Dietary Male Enhancement Pills For Boosting Virility and Sexual Health, Libido and Stamina


Today’s preferred choice of male virility, stamina, and performance enhancement are through supplementation mostly in capsule form, while others are in gelcaps and powder forms. Commonly, people call them male enhancement pills. Others call them dietary male pills and even others consider them as penis enlargement pills.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Are Male Sex Pills or Supplements Safe and Effective?

Dietary supplementation has been around for years including multi-vitamins, health supplements, anti-aging, and male virility enhancers. When it comes to dietary health supplements, a doctor’s prescription is not required. These dietary pills can be obtain over-the-counter, health stores, and through online processing orders.

Non-Prescription Dietary Supplementation

There is no denying that supplements work for non-invasive male enhancement. Taking a pill to achieve larger penis size or a firmer erection is something many men do and will continue to do for a long as the option is available to them.

However, using pills as a means to increasing penis size is not an efficient and right method. Although, pills are very helpful in speeding up the results for quicker gains when combined with known penis enlargement methods including the use of a penis pump, traction penis extender, or in combination with a set penis exercises and making them into a routine.

Male Enhancement Dietary Pills
Taking Male Enhancement Pills

Years ago the only way that you could get pills for male enhancement was to get a prescription from a doctor. That is no longer the case. Nowadays male supplements are offered without a prescription such as the supplements you see on the left.

Getting male enhancement supplements is easier than ever. In today’s world you can walk into an adult store, a vitamin store, a gas station or even your local pharmacy in some places and purchase male enhancement supplements right at the counter.

These magic pills work wonders for anyone who needs their assistance. Just one pill can give you an erection lasting hours and taking the right pill as part of your routine would certainly help you achieve growth in size. However, note that not all pills or supplements sold are equal in quality, safety and efficacy.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Male Supplements?

Weighing The PROS and CONS!

The best part about using male supplements is that it is so simple. All you have to do is a pop a pill, wait a little while and you will get the results you desire. Male supplements provide you with firm erections that can last for hours and one pill could help you achieve similar erections even days after taking the pill.

The biggest disadvantage of male supplements is that you have to keep taking them in order to see any real results. You can’t just take one pill and expect the effects to last forever. It can be expensive buying these pills over and over again.

Male supplements are without a doubt one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to non-invasive male enhancement but as far as a long term solution goes this might not be what you are looking for.

What Are The Best Penis Enlargement Pills Available Today?

Do Taking Supplements Alone Can Increase The Size Of The Penis?

A lot of men are very much interested in penis enlargement pills. They think it is an effective shortcut to having a bigger penis size.

Unfortunately, taking male enhancement pills alone is not a goo idea and consider it as a primary means for penis enlargement. Male dietary supplements, which sometimes people call it sex pills or virility enhancements are not and cannot increase penis size.

If your primary goal is to increase your penis size, taking pills alone is not the answer. Fortunately, male enhancement pills can help. But focus on penis enlargement methods such as penis exercises and using devices like pumps and extenders.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Plus Male Enhancement Pills
Do Male Enhancement Pills Can Make Penis Bigger

Either of the two or combination of both are good methods for increase penis size. Add to it regular intake of supplements to further boost the results.

Of course, healthy lifestyle practices matter, too including good nutrition plan, getting enough rest and avoid smoking and alcohol.

A little alcohol may not be harmful but having too much can be a havoc. To make the story short, there are no penis enlargement pills but only male virility enhancement supplements.

Top Male Enhancement Pills

Male Virility Enhancement Supplements With Natural Formulation
#1 Male ExtraContains L-Arginine and other ingredients that make possible in producing Nitric Oxide, a vital nutrient that helps the body achieve better blood circulation. Read Male Extra Review$64.95 ~ $197.95 (Depending on Package)
#2 ExtenZe Extended ReleaseNow in a new FAST-ACTING liquid gel caps making the absorption nutrients quicker. Read ExtenZe Review$59.95 - $309.95 (Depending on Package)
#3 VigRX PlusContains Bioperine making the absorption of nutrients quicker and more efficient compared to other supplements. Read VigRX Plus Review$76.99 ~ $489.99 (Depending on Package)
#4 Volume PillsIncrease volume of ejaculation by enhancing the production of semen. Read Volume Pills Review$65.00 ~ $348.95 (Depending on Package)
#5 ProSolution PlusDoctor-approved and clinically-tested male potency formula for longer performance. A supplement for overcoming premature ejaculation. Read ProSolution Plus Review$76.99 ~ $489.99 (Depending on Package)

What Are The Most Common Ingredients Found On Male Dietary Enhancement Pills?

