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Penis Enlargement and Male Virility Enhancement Resources Plus Related External References

Here, you will find a list of non-invasive male enhancement solutions including penis enlargement devices, supplements along with other reputable sources online existed for a long time even before the establishment of this website. Hopefully, the information and resources found on this page will be able to help one get started with the PE journey in the right direction.

Sometimes, it can be very confusing how and when to get started. In fact, there are numerous men search for information online and end up in confusion, and eventually give up before they get started. If you are among of these men, you might need a coaching program, which somewhat weird on this area, but male enhancement coaching does exist.

One of the most notable person involved in penis enlargement coaching is AJ “Big AL” Alfaro. When it comes to penis enlargement course offered in DVD format, there is DLD or Mike Salvini’s Mattes of Size(MOS). Penis Enlargement and Sexual Health

Penis Enlargement Devices (Pumps and Extenders)

Natural Dietary Male Stamina and Sex Pills

Penis Exercise Routines and Programs

PE Forums/Discussion Boards

For so many years, penis enlargement existed. In fact, its history can be traced back to our early ancestors. Of course, during the beginning of the internet boom, penis enlargement forums begun to take root online.

Since the booming of the digital age, there were few reputable forums that have been helping a lot of men interested in increasing penis size.

Among these forums are listed below;

Product Specific Forums

Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction Forums/Discussion Boards

Male Sexual Health Related Clinical Studies

Also check Tips On Maximizing Penis Enlargement Efforts and Results

Additional Sources

This might not be an all-in-one list, but hopefully this can be a good start for anyone looking for information about penis enlargement especially the clinical studies that were conducted previously.

Keep watching this page through either bookmarking, or sharing it socially in Facebook and Twitter.

Overtime, this list can grow as more resources will be added from time-to-time, resources that are related, helpful, and valuable to male enhancements or penis enlargement endeavors.


    • Hey Rahul, thanks for dropping by and your interest in increasing penis size. It’ s possible to achieve great gains and if you’re completely new to this matter, I recommend you read these tips here.

      These tips are great and useful overview for those who are new to penis enlargement. Right from the start, or before starting to implement a routine, it is essential to know that penis enlargement is not rocket science and quick results cannot be gained overnight. Fortunately, it is really possible, but still lots of those who attempted to implement it quit and fail before they notice slight positive changes because they fail to recognize it is not something that is to be done in short-term, or done once and then stop.

  1. Thank you for compiling these sources both within this site and some external sites. Great for research especially if you want to learn something that needs various sources to validate information, and I think your resources page rocks!

  2. Nice resources to get started with for someone like me who has no prior experience and ideas about penis enlargement. Basically, I got interested in it for health purposes and not for enlargement.

  3. I have a 3 inch penis, fully erect and I feel very bad about it. I’ve been reading topics about penis enlargement since I was 18 years old, I’m now 25 years old. I’ve come across different opinions about it but I’ve come to realized it is not something that can be achieve overnight. So, I’m getting into it and hopefully, I can gain 1 to 2 inches in length. I’m a health-conscious guy, and although mine is only 3 inches, it’s rock hard. So, I’m looking forward to gaining 1 to 2 inches.


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