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Understanding Various Penis Enhancement Surgeries And Potential Complications

The embarrassment and humiliation connected to having a small penis results to men losing self-esteem tremendously. The fact that, virility is usually linked to the size of the penis this condition gets far more troublesome.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

This is the prime reason men with penis below the average size are constantly seeking ways to add extra inches to it. Nowadays, there are many ways to do that ranging from using penis pumps to penile enhancement operations.

First and foremost, be aware that simply having a small penis is not a sign that to require penile surgical procedures. Surgical procedures for penis enhancements should only be implemented in a situation wherein a person is suffering from Peyronie’s disease, bladder exstrophy, hypospadias, epispadias, and micropenis.

Men who suffered trauma within the penile area due to some serious accident is a strong candidate to undergo penile enhancement operation. Additionally, there are certain penile infections which also requires a penile surgery. Simply having a below average penis size does not qualify for such an operation.

Remember, male enhancement procedure comes with its fair share of complications. Even worse, achieving  much larger penis by adopting this process will not help in increasing sexual performance. Therefore, such procedure can end up as a waste of both time and money.

Various Penis Enhancement Surgeries

  • Re-Fixing The Penile Suspensory Ligament
  • Liposuction Of Prepubic Fat or Lipectomy
  • Reconstructing The Skin Flap
  • Penile Implants and Gels

These are the common penile enhancement procedures that are done. The most important thing to consider is that these operations must be performed by a qualified surgeon. Therefore, prior to deciding on going through any of this procedure, due diligence should be taken. One mistake of opting for a non-qualified surgeon can lead to devastating results, which might be irreversible.

Furthermore, this comes at a higher price. Therefore, before opting for a specific procedure, it is a smart idea to discuss in details the pros and cons of each procedure. Although, it is beyond this article to discuss each procedure in details, never skip or take for granted the importance of discussing each procedure with the surgeon that will do the operation.

Penis Enhancement Surgery Options and Costs

Male enhancement or penis enlargement, in particular, isn’t a taboo subject anymore. Every time you turn on the television or look in a magazine you see advertisements for all kinds of male enhancement products. Not all of us were blessed where it counts and it is more than OK to want more.

You want to be bigger and you’re not alone. Male enhancement products are a billion dollar industry that is only growing with each passing day. If you ever felt embarrassed by your motivation to get little extra it is quite obvious that you don’t have to.

There are many different options out there when it comes to male enhancement; some surgical but there are also many non-invasive male enhancements. Some people turn to surgical options for penis enlargement but in all honesty surgical penis enlargement can be much more trouble than it is worth. Of course, it’s a completely different story if the procedure is done for reconstructive purposes.

For one thing, it is very expensive ranging anywhere between $4,000 and $17,000 for the procedure. If you thought that the cost was the scariest thing about invasive penis enlargement, trust me it’s not.

Penile Enlargement Without Surgery(Non-Invasive)

There are numerous male enhancements that do not require surgery. Unless one has the following conditions mentioned above, penile enhancement operation or surgery is not necessary.

An average-sized penis can still be a good boost of confidence when it comes to sex. Focus on other important factors such as better foreplay, harder erections, and prevention of premature ejaculation.

Through constant practice and application, anyone can perfect these 3 factors. In fact, these factors are the key to satisfying a woman’s sexual desire.

Additionally, taking supplements like VigRX Plus or Male Extra are very helpful in boosting one’s sex desire, stamina and performance.

Plus, these supplements come with penile exercises that can be practice at home when ordering higher packages. These supplements are formulated from all-natural ingredients which stimulate improved blood circulation and boosting certain nutrients vital for achieving better sex drive.

However, it is important to know that pills or also commonly known as penis pills, male enhancement pills, or even sex pills that when taken solely it cannot help with penis size gains. While some of these mentioned pills are good at enhancing male stamina and libido, these should not be taken as a primary means for penile enlargement.

Pills, however, can effectively help in speeding up the results when taken with primary methods of increasing penis size such through penis exercises, and/or with the aid of a penis enlargement device like penile hydro pumps or traction penis extenders.

Potential Complications After The Operation

Should you decide to undergo a penis enlargement operation, you must know that there are potential complications right after having the operation. The side effects that could come with invasive penis enlargement methods far outweigh the positive aspects of it.

After throwing down all of your hard earned money on this type of treatment the odds that your penis may become deformed after the surgery are much higher than you want them to be.

You could experience nerve damage in your penis not to mention the fact that you probably don’t want anything inserted into it in the first place.

With that being said there are many non-invasive male enhancement products and methods available that are completely affordable and much safer than invasive one. Take a minute to review the list provided above and decide which one fits your needs and goals. Complications

  • Infections
  • Bleeding
  • Low-end results that lead to disappointments
  • Swelling of the penis or scrotum
  • The skin flap may experience temporary hardness
  • Temporary loss of sensation
  • Temporary burning sensation when urinating
  • Feeling of discomfort that could last for a few days
  • Temporary erection discomfort
  • Discoloration may appear in the penis or scrotum

Top Destination For Penis Enhancement Surgery

Germany Penis Enlargement Surgery

While Thailand is the very much popular for transgender surgical operations, Germany on the other hand, topped in penis enhancement surgery. According to the data gathered by TheGuardian, Germany is the world’s capital for penis enlargement.

