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Relationship Tips From A Successful Entrepreneur

To maintain a fervent, exciting, fresh and lasting relationship there are certain ways a man can do to make his female partner happy, comfortable, and passionate.

With that regards, I think we should listen from what successful people do with their relationship. Despite the fact, they’re so busy with business day to day activities, still, these successful people especially men allocate a special time with their sweetheart.

A few days ago, I was browsing YouTube and it came to my attention this video by Brian Rose of London Real who interview entrepreneur Peter Sage. The interview is very inspiring.

In fact, I urge you to watch the entire episode at YouTube. However, what made me more interested is the part right at the end of the interview when Peter was asked about how he handle his relationship, and why it’s so successful according to him.

Peter Sage Relationship Advice

Women Don’t Want To Be Fixed, They Want To Be Understood

This is exactly what Peter Sage stated in that part, near to the end of the video. For your convenience, I’ve embedded the video with the part he mentioned this particularly puzzling, but really get me interested.

Not only me got interested on it, but the interviewer himself(Brian) was also interested in it. Watch the video below as Peter explained further what does it mean. It’s about simple changes on our point of view as a man towards our wife or girlfriend.

Sometimes, I’m guilty of it, but now I realized it’s really something to look closely and apply the concept as recalling my previous outlook about it when I do similar to that concept, there was a sense of spark inside her, which you can’t explain… though I can tell she is impressed. Learn more how he(explained) it in this part of the video.

Watch it now, and after watching continue reading below the video.

[Unfortunately, the interview is not available anymore. But here’s a video by Peter Sage talking about a relationship secret.]

Hopefully, you get the message as it boils down to giving your girl the unconditional love she deserved. And, again I urge you to watch the video, the entire episode as somewhere in the mid-part Peter mentioned something about unconditional love.

The level of understanding on pleasing your woman in which Peter emphasized here is amazing. If you practice with your girlfriend or wife, she would be blown away and make you the only man she wants.

While it’s true that physical things can please, its pleasure is only limited. I mean, you could give her a diamond ring, but if your emotional connection to him kinda sucks, it won’t make the relationship exciting. Btw, if you apply the relationship advice you obtained from the video, I can tell you right now, it’s a form of foreplay.

As a matter of fact, this form of foreplay is more powerful than physical contact because you tap into your wife or girlfriend’s mental and spiritual aspect, and that’s where the real and lasting relationship comes.

Touching and boosting self-image are both very powerful tool you can use with your wife or GF. Self-image stimulation has been proven to boost a woman’s sexual drive, and if you’re in doubt about it, please try it because it works.

Of course, this is among the off the bedroom things you can do to keep you connected emotionally, and mentally with your woman. Even if you are far apart, as long as you do this through messages, phone, and saying sweet messages to her prior to sleep, long distance relationship is still exciting.


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