Naturally Formulated To Work Safely and Effectively

All-natural supplements including male enhancement pills mentioned previously contain different ingredients from prescribed medications.

Natural supplementation is also known as dietary supplements and only contain components that do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Mostly, these are herbal-based ingredients that have been used throughout history as aphrodisiacs or male virility booster for better erections and improved sexual stamina.

The ingredients should be harmless and contain no active ingredients used in prescribed medications for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Panax GinsengPtychopetalum Olacoides
Serenoa RepensEpimedium (Horny Goat Weed)
Crategus RivulvarisBioperine [Black Pepper Extract(Piper Nigrum)]
Ginkgo BilobaL-Arginine
Turnera DiffusaZinc
Tribulus TerrestrisCordyceps
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)Stinging Nettle
Erythroxylum CatuabaDamiana
Licorice extractKorean Ginseng
Muira PuamaCayeene Fruit
Yohimbe ExtractSaw Palmetto

Where To Buy The Best Male Enhancement Pills?

Getting Authentic Dietary Supplements Is Vital For Safe and Effective Intake
Buy Pills Online

There are many places where you can buy these dietary pills either online or offline; and since they don’t require any prescription, you can easily get them over the counter. If you choose to buy it offline from a health store near you, try to check GNC, or Walmart.

GNC has also an online health store, which is convenient for people who prefer shopping online. On the other hand, male dietary pills, and in fact, many types of pills are sold online and delivered via courier. You can check the list of reputable male pills that are popularly sold online.

Lastly, the biggest online retailer for anything online including supplements is Amazon. Check the recommended list of male dietary supplements below.

Top-Rated Male Enhancement Pills Available At Amazon

Biggest Online Retailer With A Wide-Array Of Choices

If there’s one place online to buy male enhancement pills, it’s For the benefit of providing more choices and resources, included below are’s top rated male enhancement pills.

There are more of these at, but the ones shown below are rated top by its users.

So, if you need more sources and options, you got it. Check your choices below, or click here search Amazon to see the wide array of male supplement options.

How To Maximize The Potential Benefits From Male Enhancement Supplementation?

A Vital Reminder To Reaping Maximum Benefits From Taking Natural Male Enhancement Formulation

While there are countless advertisements and fake reviews online with huge claims regarding male enhancement supplement as penis enlargement pills, this is simply not true.

Keep this in mind, natural supplementation such as the ones mentioned in this article are formulated to improve erection quality and not mainly designed for increasing penis size.

Yes, it is true that achieving great erection quality makes the penis appear bigger.

However, do not expect this gains to be permanent. If you’re looking for ways on how to get a bigger dick, supplementation alone is not enough.However, supplementation combined with proven ways for increasing and gaining permanent size works, but don’t rely on pills alone. Techniques like penis exercises, using hydro penile pumps and traction penis extenders have been proven to work.

However, supplementation combined with proven ways for increasing and gaining permanent size works, but don’t rely on pills alone. Techniques like penis exercises, using hydro penile pumps and traction penis extenders have been proven to work.

Fortunately, taking supplements while performing any or combination of penis enlargement routines speed up the process of achieving bigger penis, and permanent gains.

Moreover, do not take this a shortcut by taking multiple supplements at a time. If you want, to test all supplements such as those mentioned here, take it one at a time to find clearly out the one that is working well for you personally.

Different people reacts to different types of supplements. This is the major reason why one person is not getting similar results as others who experienced amazing results while taking a particular pill.

Maximizing Potential Results From Pills

Final Thoughts and Takeaway

Boost Your Sexual Stamina, Erection and Performance
Boost Sexual Confidence and Performance with Pills

Yes, pills that are mentioned in this article work. However, take note these are simply supplements. You do not have to depend on it for the rest of your life. Certainly, the best thing to do is practice living a healthy lifestyle. Think about wellness and physical fitness.

