Goals and Objectives

MENLIFY is online information website, and the goal of this website is to provide essential facts and information about male enhancements. There are many forms of male enhancements ranging from supplements, oils, and creams, penile exercises to surgical procedures. The website is formerly maleenhancementpr.com. If you’re familiar with that website in the past, this is the new home and shares the same goals, objectives, and visions.

Today, the most common form of male enhancements are through supplements. Male enhancement supplements are categorized into two categories; prescription-based and all-natural based or dietary supplementation.

Prescription male pills are the ones which need a doctor’s prescription prior to taking. Well-known prescribed male enhancements are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These are the ones that doctors prescribe to patients who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. It is crucial to note that prescribed male enhancements should not be taken without prescription to avoid unwanted side-effects. Anyone wants to take Viagra, Levitra or Cialis should first consult or talk to their doctor. These 3 Erectile Dysfunction(ED) medications are also known as PDE5 inhibitors.

On the other hand, all-natural dietary supplements such mentioned above can be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions of dosage. Additionally, it is important to note that all-natural male enhancement supplements are not medications. These are simply supplements that will help enhance and provide the necessary nutrients that the body needs to achieve better sex drive and stamina for sexual activities.

These all-natural based enhancements contain ingredients like Nitric Oxide(NO) that will boost proper blood flow for the entire body, including the penile area. With the proper blood flow in the penis, it is easy to achieve bigger, firmer and longer-lasting erections.

Furthermore, penis enlargement exercises programs can be use in conjunction with these supplements. There are penis enlargement devices like penis extenders with popular brands including SizeGenetics and PenisMaster PRO that are doctor-approved and techniques/innovation used are clinically-tested. Vacuum penis pumps have been in used as an erection aid device, but also found effective for increasing penis size particularly the more recent models that use water to create vacuum instead of air. This means it is safe to use provided instructions are followed carefully and diligently. Experts theorized this approach just as those performing bodybuilding. Giving the penis a regular exercise or stretching can render the girth bigger and length grow a longer. With the help of supplements, this can achieve better and quicker.

Furthermore, oils, patches and creams are also popular these days like VigRX Oil, ProEnhance and Vimax Patches have their individual unique formula that include a transdermal delivery system. This means that the nutrients from the oil can be absorb a lot quicker into the penis’ skin producing a fast-acting results.

See How Transdermal Delivery System Works

This website will be updated regularly to keep up the continuous emergence of new male enhancement products like supplements and gadgets. Additionally, essential information about men’s health will be discussed along with the possible causes and how to avoid.

Sexual health is vital to living a healthy and active sex lifestyle. Sex is remarkably a wonderful experience. MENLIFY advocates safe sex.

To make most of the website’s contents, take a minute to browse and read the penis enlargement resources and FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) pages especially for those who are just beginning to explore the exciting world of penile and male virility enhancements. Additionally, bookmarking the website will make it easy to get access on helpful male enhancement articles published on this website.

Does Penis Enlargement Works?

With all that being mentioned, probably, one most important question that lingers on anyone’s mind is “does performing penis enlargement work?” This is a very common question especially for those who just learned about it, or perhaps heard of it previously, but hesitant to get started with it due to uncertainty as to whether it would work or not?

Well, one thing is clear. It is possible and penis enlargement exercise routines whether it is done using manual exercises, using penis enlargement devices or combination of routines, and that’s because penis size is NOT controlled by our genes as many people claim. However, let me be upfront with it, penis enlargement is not something to be approached in short-term, but take it as a long-term commitment. There is more to penis enlargement than just increasing penis size; it does improve sexual health, and perhaps overall body health as one learn numerous ways on how to stay healthy. It is a known fact, one’s overall health condition determines the level of sexual health, and so does sexual health(particularly the penis) can be a dipstick of one’s overall health condition.

The human male penis is made up of three primary sections, two of which are large chambers that are situated on the top known as Corpora Cavernosa, and one smaller chamber at the bottom known as Corpus Spongiosum. During an erection, these three sections inside the penis is filled with blood. The Corpora Carvernosa chambers are the main holding chambers for the blood during an erection. In fact, 90% of the blood filling the penis during erection goes to the Corpora Cavernosa

The size of the penis is limited in both girth and length by the maximum capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa to hold the blood during an erection, and it means if the Corpora Cavernosa is enlarged or expanded in size, the more blood it can hold resulting to a bigger erection size.

Penis Anatomy (Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum)
Fibro-muscular Skeleton of the Human Male Penis

How To Increase or Enlarge the Copora Cavernosa?

Penis enlargement routine exercises are designed to break the cell walls of the Corpora Cavernosa allowing the cells to form new cells. The routines forced blood into the cell walls each time it is stretched through the stress generated during a routine session eventually breaking the cells and allowing it to form new cells eventually resulting to a larger penis size.

Along the process, the penis repairs or heals itself with the new cells in placed that makes the penis size larger than it was prior to performing the routine exercises. As the penis grows in size, the corpora cavernosa also expands allowing it to hold more blood resulting in an increase in size during erections.

Of course, this cannot happen overnight. It can take months and even years for some men to attained noticeable gains and cement or make the gains permanent. Don’t get discourage with this fact as there are no shortcuts to achieving desirable and permanent gains. Take your penis enlargement journey as a long-term commitment just as one take dedication to building muscles in the body.

When someone worked out at the gym regularly, one can expect muscle growth, weight loss, or maintain an ideal weight. Similarly, this principle applies to penis enlargement, although the penis is not really a muscle, but with consistent implementation of the exercises and routine techniques, the penis can achieve a substantial growth resulting to a bigger erection, and better stamina.

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