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Using The Bathmate Pump As Part of a Therapy on Men with Erectile Problems

Urologist Recommends Bathmate As ED Treatment

One non-invasive way of helping men with erectile problems is using a penis pump along with a constriction ring. It is also known as a vacuum erection device.

Initially, penis pumps used air to create a vacuum. But, thanks to some innovators like the Bathmate for designing safer and more effective penile pumps as an erection aid device for men with erection issues and as a penis enlargement device, as well.

While air vacuum penile pumps are still available and in-used today, the Bathmate penis pumps offer a more comfortable design using water to create the negative pressure or vacuum.

Men’s Sexual Health Expert Recommends The Bathmate

Bathmate maintains sexual health. Bathmate is ‘an effective therapy’

James Barada, Urologist

Dr. James Barada, Board Certified Urologist shares his insights and experiences with the Bathmate hydro pump in an interview conducted by health correspondent Christoper Springmann.

To listen to the two-part interview, click the orange play button to start listening to Dr. Barada’s interview and learn more about how a real-life Urologist used it for himself and to his patients with regards to penis health maintenance, as well as performance.

Part 1 of 2 of the Interview

Part 2 of 2 of the Interview

For individuals who want more out of the Bathmate pump, check out the Bathmate HydroXtreme series.


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