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4 Ways To Boost Nitric Oxide In The Body – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Nitric Oxide or NO is the crucial molecule needed for normal erectile function. At the time of sexual arousal, nerve endings of the penis released nitric oxide to relax the blood vessels in the penis to dilate.

It helps boost the amount of blood flowing through the penis and causes the soft tissues to swell. While this initial burst of nitric oxide from the nerves in the penis triggers an erection, the blood vessels in the penis are responsible for releasing more nitric oxide to keep the erection hard.

Once blood begins flowing into the penis, NO sources in the blood vessels are triggered, hence releasing more nitric oxide, more tissue relaxes, more blood rushes in, and a sustained erection is achieved.

Nitric Oxide Declines with Age

Unfortunately, as a man grows older or begins to experience other health issues, nitric oxide levels in the body start to decline. Low levels of nitric oxide lead to weak erections, or in many cases, Erectile Dysfunction(ED). As a result, nitric oxide is a frequent target for oral ED therapies.

Unlike pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, the natural male enhancement supplement like Male Extra does not block the enzyme responsible for breaking down nitric oxide.

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Nitric Oxide Production Declines with Age But There Are Ways To Increase It

Instead, it works at the very foundation of the chemical cascade to amp up nitric oxide production by supplying the body with L-Arginine and other natural nitric oxide boosters.

The L-Arginine found in Male Extra is the best building block for nitric oxide production since it supplies the nitrogen atom needed to combine with the oxygen atom to produce NO. At the same time, it is Ginseng, and antioxidant components boost production even more.

Since Male Extra works to increase and sustain NO concentrations in the bloodstream naturally, it means that a man can achieve an erection at any time without needing to take a pill a certain amount of time before engaging in sexual activity.

Nitric Oxide’s Role In Men’s Erectile Function

NO is probably the most beneficial molecule necessary for getting and maintaining an erection.

When a man becomes sexually aroused, the nerve endings in the penis inject a blast of NO into the bloodstream. This molecule helps dilate the blood vessels allowing better blood to flow into the penis, causing it to harden and reach full erection.

Nitric Oxide Boosts Sex Life
Maintaining Good Level of Nitric Oxide Helps In Achieving Better Sex

Nitric oxide is quickly degraded once it is in the bloodstream, so once this initial release of nitric oxide has generated an erection, more nitric oxide needs to be produced to sustain it. This responsibility falls on the blood vessels in the penis.

The initial rush of blood into the penis stimulates the endothelial cells that line the vessels to release more nitric oxide, which relaxes more tissue, promotes more blood flow, and helps maintains hardness.

Regrettably, this is only what happens under ideal circumstances, and usually only when a man is in his sexual prime.

That is because as a man ages and develops other health conditions, the amount of nitric oxide his body produces steadily declines. As a result, he begins to have much weaker erections or none at all – a condition known as Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

Why Nitric Oxide Is Important & What Role It Plays In Bodily Processes?

NO plays a vital role in cellular activities. Many bodybuilders and athletes are taking it in supplements form to boost performance. In fact, Nitric Oxide is one of the popular components in many bodybuilding supplements.

Moreover, NO is also available as part of many male dietary virility supplements formula for a boost in sexual performance and health.

These are just the two benefits known to most people. A more in-depth look at its benefits reveals it is more than just a performance enhancer.

  • Beneficial for memory and behavior as it helps nerve cells signal transmission
  • Boosts the body’s immune system, which is helpful for disease prevention and fighting off bacteria
  • Since it improves blood circulation, it also helps regular blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation1 2 3
  • Boosts the sense of smell4
  • Boosts endurance and strength especially during intense physical activities
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Helps in gastric motility5 6

4 Ways To Boost Nitric Oxide In The Body

Because nitric oxide plays such a pivotal role in erectile function, increasing nitric oxide concentrations activity are frequent goals of ED treatment.

However, while most pharmaceutical drugs for ED inhibit PDE-5, the enzyme responsible for degrading nitric oxide, Male Extra boosts the body’s natural production of nitric oxide instead.

