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The Amazing Benefits Orgasmic Meditation (OM’ing) In A Sexual Relationship and How It Can Help Women In Many Ways

When it comes to a sexual relationship, achieving an extraordinary sex experience is like a dream come true, and OM’ing or Orgasmic Meditation can help achieve it significantly. Although this website’s goal is to help men achieve their best in sexual performance, it is also vital for men to learn how to please women and connect intimately.

Orgasmic meditation is sex technique introduced by Nicole Deadone who is also the author of the Slow Sex, which is a guide for women for better sex. In fact, she had a topic about female orgasm at TEDx back in mid-2011…and for your convenience, here she is at TEDx Talks talking about female orgasm.

Now let’s continue… You may be thinking why on earth this website should talk about women while our goal is to help men achieve better sex performance. Well, in order for a man to please truly and satisfy his woman sexually, it is essential to know how the techniques of pleasing her.

OM’ing is done in partners. Although orgasmic meditation is done heterogeneously, it can also be done homogeneously. Think OM’ing as a yoga for sex. It is amazing and interesting to achieve a satisfying experience when a man helped her girl relax and learn to achieve a better orgasm.

An Introduction To Orgasmic Meditation With Nicole Daedone

Experts say that orgasmic meditation involves more than just achieving an orgasm. Practicing OM allows and stimulates greater emotional awareness and fulfillment as well as deeper intimacy in relationships.

Furthermore, performing OM more often results to affectionate and intense orgasms for women plus it flourishes one’s ability to be able to gain a better understanding of pleasure in sex. When done regularly, OM can also enhance both personal awareness and social connectivity.

OM is precisely timed at exactly 15 minutes every session. The girl lie down undressed from the waist down while her partner is sitting on a position specifically for this purpose.

To explore and grasp a better understanding on how it is done, watch the video below for visual step-by-step guide. The guy setting along on top of the girl stimulates the clitoris using up and down motion. Moreover, the thumb of the other hand is putting a slight pressure at the vaginal opening.

Keep in mind, prior to initiating the stroking of the clitoris, both the hand and the finger must be lubricated. The attention of both partners must focus on contact or the stroking of the clitoris using the index finger.

Although, the primary goal of OM is to allow the woman to reach orgasm, the man doing the stimulation can share the sensation through what is called pleasure by proxy.

The Steps To OM’ing (Orgasmic Meditation)

Just below is a video showing the 9 step process to performing OM’ing. The 9 steps are as follows, and it is highly suggested to watch the video to better understand each step to making fulfilling and satisfying orgasmic meditation.

9 Steps Of OMing

  • Step 1Asking
  • Step 2 Setting the nest
  • Step 3Getting into position
  • Step 4Noticing
  • Step 5Grounding
  • Step 6Stroking
  • Step 72-Minute timer
  • Step 8Grounding
  • Step 9Sharing frames

Orgasmic Meditation vs Masturbation

Orgasmic meditation practitioners are nurturing the brain’s Limbic System. This is part of the human brain and other mammals linked to motivation, empathy and emotion. When the OM session is over, both partners can share experiences verbally that makes them more connected intimately.

Although, OM can look like masturbation, it is not. It differs from masturbation substantially as OM’ing requires a partner while masturbation purely self-stimulation.

Moreover, OM must be done separately from actual sex intercourse and oftentimes in a different location outside of the bedroom. It can be distinguish like foreplay that is intended to keep a woman’s sensation on plateau. Consider it as a recalibration that makes the body getting ready for a more intense sex as well as achieves better orgasms.

Men who are aiming to become a better performer should try this technique with their partner. Perhaps, the first time doing it, there might be some feeling of hesitancy, but it can overcome over time.

This proves there are various unconventional ways towards a satisfying sexual experience, and achieving better sex is not only depends on how big a man’s penis size. It is a matter of intimate connection that surpasses the effectiveness of supplements or penis enlargement products such as Penomet pump and SizeGenetics extender.

Couple OM'ing

By the way, this method of achieving 15-minute female orgasm is also mentioned in the book of Tim Ferriss entitled “The 4-Hour Body“. The book is available at Amazon.com in various forms such as Kindle, hardcover, paperback, and audio versions.

Take a minute to think of performing this together with your partner and experience the great feeling of intimate connection. Trust me, me and my wife have been doing OMing from time-to-time and it has been an amazing experience for both of us. Hence, it’s your turn to experience it and live a happy and fulfilling sexual relationship either in marriage or not.


  1. I’ve been hearing about this OM thing since 2007, but hadn’t pay attention to it. This looks very weird, but after watching Nicole’s talk posted above, I’m kinda realized it is something I have to discover. Perhaps, and I don’t know if it’s possible for me who do not have partner. I don’t like and don’t want to ask some ignorant guy to do it for me…. so, what do you think? Is masturbation could be possible of doing this? Thx

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