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What Is Priapus Shot and How It Works In Increasing Penis Size?

Priapus The word Priapus comes from the Greek mythology known as protector of fruit plants, livestock, gardens, god of fertility and male genitalia.

Today, if you search online the term Priapus, you’ll find images of this Greek mythology god characterized by an over-sized erect penis. In fact, the word priapism was derived from the word Priapus.

Don’t worry, we’re not going back to Greek mythology lessons you’ve already knew back in your high school days. But, we’re going to talk over one of the new semi-invasive methods of making penis size bigger called “Priapus Shot”.

As you might think, the terminology has derived from the Greek god of fertility and male penis. Today in the penis enlargement arena, there are doctors who are administering this procedure in an effort to solve numerous issues in male sexual health including erectile dysfunction, and penis size.

To get a quick overview of the procedure, here’s one of their video from their website which I found on YouTube that outlined the Priapus Shot.

The Procedure

Just as with any penile enlargement surgical method, there are certain steps to be followed. Priapus shot, although not at all invasive or surgical because it is done through injection involves several steps outlined below;

  1. Lidocaine cream is applied to the penis area for numbing purposes.
  2. Just with blood testing procedure, blood is drawn from the arm.
  3. The collected blood is place inside the centrifuge equipment.
  4. Once process from the centrifuge, the platelets are transferred into a different tube along with a calcium chloride drops tricking the platelets into thinking they’re already inside body, which is injured.
  5. The previous step allows the platelets to release growth factors into the liquid inside the tube.
  6. The final step is to transfer the into a syringe with tiny needle, which is then injected into several areas of the numbed penis so the growth factors are distributed properly.

Priapus Shot

During the first one to two months after the Priapus Shot has been administered, it is mandatory for the patient to use a penis pump for a minimum of 10 minutes per day. I’m not sure the patient is required to do that, which is actually a good idea as a form of penile therapy.

Probably, this is done and a requirement as a sort of penile rehabilitation process just as with those who undergo a penile enlargement surgery.

The Cost

The cost of the injection range from $2,500 upwards, and it is often a one-time procedure that takes only 30 minutes to performed the six steps outlined earlier. The doctors who invented this method and also those who already administered it successfully on their patients say the results are permanent.

One doctor says the patient get a normal-looking penis, but the difference is it’s bigger. The doctor added there was a patient who came into the clinic along with his girlfriend with sexual issues due to the man’s thin penis.

After the injection has been performed, the male patient gained at least an inch. It was not mentioned if the gained was in girth or length. However, it was mentioned the couple has been getting together happily, which I assumed she enjoyed the bigger penis of her boyfriend.

It’s sort of exaggerated testimonial, isn’t it? But, who know if it was really true? I know from my perspective that a small penis can still be satisfying to a woman as long as it is used wisely.

I think the male patient is one example of the many men who don’t have any idea how to perform well sexually even with the current size he got. Yes, certainly bigger penis plus better performance is always a winning combination that your woman will crave for more.

Does PRP Therapy Works?

The procedure used in Priapus Shot is called PRP Therapy wherein the doctor administering the injection draw blood from the patient and place it in the centrifuge equipment. If you’ve seen in television wherein a blood inside the test tube is placed inside a machine and spins it in high-speed, that is a centrifuge equipment. This process creates PRP, or platelet-rich plasma to spur growth and prevent bleeding.

In the field of medicine, PRP therapy is reasonably new and there are not lots of solid evidence currently, exist to prove that it truly works. PRP has been already administered on injured athletes for 20 years in order to speed up the recovery time, and two of the renowned athletes who believed in the effectiveness of PRP therapy are Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods.

However, one study conducted back in 2010, which is published in the Journal of the American Association(JAMA) reported that PRP therapy is just as effective as injecting salt water during treatment of Achilles injuries. The PRP therapy is promising according to health experts.

In fact, just this January 2015, another study was conducted about PRP therapy in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

Only time can tell whether this therapy can work well as a penis enlargement method. To give further insights about Priapus Shot, watch this video created by the creator of the Priapus Shot, Dr. Charles Runels.

It’s For Women, Too

Although, we’re talking about men topic here, it is also worth noting there is also a version of Priapus Shot for women called the “O” Shot. Of course, it is done through the same process by injection, but it is injected to the clitoris instead.

According to doctors who administer “O” shot this would allow women to experience a boost in sexual pleasure and increase orgasm sensation.

Do you know that clitoris is also known as the female penis? Well, now you know.

Final Thoughts

Before I end this article, I would like you to know that I’ve never undergone such procedure like Priapus Shot, or any surgical procedure including those D.I.Y. penis enlargement that uses silicone gel like Vaseline and injects it into the penis to make penis size bigger.

Yes, lots of men are doing it from all over the world and from different culture injecting silicone implants, or gels and even putting small metallic bullets right at the glans. This is another interesting topic to cover, and I’ll do that in the next article because you should avoid such methods.

Ok, going back to Priapus Shot, I don’t feel comfortable something injected into my penis, and anything that is being injected inside to it, I always avoid it. Moreover, checking the results from all over the web, I’ve found this method don’t work for everyone.

If you want this method for your increasing the size of your penis, check this thread from Peyroniesforum.net where actual patients discuss their experiences, and here’s another discussion at ThundersPlace regarding Priapus Shot.

If you’re willing to take the risks, and you’re interested plus you have the disposable budget, I think it’s for you to decide. I say disposable budget as if it don’t work for you, a refund might not be possible. I think this is another area you should be looking into prior to paying for the procedure. Check with the doctor and discuss the total costs, risks, and among many others including refund if things don’t work as expected.

If you’re like me and many others who like to do it naturally, hydro penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax works well. This can be use along with a penis extender and the old fashion, but proven to work when done correctly, penis exercises.

Natural male enhancement supplementation also works along with natural and non-invasive penile enlargement techniques, so take advantage of it if you have the budget. Supplementation is not a requirement specially if you’re doing a good job by living and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

That’s all for now, and I’ll be covering weird penis enlargement technique in next article. Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about Priapus Shot, and perhaps contact creator, Dr. Charles Runels, visit Priapus Shot official website at priapusshot.com.


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