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Mastering Ejaculation Control With Stop-Start Technique

The Start-Stop method or technique is a form penis exercise aimed primarily to train one’s sensation to control ejaculation. Such exercise is very helpful for those who are suffering from premature ejaculation.

This is one of the many exercises that are efficient when done regularly and mastered. Start-Stop technique is a good start if one has difficulty with advanced method such as Edging.

The 7 steps outlined here on how to perform Start-Stop method can be performed either with or without a partner. For men who do not have a partner who can perform and practice with the technique, can utilize the first 3 steps.

Although the entire technique is not practiced entirely, this can still help one gain a better control of ejaculation when practice on a regular basis.

On the other hand, men with partners can perform the all the steps including the final 4 steps of the technique since a help or co-operation with the partner is required.

7 Steps To Performing Start-Stop Technique

Ejaculation Control With Start-Top Method

Step 1: Masturbate using a dry hand.

On this step, while masturbating avoid fantasizing or watching porn. Instead, focus attention on the sensation. Let the pleasurable sensation build-up, then immediately stop stroking or massaging the penis when the PONR(point of no return) is inevitable.

Then, relax while keeping the mind free of fantasies. Wait until the feeling of ejaculation subsides and began the process again.

Continue following the same pattern continuing it for 15 minutes without ejaculating or reaching orgasm. Some men might not be able to do this during the first attempt.

However, as one progresses to the process performing to practice the Start-Stop method diligently and consistently, practicing this technique can improve over time.

You will notice, the more you practice with this technique, the less stop or break you can have in a single session. Once you’ve completed the 15-minute sessions on 3 consecutive occasions(not necessarily performing each session one after the other), you can now proceed to Step-2.

Step 2: Masturbate using lubrication such as jelly to heighten the sensation.

In this step, controlling and delaying ejaculation is more difficult than dry masturbation. Follow the same routine as outlined in Step 1 until 3 15-minute consecutive sessions are completed, just as in Step 1.

Step 3: Masturbate using a dry hand for a full 15-minute session prior to ejaculation.

At this point, a good level of control over ejaculation is gained from the previous routines provided one has diligently performed both routines until the goal is reached. In this step, masturbate for a full 15-minute session solely focusing on the sensation of the penis.

When the point of no return seems to be inevitable, do not stop the stimulation. Instead, vary the rhythm or alter the strokes so that pressure building up to ejaculate subsides.

One must have to experiment the sensation and variation of strokes or rhythm as to which stroke frequency or rhythm provides the highest sensation, and which one allows full control without ejaculation.

Just as with the previous steps, aim to complete 3 sessions either consecutively or separately.

Step 4: Getting your partner involved.

Comfortably lie on your back. Ask your partner to perform masturbation on you using her dry hand as outlined in Step 1. Although this routine is similar to what is outlined in Step 1, it may be a bit difficult as you are not in control of the stroking.

Just as with Step 1, concentrate on the sensation and avoid fantasizing in any kind including your partner. When the feeling becomes intense, and PONR is inevitable, ask her to stop stroking and resume whenever the urge to ejaculate subsides. Again, the aim is to complete or last for 3 15-minute sessions consecutively, or separately.

Step 5: Repeat steps outlined in Step 4.

Woman On Top For Better Ejaculatory Control

Step 5 is similar to what is outlined in Step 4, but this time ask your partner to use a lubricant and perform the routine outlined in Step 2. This part is going to be more intense than Step 4. The time you feel to reach near orgasm might occur frequently, and if it does, simply ask her to stop stroking when it happens.

Just as with the previous step, aim for 3 full 15-minute sessions either consecutively or separately. Upon reaching and completing this step, try what you have just gained in actual sexual intercourse. Observe how far have you gained ejaculatory control.

Step 6: Choosing the right position for sex.

This is a perfect time to test how far have you gained control over your ejaculation. Moreover, you have to know the perfect sex position for you to have control over your ejaculation when you reached orgasm. The woman-on-top position is just perfect for this situation.

Talk to your partner letting her know about the position. Once you have penetrated inside her, ask her to move gently in an up and down stroke. In order to let her know that you want her to stop the up and down movement, put your hands on her hips making a sign when to let her stop and resume the movement again.

Just as with the previous steps, aim to complete 3 successive or separate full 15-minute sessions. If you cannot last 15-minutes, that is fine. Just make sure you aim for that long next time.

