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Penis Girth or Length – Which One Women Preferred For Maximum Pleasure?

A recent survey found that the average penis size is 5.6 inches. The data in which the survey collected were being submitted online. Which one do you think women preferred, girth or length?

Girth or Length?
Girth or Length?

Over 1600 men who participated in the survey performed self-measurement on their respective penises, and more of this story can be read here in details.

If you have read the previous article here, size does not matter when based on women’s opinions. What matters most is how to use the penis properly to achieve maximum sensation leading to a woman’s orgasm.

However, it is an undeniable fact that there are women who want bigger load from their partner to enjoy a much intense sensation during sex.

Hence, when planning to increase penis size, which one should be the goal, girth or length?

For most men, who are new to penis enlargement, the penis length is the focus.

On the other hand, men who already have experience in gaining penile length, also want girth gains.

Therefore, it seems that both increases in length and girth play a crucial role when it comes to satisfying a woman, sexually of course.

What Is Penile Girth and How To Measure It?

Penile girth is the measure of thickness around the penis. Additionally, it has been quoted as the average size when measuring 3 spots of the penis such as below the glands, middle and base of the penis, but measuring the circumference in the middle of the penis shaft is the standard measurement of thick the girth.

Penis Girth Measurement
Measuring Penis Girth

Girth measurement must be done in a fully erect penis. Hence, prior to measuring the thickness, make sure the penis is fully erect.

Stimulate the penis to allow blood flow through it.

Once it reaches a full erection, wrap around a measuring tape making sure the tape touches on all sides of the penis shaft.

Always take into account the closest quarter inch during measurement as this is the actual girth of the penis.

Average Penis Girth Size

There is no universal measurement for average penis girth size as it significantly depends on familial inheritance and racial factors

However, the researchers at the Kinsey institute along with other human sexuality research teams provided estimates on both penis length and girth.

The study estimates penile length in the range of 5.5 to 6.5 inches while girth size ranges from 4 to 5 inches.

The estimated average diameter has been established between 1.25 to 1.6 inches.

Penis Girth Average Size
Average Penis Girth Size

What Experts and Research Reveal About Length Vs Girth?

Sexologists and sexperts agree that girth is more vital than the length in the long run, and not so much of the length unless it is just 2 inches when erect fully. In the real world, this is true in many ways.

Bigger penis girth gives both strength and consistency of the penis. When the penis is making its entry into the vagina, it hits a wider area that holds sensitive nerve endings resulting in a much intense sensation for orgasm.

Additionally, the tighter it gets into the vaginal walls, the more pressure it has to stimulate the nerve endings.

The vagina entrance simply stretches and adjust to the penis size, unless the penis is bigger than the head of a newly born baby. More about female vagina anatomy is explained through this video.

Another fact why girth matters over length, the majority of the sex-sensitive nerve endings found close to the vaginal entrance. The first 3 inches deep into the vaginal entrance wall considered the most sensitive area.

Survey on Girth or Length

Professor Russell Eisenman
Prof. Russell Eiseman

University of Texas-Pan American professor Russell Eisenman conducted a small survey back in 2000 on 50 women.

The details of the survey can be found here and was also published at BMC women’s health website. The women were asked about which gives significant sexual satisfaction, girth or length.

The survey found that 45 out of 50 women prefer girth to be sexually satisfying.

Therefore, the survey concluded that the bigger the penis can fill the vaginal walls, the better sexual sensation it offers.

Sadly, the survey did not gather data as to what sizes are preferred or can be considered to create less sensation.

Girth, Length, and Angles During Sexual Intercourse

How To Increase Penis Girth?

Penis extenders, or also known as traction devices are designed to apply pulling traction towards the penis’ corpora cavernosa resulting in breaking of cells and duplication.

Furthermore, new and efficient penis pumps like the Bathmate is now available to help increase penis size in both girth and length.

However, keep in mind that these penis enlargement devices are not designed for quick results, but the size increase gained are permanent.

In the case of penis pumps, results can be noticeable during the first 15 to 20-minute session, but the real results can be achieved using the device regularly.

Manual Penis Exercises For Increasing Girth

Penis enlargement devices are effective, especially for girth enhancement. Not to mention, penis pumps, in particular, are suitable for this purpose.

It is also safe as long as if they are appropriately used.

But what if you don’t have enough fund to spend for a penis pump? Well, you don’t need them initially. Certainly, there is and you don’t have to spend a dime to accomplish it.

However, you must be willing to spend time and effort as well as the patience and dedication to perform the penis exercises.

The penis exercise I’m talking about is called JELQing, and to learn more about this amazing penis exercise for girth expansion, click here to learn more on how to perform JELQing.

You can, in fact, combine penis stretching exercise(for penile length increase/growth) with JELQing to achieve amazing results.

And, although, there is not yet any scientific evidence on penis exercises. But real-life experiences proved it is possible to increase penis size.

However, one should be willing to dedicate time, effort, patience, and faith.

There are no quick ways, and although it’s easy to perform, a lot fail to achieve results due to lack of patience and motivation.

The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps and Extenders

  1. Enlarge corpora cavernosa to hole more blood during erection.
  2. Regular use allows the penis to achieve powerful, longer and harder erections.
  3. Potentially help prevent premature ejaculation.
  4. Potentially help correct curved penises.

Lastly, surgery is another means of increasing penile girth. This is called girth enhancement surgery, or penis enhancement surgery.

During the surgical procedure, fat from the lower abdominal wall is taken out using liposuction and injected right into the penile shaft’s loose skin.