1. Taking Supplements

Male Extra contains L-Arginine, an amino acid that supplies the nitrogen needed to synthesize nitric oxide, as well as a number of other potent nitric oxide boosters, like Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

Since Male Extra naturally amps up the production of nitric oxide, much more is available to promote and sustain an erection whenever a man becomes sexually aroused without thinking about taking a pill in advance of sexual activity.

Additionally, one study7 finds that taking Nitric Oxide enhancing supplement improves performance in resistance training.

These are just a few of the Nitric Oxide supplements sold at Amazon.com. If you want to know more, search Amazon.com about nitric oxide and you’ll find more of these supplementations.

Moreover, Nitric Oxide is one of the popular bodybuilding supplements available today.

2. Eating Foods Rich In Nitrates

One of the natural ways to boost the natural production of Nitric Oxide is through foods, and that means including certain foods in a typical diet.

Eating foods that contain natural nitrates such as green veggies, artichokes, beets, and beetroot allows the body to activate the natural production of Nitric Oxide.

Unfortunately, not everyone who implements this gets the full benefit of it due to the lack of certain bacteria found the mouth and gut that help the conversion of nitrate from these foods to Nitric Oxide.

Moreover, studies pointed out that 30% to 45% of people may not have the right kind of bacteria in order for the conversion process to occur8.

Among other foods that are helpful for boosting Nitric Oxide besides from those mentioned already include;

Dark ChocolateCranberriesSalmon
PomegranateOnionsOrgan Meats
WalnutsCayenne PepperShrimps
Brown RiceBlack TeaPeanut Butter
SpinachPistachiosHawthorn Berry

Moreover, taking curcumin supplements can help improve vascular function10. The curcumin increases the bio-availability of Nitric Oxide in healthy men both middle-aged and healthy adults.

As you might notice, the majority of these foods listed are also notable for their aphrodisiac properties. Also, Hawthorn Berry is included in the list, which is one of the ingredients of another proven natural male enhancement supplement, VigRX Plus.

3. Regular Sun Exposure

Probably one of the least regarded boosters for natural NO production is sun exposure, although it is popularly known to help produce the best kind of Vitamin D for the body once it hits the skin.

Yes, sun exposure is the best way to get the right kind of Vitamin D, and also helps to naturally synthesize Nitric Oxide according to the researchers at the University of Edinburgh plus more health benefits associated with sun exposure.

4. Regular Exercise

Being physically active through exercises and outdoor sports equivalent to cardio workouts are amazing when it comes to maintaining health and fitness.

In fact, we should be constantly moving around like climbing, walking, or doing something that makes the body active. Moreover, studies have shown that being physically active can help boost the Nitric Oxide level.

So, there’s a good reason to stay physically active and do workout regularly.

Studies On Exercise and Nitric Oxide

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As a conclusion to this article, let us hear from Dr. Thomas Burke talking and explaining the many benefits of NO.


Today, it is very common to find nitric oxide available in supplement form. However, always keep in mind that supplements are simply for supporting one’s healthy and active lifestyle.

Therefore, instead of relying heavily on nitric oxide supplements, make it part of a healthy eating habit. There many foods that are natural boosters of NO. Most of these foods are fruits and vegetables.

But there’s one more thing you should keep in mind. Eat organic. Although there are those who say that organic does not have a significant impact, in reality… it has a positive significant impact on health.

Furthermore, Harvard mentioned two studies that children consuming organic foods have lower levels of pesticide residue.

Although it states that the health implications on children are unclear, would you bet risking your health eating produced loaded with harmful pesticides?

Lastly, in another study, the researchers found that eating organic foods may help increase capacity and resilience of living organisms.

This might mean, eating organic food is gut-friendly, which matters a lot as it helps the body in maintaining and achieving good health.

So, take your nitric oxide supplements while eating NO-boosting foods.


  1. Do you think that all these emerging research supporting nitric oxide is legit, or is it just another hoax/trend/etc that will disappear in the coming years?

  2. I’m just curious, what do you think the level of masturbation can make a man sterile or even result to erectile dysfunction?


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