Furthermore, while doing this with your partner, it is essential to focus on the sensation. Also, do not pay full attention to ejaculation. Instead, you should also focus on your partner and bring her to orgasm.

Never leave your partner without reaching orgasm, either you can give her an orgasm-producing foreplay, or perform oral stimulation on her in case you ejaculated prior to reaching her orgasm.

Step 7: Try different sex positions.

When you’ve completed Step 6, ask your partner you want to try a different position the next time you have sex and see if you have conquered your rapid or premature ejaculation problem.

These are the basics of performing and mastering Start-Stop technique in an effort overcome premature ejaculation. As you probably noticed, overcoming premature ejaculation is a combination of both body and mind control.

Additionally, learn how to relax as it is far easier to control the muscles in the body when they are in a relaxed state. Learn how to focus on sensation and towards your partner. Aim to give your partner an orgasm instead of worrying and focusing on your ejaculation.

Once you have learned to balance these things, you will have full control on your ejaculation. If you feel you need more than just edging, the Squeeze method will cover next to this topic.

Moreover, you can check the popular online penis exercise program such as Penis Advantage, Erection Fitness, or check other numerous penis exercises and routines.


The Start-Stop technique is pretty basic, yet very effective when practiced on a regular basis. Of course, you may not be able to get results during the first days or even a week of doing, but the key is consistency.

Each time you perform that exercise or routine, make it a point to yourself to advanced or achieved improvement. This may seem impossible if you’re a beginner, but the more often you do it, the better you will understand and able to achieve it.


  1. my bf has this trouble and it is really bothering him and naturally it is troubling me too, i observe most of the times he can’t even last 2 minutes right on penetration. it’s frustrating on my end as his gf because i don’t reach orgasm.

  2. This is one of the easiest technique to implement, but if you want to do it with your partner, you should let her know about it. In other words, ask her to cooperate, it’s worth it in the long run.

  3. I’m thankful I’ve stumbled on this article and hopefully this would be useful for my partner. I will be sending him to this article for him to read it. Hopefully, he is receptive and open to it. He knows he has an issue, so I’m hopeful he will be doing something about it.We have tried foreplay and still it does not work. He has been to the doctor, yet it seems it is not helping him. He has actually even thought of other things and still nothing, and I’m not sure this is the one he did.

  4. normally, i last for 3 min, which is virtually ruining my marital relationship of 14 years now because she is constantly complaining about it to a degree that we sometimes go for 3 to 4 weeks without sex. it is almost a year now since this issue came into my life, i went to see urologist and was offered some tablets packaged more like those females usually with for prevention, all the test were undertaken came out adverse if not active and was mentioned to that it could be psychological. These tablets worked marvels as i might last for around 15 min however it was just 1 month supply besides i can not live on tablets for sex for the rest of my life.

  5. i normally last for maximum 3 min, which is practically spoiling my marriage of 14 years now due to the fact that she is continuously grumbling about it to a degree that we sometimes go for 3 to 4 weeks without sex. it is practically a year now because this problem came into my life, i went to see urologist and was offered some tablets packaged more like those women normally make use of for prevention, all the test were undertaken came out adverse if not active and was informed that it can be psychological. These tablets worked marvels as i might last for up to 15 min however it was only 1 month supply besides i can not live on tablets for sex for the rest of my life.

  6. Honestly, when I found this article I feel happy about it because my partner(husband) has similar issue…I mean premature ejaculation. Although, sometimes he can last a decent amount of time like 7 minutes and sometimes 10 minutes, but mostly he barely can keep up to 2 minutes after penetration. I even had any orgasm at that short amount of time, but I do understand. However, my problem…he is not open for suggestion about his issue, and I can only hope that sending this article over to him would open up his mind and accept the fact especially that this method involves a partner when applicable, which is I’m very open of helping him.

    Thanks for making this a step by step…

  7. Hi, a friend of mine send me this article to me because he knows I’ve been experiencing premature ejaculation. I tried it immediately just a few hours ago. I did it myself as my partner is not around. I have to admit, it’s pretty intense and I ejaculated the first time I did it. But…hopefully, I can make some improvement before I will let my partner take part of the process. Thanks for this technique, and you’re right it’s basic, but for me this basic thing is difficult to do the first time. I’m not giving up, though….

    • That’s right. Never give up the first time you experience difficulty. There is always a price for persistence and patience. Simply go through the process and be patient on it. Train your mind to enjoy the sensation without the need of ejaculation.


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