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Penis Enlargement Works Because We Are Not Controlled By Our Genes

Since I was doing penis enlargement back in early 2010, I have great results and didn’t think about what people said on its impossibility.

However, when I first started this website back in 2012, I’ve been asked many times how is it possible for penis enlargement exercises to work when we(human) are controlled by our genes.

Literally, there is no possibility of increasing what nature had given to us. My first respond to that, bodybuilders build muscle and they get good results provided they do it consistently and systematically.


Then, more and more penis enlargement skeptics will then say… the penis is not a muscle and it’s different from the muscles of the body; hence, it’s impossible and unsafe to do penis enlargement exercises and gain in size.

Well, it turned out, I’ve read that penis is composed of smooth muscle tissues, and hence when stimulated physically with the right force safe enough not to cause injury it can grow.

Prior to all these questions that bombarded from the online community who are skeptical about the penis enlargement, I was already having great results.

At some point, I’ve got confused as these skeptics are somewhat right, but if they’re right how come I get results doing penis enlargement exercises?

Well, I didn’t listen to them who didn’t believe the reality and safety of penis enlargement when done systematically and consistently.

Penis Enlargement Is Possible

I decided, why would I listened to them if I’m having great results doing penis enlargement, and not just in terms of size gains, but penile health is amazing, as well.

It turned out as I’ve watched this video below a YouTube, but embedded here for your convenience, we are not controlled by the genes and it’s just a blueprint.

It’s really complex that, in fact, I can’t explain it by myself, but if you watch the video below, it would be clear to you what I mean.

The video is over and hour long, but I encourage you to watch the entire presentation as it’s not just about how genes work, but it might give you some sort of wake-up call about what’s going on with life.

And, by the way, this video below is not about penis enlargement, it just explained what are genes, and how they work, and why it does not have control over body or life. The person presenting this information is Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist.

If you want to know more about him and maybe you’re skeptical about this guy, visit his website at BruceLipton.com where he got tons of information about this subject, if you want to dig deeper into it.

Presenting… Not Convincing

Hopefully, you’ve watched the video and learned something new about science particularly, Biology. This article is not meant to convince every man who reads this to do penis enlargement.

The truth is… penis enlargement is not for everyone. It is only for those who are looking for ways to increase penis size, but willing to invest time and effort in performing the exercises and routines.

The purpose of this article is to answer the doubt of those skeptics who keep asking and persisting their belief that genes control us and there is no way possible to increase penis size.

So long as the penis enlargement routines are done correctly and consistently, one can achieve gains. It might not be the desired gains at first, but definitely some gains in size.

The best part of doing consistent penis exercises either manual, or with the aid of a penis pump or penis extender, it helps one achieve better stamina, harder erections, and better overall penile health.

Of course, these potential gains are hugely dependent on one’s lifestyle. So, practicing and living a healthy way of life is a great help to achieving not only physical fitness but sexual health, as well.


You may have heard and noticed in the video presentation by Bruce Lipton where he mentioned epigenetics.

This is the new science that starting to emerge in the 70s where it studies genes that it does not really control one’s destiny. Instead, the environment in which the gene is exposed to tells that particular gene whether to express or not. In other words, whether to turn on or off.

This is not just applicable to penis enlargement, but for anything including losing weight, diseases transferred over generations of families.

For instance, if your grandparents or even your parents are fat, this does not mean you’ll become fat, too throughout your entire lifetime.

Video by Scischow

Epigenetics References


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