Performance Matters Just As Size – Story of a Girl with Small Penis Boyfriend Who Used A Penis Pump


This article is just a comment to an article I’ve read recently about a girl with small penis boyfriend who used a penis pump.

The article is not recent. In fact, it was published back in March 2014 at NYMAG, and instead of commenting on the article, I prefer to write my own article about it so I can comment in a much detailed sense plus point out some mistakes this girl’s ex-boyfriend.

For sure, the pump used by the boyfriend is not a hydro pump because as the girl described, it looks like a bike tire pump resembling a typical air vacuum penis pump.

While I do agree that using a penis pump for penis enlargement, which is very effective by the way, it is also essential to learn the art of foreplay and improving stamina.

The girl was not satisfied with his boyfriend’s performance, actually an ex-boyfriend now. As she mentioned, she would not want a guy with a small penis anymore.

Unfortunately, the new man he met also has a small penis, but this time, the new boyfriend knows how to use his tool properly to induce maximum pleasure for his female partner.

Size Matters, But Don’t Forget Stamina and Performance

It is sad to know there are men who simply wants to have a bigger penis but don’t know how to use it effectively.

Just as this guy using the penis pump just to achieve a bigger penis, yet without knowing what her female partner’s want.

When you’re engaged in a sexual relationship, it is essential to talk about sex. Discuss the needs and what the partner wants and how she wants it.

Before I ventured into pursuing penis enlargement, I first overcome my premature ejaculation problems. It was frustrating for me when I had that issue of ejaculating prematurely while my partner has not yet the epic of her sexual satisfaction.

When I had that problem, I always asked my partner whether she reached orgasm, or not. Fortunately for me, my partner who is now my wife(married for almost 15 years) never lied to me and never faked orgasms.

Probably, the reason she was honest to me at that moment is because I always discuss with her my problem of ejaculating too early. So, I started working on how I can break free from that early ejaculation problem and be able to perform long enough to allow my partner reach orgasm.

But, in the process, I started exploring the amazing art and science of foreplay and was amazed how foreplay alone can make a woman reach orgasms.

Eventually, I managed to overcome the premature ejaculation problem through various methods as I’ve outlined in an article I’ve published earlier, overcoming premature ejaculation.

This was the beginning and a wake-up call for me that size alone does not matter, but performance, as well. The good news, I’ve learned later that when size and performance are combined, it makes wonders.


Don’t be this guy in that girl’s story. Whether that story is true, or not I have no way of knowing exactly, but I’m sure that situation is happening a lot in various cultures and all age level capable of doing sex.

It has been proven that penis enlargement when done appropriately, can give a man the desirable results in both girth and length gains. However, it is also essential to make use of what you currently have by learning how to use it properly and mastering foreplay.

In a relationship, sex is vital and can’t imagine how those couples living together in sexless environment. Talk about it, as sex is fun for both partners if you know how to use and make the most of what you have.

For those who are interested in achieving bigger penis size, but don’t have any idea why they would want it bigger, it is your opportunity to discuss and talk about with your partner. Don’t feel embarrassed about it. She has already seen it, and experience it.

So, it’s your time to ask feedback because it is through an intimate communication that one can learn what lacks and how to improve performance along the way. If she says, you need to last longer and do something better, take a look at your foreplay performances.

We have plenty of topics that talks about improving sexual performances for better and more exciting relationships. Check that section, and start implementing what you’ve learned because it is only through doing or application in which you can master it.



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