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6 Tips Men Should Know For Boosting Female Orgasms


Orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual intercourse. Throughout decades, some men have a hard time mastering female orgasms.

Any man who is in a sexual relationship with a woman should aim at giving or allowing his partner reach orgasm. It is a great feeling of sexual pleasure when a man reaches orgasm.

However, to make the experience more fulfilling, his partner or the woman should feel the same giving both partners a sense of sexual satisfaction.

Female Orgasms Explained

While men are able to reach orgasm easily, it can be somewhat overwhelming on giving women an orgasm that is very intense and satisfying.

Women have a very complex means of reaching orgasm during an intercourse. Giving women an orgasm during sexual intercourse is doing more than just a penetration.

Sometimes, it involves using an enhanced techniques, or a variety of techniques to make her reach orgasm. The good news, there are many ways in which a man can do to boost her libido and give her satisfying and unforgettable orgasms.

In some cases, couples do what is called an Orgasmic Meditation, which is an oral sexual ritual stimulating the woman sexually without penetration. Although, having sex after the orgasmic meditation is not prohibited.

1. Begin And Never Overlook Foreplay

Foreplay plays a vital role in sex. This part of sexual intercourse cannot be rushed because women need this to prepare her body for experiencing true sexual pleasure, and eventually orgasm.

In other words, foreplay is a sex catalyst that helps the vagina lubricates and elongates for easy penetration of the penis. Additionally, foreplay causes the blood to flow to the woman’s intimate area increasing sexual desire.

2. Be Smooth and Do Not Rush

When it comes to sexual intercourse, it is a good idea for men to remember smoothness. Usually, men often enjoy rigorous vaginal penetration with the penis. Sometimes, this hurts women especially if the vagina does not yet produce enough lubrication for smooth penetration.

On the other hand, when a woman is wet and well-aroused, they prefer rigorous action. Prior to doing rigorous pressure in penetration, gently rubbing the clitoris in a circular motion with the pubic works well in intensifying a woman’s sexually. This can also be done using the tongue, which is preferred by most women, or a well-lubricated finger.

3. The Female G-Spot

The G-Spot is controversial whether it exists or not. However, finding and stimulating it correctly can make a woman reach intense orgasms. Men should take enough time to study and understand this part of a woman’s sexual anatomy to a certain degree.

Mastering to stimulate the G-Spot can be a very fulfilling and satisfying for a woman. Even women themselves can do self-stimulation on it, but experts suggest having a partner to do the stimulation can lead to better orgasms.

1. How To Find The G-Spot?

4. Ask Her

Probably, the best way to please a woman sexually is to ask her what she wants. At first, it might feel awkward for her, but with constant communication with her, a man can later understand her fully.

Women understand their bodies very well than anyone else even their sexual partners.

It is a responsibility of a man to make her woman feel confident and trust him. When both of these are well-established, certainly she will tell her man what she wants in sex such as how to do it in a pleasurable fashion.

Women are complex, yet honest and open communication plays an important role in improving sexual relationships of both partners involved.

5. Experimenting With Sex Positions

Not all women are the same. There are women who are able to achieve orgasm easily while others have difficulty. The good news, along with foreplay and various thrusting techniques, sexual positions also helps a woman reach orgasms.

Being a man, never be anxious about penis size. There are various sexual positions that you and your partner could experiment until the desired sexual pleasure is achieved.

Furthermore, there are certain positions in which oral or hand stimulation can be use in order to boost female orgasm substantially. Be willing to experiment with various sex positions, it is enjoyable and is not something to be afraid.

6. The Aid Of Sex Toys

Female Sex Toys

There is a wide variety of sex toys available for women that can bring better arousal in the bedroom. The bad news, there are men who are not keen in using such toys due to sexual performance issues.

Many men think that using sexual toys for their female partners somewhat degrade their level of manliness, which is not the case.

Women love it, and it does not mean she would think her partner is incapable of satisfying her without using such toys. Toys are only a complement to man’s performance, and if he is willing to give her woman an intense and unforgettable orgasms, toys are very useful.

Moreover, there are creams that are widely available in local sex stores and online that can aid boost awareness of a woman’s romantic and erogenous zones. Take advantage of the available sex toys like vibrators in order to give your woman the best possible orgasms every time.



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