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Pistachio Health Benefits For Male Sexual Health

Including handful of nuts in a diet is beneficial and healthy. In particular, pistachio health benefits have been shown to improve erectile function.

One study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine1 finds that a 3-week diet with pistachio nuts given to men with erectile dysfunction resulted in a notable improvement in erectile function.

…3-week pistachio diet applied to patients with ED resulted in a significant improvement in erectile function parameters with additional improvement in serum lipid parameters without any side effects.

Why Pistachios Are Healthy?

Just as walnuts, pistachio health benefits include cardiovascular and heart health. This makes sense why pistachio nuts are beneficial for men with erectile issue.

Erection is all about blood flow. A healthy cardiovascular system means good blood flow in the body.

Heart Health Benefits

Consuming pistachios as snacks may be beneficial to suppressing bad cholesterol. This has been shown by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition2.

L-Arginine is also present in pistachios, which is beneficial to the lining of the arteries. It also contains vitamin E, which is helpful in preventing plaque clogging the artery.

Pistachio Nuts For Weight Loss

Pistachio health benefits extend beyond cardiovascular system. Those who want to lose weight can include pistachios in their diet.

Just like with most nuts, pistachios are great for snacks. Additionally, it can be more health beneficial when mixed other nuts such as almonds, cashew, walnuts, and Brazil nuts. Nuts are packed with dietary fiber. This makes them more filling avoiding overeating and consuming fewer calories.

A 2010 12-week study3 found that pistachios lowered BMI and triglyceride levels on participants. A decrease in body mass index means weight loss.

Penn State researcher Penny Kris-Etherton explains more of the pistachio health benefits.

Make nuts as part of your snacking habits including pistachios. It’s time to swap those junk foods with healthy nuts. After all, they’re delicious and fun to eat.


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