Tips and Techniques On How To French Kiss The Right Way


When it comes to kissing, French kiss is immensely popular among lovers, and there is no doubt many are working trying to learn the proper way of French kissing. Before going any further, let us learn why it is called French kiss.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the French was renowned for their passionate and bold sexual practices. Until these days, it has been handed down not only to the French people themselves, but to lovers around the world.

Although, French way of kissing has been around for centuries, not many are familiar of doing the kiss. Certainly, there are decent percentage of people who have heard it, but never applied or implemented it for some reasons.

Probably, among the many reasons why not many lovers are doing it is perhaps, they do not know how to do French kissing properly, or simply they are shy of doing it.

French Kissing Tips

French kissing is an intensely passionate way of kissing a lover, and when initiating sex, it is hot and sensual act of foreplay. For the benefits of those who do not yet have experience about the French way of kissing, below are some tips plus a video that demonstrate on how to do it properly.

Furthermore, there is one good reason why you would want to learn how to French kiss, and be able to do it appropriately. The lips are the one of the erogenous zones of a woman’s body. Kissing alone can leave a lasting eroticized impression especially when men are doing it perfectly.

For woman’s point of view, a French kiss that is well-kissed leaves a lasting impression, unforgettable. It is like experiencing a kiss with no tomorrow. Others experienced it as kissing like no other.

The basics of French kissing is using the lovers’ tongues, and for some experts and lovers it is commonly called the tongue war. Men should gain the skills of good maneuverability of tongue inside his lover’s mouth while avoiding hurtful encounters with teeth and tonsils.

It is easy to learn, especially if you have someone to practice along.

Basic Tips On How To A Good French Kisser

French Kissing Tips

Make Sure Lips Is Moistened

French kissing involves lips contact between partners and will not go well with dry lips. A light brush or lick of the lips with your tongue can make it moistened.

Others prefer using a lip balm or lip shiner, but the tongue is always enough when in demand.

Find Proper Face Angle

Straightly approaching your partner is a lousy move as both noses get in the way avoiding deep and smooth kiss. Tilting the head of partners in the opposite direction with a slight angle is preferable.

Doing so, both will have full contact of the lips and better tongue manipulation inside the mouth.

Eyes Closed

When initiating a kiss, eye contact is crucial as it brings intimate connection. Once that connection is established and lips are approaching closer, closing the eyes can make the feeling more intense and focus.

However, opening the eyes from time-to-time can be a good idea to check how your partner reacts to it.

Begin With Soft and Gentle Closed-Mouth Kissing

Obviously, French kiss is an open-mouth way of kissing. However, when initiating the kiss, it is more sensual if the mouth is closed and gently opening the lips when it touches the partner’s lips.

In movies, most French kissing scenes are done quickly and vigorously. Yes, it can be done, but you have to learn the basics so that you will not hurt your partner especially if both kissers are beginners.

French kissing is poetry of kissing, and it takes practice and cooperation of both partners. When mastered, it so sexy and romantic.

Exploring The Mouth With The Tongue

Right after a few moments of lips contact, there is more intimate connection or feeling happened. Perhaps, both lips now are well-moistened and erotic feeling is felt between partners.

Now, gently and slowly push your tongue inside her mouth. Let it touch her tongue, and even though you are not talking, encourage her to do the same. There is that instinct she will reciprocate what you are doing.

Allow both tongue inside to play romantically and sexily. Keep in mind, be gentle and no not bite your partner’s lips or tongue.

Make It Slow

To appreciate French kissing fully, it must be done slowly. Doing so, it makes both partners feel passionate, and doing it more often with your partner, the better the experience.

Yes, French kissing can have different experiences with different partners. Others prefer to focus on lips touching and tongue while others prefer a deep kiss utilizing the full length of the tongue inside the partner’s mouth.

Moreover, there are lovers who prefer short kissing time while others prefer long kissing time exploring the likes and discovering other variations that are passionate and erotic.

Observe Partner’s Body Language

The art and science of kissing are the same, but everyone prefers doing it differently. Just as, mentioned, some prefers shallow kissing while others want deep and somewhat a bit vigorous way of kissing.

The ability of a person to recognized a partner’s body language is what separate between a good and bad kisser. For instance, if your partner is trying to pull away she maybe uncomfortable. When it happens, adjust the pace of kissing and observe whether she likes it or not.

You know she likes it when she is responding feverishly through moaning or keeping the kissing pace with you, perhaps intensely and vigorously.

Developing Your Own Unique Style Of Kissing

Mastering how to French kiss requires time, practice and patience. Doing it more often, can make the experience and cooperation a lot better. Kissing requires both partners to cooperate and enjoy it.

Most of the time, when kissing often with the same person, you can somehow develop new additional variations and style that makes it more exciting for both partners.

Therefore, never stick to what this article suggested, instead explore more, and perhaps you can share your astonishing experience later when you master the art and science of French kissing.

The Basics Of French Kissing Demo

Video popularized by The WingGirls

More Tips To A More Sensual Kissing

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  1. I hesitate to french kiss my partner due to the fact that I have actually never ever done it before and I have no idea exactly how. And, you know what… this is a perfect read for me. Now, at least I know something what to expect…and I’m not sure either he had done it before or first time with me… so let’s see how it goes 🙂

    • Hey Masruq, you’re looking at the answers in this article. Read the full article and watch the video demonstration on how to perform “French Kiss” properly.


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