Bizarre Penis Enlargement Methods That Are Unsafe and Should Be Avoided


There are several ways a man can increase the size of the penis like doing penis exercises, using a device like traction or extender system, or penis pump particularly the new hydro penile pump as in my opinion, it’s a better than the conventional air vacuum pump used in men with erectile dysfunction as an erection aid device.

All these techniques can be combined into a routine, and with that born the non-invasive penis enlargement system. Keep in mind, though, pills are not one of the penis enlargement methods.

Pills, on the other hand, provided you pick the right one that is proven and well-established in the market can help speed up size gains, but pills alone should not be used as a primary means of increasing the penis size.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a penis or male enlargement pill. So, stop looking for it.

Bizarre Penis Enlargement Methods

What About Priapus Shot?

On the other hand, Priapus Shot, a semi non-invasive penis enlargement procedure using the patient’s own blood injected into the penis has become more popular in some men who have a budget for it. Likewise, penoplasty1 or phalloplasty is also gaining popularity in some European countries like Italy and the U.K.

Penoplasty is a form of penis size enhancement through surgical procedure. Both of the penoplasty and Priapus shots are expensive, and might not be for everyone who wants to have a bigger penis.

Lots of men who implemented penis enlargement using the proven and tested methods mentioned earlier. Perhaps due to laziness, lack of willpower and determination, and even lack of goal many attempted to implement the safe methods but failed to achieve good results.

A lot of men who want to increase the size of their penis want it quickly. The reality, there is no overnight solutions or technique to achieve a bigger penis overnight. Even surgical and semi-surgical procedures require time for healing.

This is possibly why there are men who choose the quick but dangerous ways such as the one’s I referred to as bizarre methods.

I’ve seen some of these methods done in front me. These methods are semi non-invasive as the person administering it use a needle, knife and on one of the techniques, stitching is required.

I won’t go over into the process as I don’t recommend them because they’re highly risky and you could end up in a hospital due to infection.

Penis Ball Bearings Implant

Ball Bearings Implant Technique

In 2010, Journal of Sexual Medicine published an article “Strangulation of Penis by a Ball Bearing Device”2. This technique is popular in some countries in Asia, and even in Australia. Inmates at New South Wales and Queensland have their own penile implant technique3.

The technique involves cutting the skin of the penis particularly in the area near the glans. Once the skin is cut, ball bearings are inserted in sequence forming a series of ball bearing surrounding the area blow the glans corona.

The main purpose of this implant is to establish better vaginal stimulation during intercourse. Well, at least it’s supposed to be, but most of these implants do harm than good. As a matter of fact, a man reportedly performed the procedure on his own but later removed the ball bearings after of failing to achieve an erection for almost six months.

When the ball bearings were removed, it was rusty.

This one of the major risks of doing this unsafe practices. Besides, there is no anesthetic procedure done to numb the penis for a painless procedure, hygiene is another factor.

Imagine, if those ball bearings were not removed, that could cost that man’s life.

Vaseline Penis Injection Technique

Here’s another reported incident of a self-administered of unsafe penis enlargement technique.

I think everyone who reads this section knows Vaseline petroleum jelly, and there’s no need to explain what is it and how to use it. But in this case, a man with hopes of achieving a bigger penis used Vaseline petroleum jelly and injected it into his penis.

Unfortunately, his expectation was the reversed as it resulted to an inflamed and swollen penis, plus he was unable to have sex with his wife.

Petroleum Jelly Penis Injection

In his own words:

Every day is difficult for me as it’s very painful and bleeding. This was the worst mistake in my life as I don’t feel like a real man.

It took him nine months before he finally decided to have a surgery in order to heal the pain and swelling he experienced.

Silicone Implant and Injection Technique

Silicone implants are very popular in breasts and butts enlargement. Better with both enlargement as it’s done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

But, it’s a different story when some men started using it as an implant on their penis…again the hopes of achieving bigger penis size. What’s more alarming, the procedure is done by an unqualified individual, possibly even by the person himself who wish to enhance his penis size.

Additionally, silicone implants used in the penis are not medical grade silicone, but industrial silicone type similar to materials used on fix flat tires.

Due to its cheap cost, this unsafe procedure has gained popularity. The bad news is… side-effects can be long-term, permanent and even fatal.

In fact, March of last year(2014), reported an incident about the death of a 22-year old male who undergo the procedure.

Associate professor of Urology Dr. Daniel Elliot commented; this is the first case he heard about penis silicone injection to enlargement the penis. He added, he only encountered some patients attempted to increase penis size through injection using fats and other substances.


There maybe other bizarre and unsafe practices for increasing the size of the penis. If you happen to know more about these unsafe practices, leave them in the comment below.

This way, we can help others to be aware what methods need to be avoided. These procedures are cheap, but it could cost your sexual capacity and function in the long run, and even your life. So, at all cost avoid these unsafe practices.

There are proven techniques that work, and when implemented appropriately, they’re safe with permanent results.

I’ve read once a doctor said, if there was a legitimate method for penis enlargement, it must have been bought by Pfizer or J&J. Surely, they could make billions of dollars out of it. The reality is, legitimate method means proven through medical trials, but there are no medical trials conducted comprehensively about penis enlargement.

Clinical Trials On Traction Devices

There were clinical trials conducted on penis extenders on how it could correct penile curvature and increase penile length, too. Also, clinical trials were conducted on penis pump, which is found helpful for men with erectile dysfunction, and eventually proven to increase penis size.

This is why I decided a few years ago to get into penis enlargement as there is no such thing as medically-proven penile enhancement method.

The good news is… this thing works. However, one has to work and put effort on it. It’s similar to physical fitness as in bodybuilding. One need to be consistent with the efforts, otherwise, all the previous efforts will be wasted.

The truth, penis enlargement outlined on this website works. However, the purpose of this website is not to convince men to do penis enlargement. Instead, this website shows men what works.

Unfortunately, many are looking for shortcuts, but in reality, there are no shortcuts to achieving a bigger penis. For this reason, this website provided beginners guide on penis enlargement so to put and reach the right mindset before starting doing it.

Mindset Matters

Proper mindset is very important to succeed in penis enlargement.

Another great thing about doing it, not only it will increase penis size, but it can improve penile health maintenance. The first weeks of doing penis exercises will not give you size gains, but when the exercises are done correctly, it can boost sexual stamina and improve erection quality.

If you’re interested in this journey, get into it and don’t wait for any comprehensive medical trials about because when that time come, you maybe in your late 80’s and you cannot anymore fully enjoy the fruit of your labor if you start at that age.


  1. Penis enlargement alone is already bizarre for me, but it seems there are those who really into it. But, what I’ve read right now on this article are even more bizarre. To be honest I don’t need this stuff, but what interests me is that some medical professionals are starting to embrace it.


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