Penis Size Women Preferred – Is Yours Within The Acceptable Range?


The majority of women, when asked about ideal penis size would say, it is not the size that truly counts but the motion. This equates to how a man uses his tool to please her woman sexually and allow her to reach unforgettable orgasms.

Furthermore, women have been for long under the thumb of patriarchy saying lying next to their man is a lot more fruitful belittling her partner’s lack of penis volume, or size.

Women Preferred Penis Size

In some occasions, many women say discussing penis size would make no sense especially that penis size cannot be change or increase. Of course, increasing penis size might be impossible for those who are unaware, but for those curious, there are means of increasing penis size effectively.

For penises that range size of 5 inches to 6 inches, there might not be an issue relating to giving pleasure. However, when it comes to penis sizes there are measurements to consider, girth and length.

A recent study by researchers at PNAS found that penis size does matter.

However, the study only took account on flaccid penises, not with penises in its erect state. Below is a chart presents the approximate penis sizes that women preferred.

The chart is provided by Vimax pills, which is a male enhancement supplement for improving the quality of erections, boost virility, and in some instances help overcome premature ejaculation.

Chart of Penis Sizes Women Preferred

Chart Of Penis Size Women Preferred

The graph reveals the responses of women to various sizes of penises. Clearly, the graph demonstrates that bigger size penises are not always better, instead, it shows the relevance of size to penile penetration.

Regardless of races, age and nationality, the graph shows penis size between 5.5 inches and 6 inches when erect fully are preferred size by women. Talking about fake orgasms, 50 percent of women surveyed admit they fake orgasms.

Looking at the averages sizes that fit on the graph, it is easy to say why many men fake orgasms due to size incompatibility. On the other hand, many women pay attention to girth over length.

It makes a lot of sense for penis size that ranges between 5 inches to 6 inches with a larger girth. Mostly, penis girth can be considered narrow when fingers touch while holding the penis in one hand.

Average Penis Size Matters If Used Correctly

Average Size Penis Matters If Used Correctly

Anatomically, the vagina is an elastic and complex structure that responds differently to various penis shapes and sizes. Additionally, many clinical studies show that the ratio of penis size to the body is a fairly clear indicator of female sexual selection in nature.

Speaking of evolution, human females have always had the choice when it comes to sexual partners. Throughout the history of mankind, human males who were well-endowed have fared best.

For men who are unlucky to possess small penises, there are various means to increase penis size including penis exercises such as jelqing, circular rotation and stretching. Penis exercises are very effective in increasing the size of the penis both in girth and length provided one is dedicated to performing the routine regularly.

It becomes more effective and great results can be achieve a lot quickly when exercises are combined with non-invasive penis enlargement devices such as; penis extenders and hydro penile pumps. It may be weird as it sounds but penis enlargement is similar to bodybuilding. The more you’re consistent, the better the results.

The more effort one put into performing the routines, the better results can be achieved. Of course, taking the right dietary and natural supplementation can help maintain and improve penis health condition, as well as improve sexual stamina, virility, and performance.


  1. I understand size doesn’t matter, or at least some of the ladies confess but based on experience with different partners, still having the decent or beyond average size matters especially if the guy really knows how to maneuver it inside.

  2. The caption in the picture is very well said. Great performance has something to do about using it efficiently. It’s about experimenting with your partner and asking him about what you want and you want it. You’ll be surprise the results…so try it.

  3. Is that you on the photo? 🙂 You know what… I agree with proper use of the penis can do wonders on woman’s orgasm. I’m an average…well, maybe below average but I get great compliments from women after making love. It does requires some practice. Personally, I was a suffering from early ejaculation, but constantly working of overcoming PE lead me to become a better performer.


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