Carefully pick the foods you eat on a daily basis as this significantly affects the body’s entire health condition. Eating healthy and nutritious foods in the proper amount can help improve and maintain the body’s ideal health condition.

Remember, sexual health depends on the body’s overall health condition. Poor health means potentially poor sexual health resulting to issues like erectile dysfunction and loss of sex drive.

Take control of your body’s overall health and maintain great sex life through living a healthy lifestyle today. The supplements can help you but do your homework of living and maintaining a healthy way of life.


  1. My boyfriend is looking for something to help erectile dysfunction for a one time thing for for fast acting is there anything about from the gas station that really works

  2. I thought I can increase my penis size permanently through pills, but I guess the truth it needs penis enlargement routine. That was I thought for years until I do actual penis enlargement a year ago. Don’t get me wrong, pills like the ones mentioned here are great and effective when it comes to boosting virility. I’ve used both vigrx plus and male extra, but I did choose male extra in the long run and part of my penis enlargement goals.

  3. Had a friend recommend ExtenZe to me today and was wondering if any of these sort of enhancement pills do truly work? He vouched its effectiveness, but just wanna know if it works for others, as well. You know, the more it works with many others, the better chances it would work for me, too… I’m just being meticulous as I’ve tried many other pills in the past but none had work for me. That is probably because I was using them in a short period of time? The friend who recommended to me has been using it for more or less 2 years. He ordered it in bulk like 6 months supply and he is travelling abroad where online shopping is not very common, he bring with him months worth of supply. So, I thought this would be worth a try and stick to for at least a few months. The longest I’ve tried is taking supplement for 2 weeks and when I see no results initially, I quit taking it.

  4. The only thing I’m familiar with when it comes to male enhancement pills is stiff nights. I’m a surprise there are lots of other numerous male enhancement pills available in the market that seem to be worthy of trying. In fact, for anyone like me who like to experiment can take it, but of course it would take many months or even years to see the difference among them. However, I’m keen at testing either male extra or vigrx plus.

  5. I’ve been searching for an effective and finest male improvement supplementation that is comprised of all natural components and the product need to be effective. I have actually turned 50 recently and I can see a lot of drastic changes in my sexual drive and performance. Its declining with my growing age and I am unable to enjoy an active sexual life anymore just as years ago. This is a huge turn off for me and my spouse. I want an effective solution to this problem which’s why I’m trying to find a male enhancement supplement that hopefully can help restore my vigor and gain back stamina for a better and active sex life with my wife. I’m hoping one of these dietary supplements will be of great help for me. In particular, I’m considering male extra.

  6. A friend of mine is interested in taking male enhancement pills and asked me if over the counter ones are safe for consumption. and what about those prescription ones?

  7. I’m not exactly in a need of this male enhancement stuff, but due curiosity sake, want to try it out what it’s like LOL

  8. i saw an advertisement about getting free samples of these items that will offer you an extra 3 inches. i also saw a few evaluations on youtube and such stating its all truth and verrry worth it. Anyone have experience availing this free trials?

    • Hello Rodger, are referring to male enhancement pills/supplements being promoted as penis enlargement pills? Sadly, no pills can give you 3 inches gains within the trial period being offered, or even after years of taking it. Male dietary supplements are meant for improving erection quality, sexual drive, and erection quality, but in terms of getting a bigger penis, NO… they don’t.

      Also, take note on those trials that are asking your credit card information. You may forget the trial period and you end up being charged with the full amount, eventually without your consent.

      If you want to increase and achieve a bigger penis, take the penis enlargement route instead of simply taking male enhancement pills. Yes, pills can help along the process but if pills alone are employed as primary method of increasing penis size, you’ll end up disappointments.

      Do penis enlargement workout routines, or combine the manual exercises with penis enlargement devices like pumps and extenders. You can still, however, take supplements if you want. This is where supplement is also helpful.

    • Michael is right rodger… a lot of these are hyped and simply for the purpose of getting money from people who are desperate. Glad you asked that question before you avail it.


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