex is not new. In fact, it can trace back thousands of years ago practiced by the Taoists in Ancient China. In his book, The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know, Master Mantak Chia outlined how this practice is done.

The Chinese Taoists call it sexual Kung Fu. The first impression, for an uninitiated individual, the practice may sound funny. If you’ve watched unrealistic Chinese movies in the past, you might think this practice is ridiculous.

However, taking the practice seriously can result in a different perspective. Although the instructions sound very easy, it’s not. It requires intense focus, dedication and time in order to experience the sexual Kung Fu.

Fortunately, if you’re into meditation and yoga, the practice becomes more practical instead of a woo-woo.


  1. I’ve been using edging as well as my counter measures in overcoming premature ejaculation. I’m making good progress with it although I admit, it’s difficult and frustrating sometimes. Been doing it for a month, and I can tell I make progress with it. I do it alone while masturbating and from time to time with my partner. I’m lucky I have a partner that understands this situation. I guess most girls understand if we are just honest in telling them the truth about it.

  2. I’m 30 years old and ever since I’ve first sex encounter, I do ejaculate prematurely. Typically, I ejaculate in under a minute of penetration, although my partner already reached orgasm through foreplay. I’m good at it but I’m no good at vaginal penetration. I’ve been looking for solution but most recommend medication which I do not want. I will try this definitely along with other tips I’ve got from here. Hopefully, the next time I come here I’ll be a changed man with good sexual stamina and great experience to share.


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