In addition, Deutsches Zentrum Urologie(German Centre for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery) claimed to have performed 6,000 cases of penile enlargement and lengthening operations.

The website states Germany is the world champion in penile enlargement with penis lengthening increase between 3cm to 6cm, girth enhancement gains between 2cm to 3cm, and glans enlargement between 30% to 50% gains. Yes, glans or penile head enlargement is possible. In fact, PeniMaster PRO can do this in a non-invasive manner, which is also a German innovation.

Actual Penis Enlargement Surgery Documentary

Video Part 1 of 3

Video Part 2 of 3

WARNING: Video 3 Contains The Actual Penis Enlargement Surgery

Some Scene May Not Be Suitable For Some People. Do Not Watch If You Are NOT Comfortable Watching Surgical Procedures

Video Part 3 of 3 (The Actual Surgical Procedure)

Final Thoughts

Having a penis surgery kind scary especially if the surgeon does not have specialized skills in the field of surgical penis enlargement procedure. Therefore, for men who have decided to go for surgical means of increasing penis size, be certain the doctor who will conduct the operation is an experience one.

Personally, I would go for non-invasive means of penis enlargement. Today, there are various ways to achieve a substantial penis size without undergoing surgery. For instance, penis extenders such SizeGenetics device and PeniMaster Pro are great.

In fact, both traction extenders are Type 1 Medical Device and medically tested to be helpful in increasing penis size. Of course, the result may not be overnight, but looking at the result after surgery, it is not quick, as well. In fact, after surgery, a series of exercises has to be done in order to make most of the surgical benefits.

Another great non-invasive penis enlargement devices are pumps. Penis pumps have been around for years help men with erectile dysfunction achieve hard erections.

A few years ago, a different and innovative penis pump was introduced to the male enhancement arena, the hydro penis pump. Hydro penis pumps are water-assisted or water-pressured pumps. Users of hydro penis pumps reported hydro pumping work better and effective than conventional air vacuum pumps.

The first pump available was Bathmate hydro pump. Today, Bathmate has many models including Hercules(the first model), Hydromax X30 and the latest version Hydromax X40, and the biggest of them all, the Goliath. In addition, Bathmate recently released Hydromax Xtreme hydro pumps for both X30 and X40 models.

Learn more about the Bathmate through this review and comparison with the Penomet pump. The Penomet is a new player in the hydro penis pumping technology.

Although it is new, it has gained good reputation quickly through its unique and innovative design, and first hydro pump that is industry-certified. Both pumps work well perfectly. It simply a matter of choice. Check out reviews for both pumps on the link provided.


  1. I heard about this products and I’m interested to try this, there are many supplement that offer in the market I have tried Some that i purchased online and i love the result

  2. I do strongly agree… get a pump or extender instead and using both or either with jelqing works pretty well. Surgical procedure was the first thing in my mind, but I’ve changed my mind eventually and opted for none surgical method and I’ve been doing great with it. Doing it for over a year now.

  3. I had this my mind to opt for surgery to increase the size of my penis. However, I realized after pondering this article that gain is not really instant as one would go through a healing process and rehabilitation as demonstrated in the 3rd video. Now I’m leaning my favor/vote towards non-invasive method such as using a pump. I have the money to spend and it is not something I would borrow money just for the sake of penis enlargement. But, now I’m thinking of spending that money on quality pump. This is wake up call to those who are eager in undergoing surgical procedure for quick results.

  4. For the primary purpose of enhancing my penis size. I would like a high quality pump. I would not mind spending a couple of hundreds if it truly live up to its purpose.

  5. I would rather choose non-invasive methods such as using penis pump. As a matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing and it feels really nice and I’m always conscious not to overpump. I’ve been using the batmate x40 that I’ve got 3 months ago and it works really well. Unlike in the surgery procedure shown in the video, looks like the patient has to undergo a long period of rehabilitation and before he can do that, he has to allow his cut to heal. Well, with non-invasive such as using a pump, the short term gains are usable immediately, but of course, i have to do and look at it in a long-term point of view.

  6. When it comes to enhancing or increasing my penis size, I would rather opt for a high quality pump. I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hundreds than going through surgery.

  7. I’ve read that using a pump can help increase by inches, but for how long to be able to get the results? Plus, there appears to be a million websites about pumps, any recommendations. Does it mean the higher priced ones better?

  8. Personally, I don’t think surgery is necessary for increasing penis size. It might increase a bit of length, but this gain can be achieve through natural penis enlargement method. I do manual exercises along with hydro pump Penomet and both are good combination.


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