This will create an illusion of enlarging or thickening of the penis. Alternatively, free grafts can be layered underneath the skin of the penile resulting an increase in girth.

The sad truth about this procedure, free grafts or fat injected are both avascular or do not have a blood supply. This means, over time it will simply die and a phenomenon called necrosis occurs.

Once necrosis occurs, sooner or later the size of the penis girth will return to its normal size before the surgery was done.

Moreover, necrosis can result to cosmetically disfigured penile appearance.


Now, what is the exact size of girth or length women wants? It is difficult to determine.

One thing is clear men with an average size penis are preferable when it comes to proper stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings of the vagina.

On the other hand, this does not mean men who are below average cannot satisfy a woman sexually.

Among the secrets to making a man’s sexual performance to its highest potential is proper foreplay. Moreover, varying the techniques of penetration such as angles and changing sexual positions are also both important.

If you want to learn more about sexual positions, click here. Taking advantage of the most pleasurable sex positions can be very satisfying for both partners.

The small penis inferiority effect on men is purely psychological. The good news, it is possible to increase penis girth or length.

The benefits might not only be in terms of performance but towards a man’s overall sexual health.

Penis exercises are truly helpful when done appropriately. For instance, there are exercises in the Penis Advantage program targeting specific conditions of the penis like curvature, erection strengthening, and premature ejaculation prevention.

Getting a penis enlargement coach is also another idea but better as you will have a guidance from an expert in the field.

If you want to know and read more about girth vs length, here are some resources listed below;


  1. my wife makes lot moans n sounds but on an open talk she narrated that penis strikes at the end forcefully but she needs an extra inch of girth

    • I do agree that girth do matters most, but if you ask an inexperience woman or women in general, many would say it’s the length that matters. However, with real-experience and asking the partners after sexual intercourse, majority say it’s the girth. Of course, there is no definite answer as a thin penis can be as good as a thick penis if it is used efficiently.

      Remember, the first 2 to 3 inches of the female vagina is the spot where sensitive nerve endings are found. With a longer but thinner penis, thrusting at different pace at a different angle can hit these nerve endings resulting to a better stimulation.

      Also, keep in mind, sex is not just about inserting and thrusting, as a man, it is important to find ways and observe how the female partner reacts to the stimulation and perhaps ask her. I’ve done this a lot, and it seems to work very effectively when you ask her(your female partner) about how does it feel when you do this, or with this, or that. Be open and encourage constant communication throughout the sexual intercourse. It’s fun and fulfilling especially if you know you’re doing the right thing and of course, for her as well as she definitely can reach more intense orgasms if you hit the right spot at the right pace

  2. Hi, I appreciate for putting this article as this is probably one of the most debated question whether women want girth or length. Even in answer sites, length and girth topic is very popular. My personal experience is…having an average penile size is enough and I’m talking here of length, but the thicker the penis the better as it stimulates really the vaginal wall particularly the clitoral part, which is in the upper part of the penis. Angle is important upon inserting the penile into the woman making sure it hits most of the sensitive spots of the clitoris.

    Also, the thrusting intensity should be vary from slow to moderate and hard and back to slow then combine shallow and deep penetration along with circling motion in order to cover as much as area. In fact, penile penetration along with manual stimulation of the clit is a great combination…it works with wonders.

    Even penis below 4 inches and inflict amazing experience for women if the man knows how to use it efficiently. The key is practice…practice…practice…. and aim for better stamina so that you(men) can experience longer sex in bed with various positions and numerous combinations of thrust and penetration without finishing up too early.

    • It may be weird for a girl like me who participate in this kind of discussion, but you don’t me personally, anyway… so I’ll share my experience.

      I’m a married woman, happily married in terms financial, emotional, and sexual matters. During the first time I saw my bf’s penis..who is now my husband, I thought it was small. But, later I realized when we had sex for the first time, it was not. But overtime I’m kind of looking for some more, and since we were just beginning to explore our sexual relationship, he was not aware about the techniques.

      One day, he told me he want to watch porn with me, but not hardcore porn. It was like a passionate kind of porn. He realized, he is not doing well with his performance and feel shame about it and I simply told him…it’s OK as there is always next time.

      Since that day, I think it sticks onto his mind he wants to improve… we watch that kind of porn a few times a week. And, I also realized I need to help him by communicating the way what and how I want it to be. And, I can confirm that variation of thrusting intensity with shallow and deep penetration are working very well. I can’t explain, but it’s a wonderful feeling. I don’t do manual stimulation, but when he does it along with the penetration techniques, it’s amazing.

      In conclusion πŸ™‚ … for me personally…. length does not matter much as long as it’s above 3 inches, and girth matters based on performance experience, but what matters most is performance. And, performance, can be improve on men by open communication with his female partner. It’s not just moaning, and yessssss….and etc… but girls… tell your man what you want and how you want him to do it even during foreplay.

      Just my 2 cents…

  3. I have been doing Jelqing for more than 2 months and I’ve noticed an increase a bit in girth. The increase is barely noticeable when I measure it. However, erection quality has been improved significantly. That little increase in girth is being noticed by my partner, and it’s a good thing. At this point in time, that girth increased I’ve experienced may not be an actual growth, but due to the erection quality I’ve achieved. Good enough, it inspired me to continue doing it and, hopefully…by 6 months time, I can achieve a noticeable permanent results.

    I’m not expecting it so much because I’m not doing hardcore Jelqing. Although, I Jelq everyday, it is considered very light exercise, but I enjoyed doing it. I’m planning of getting an extender to supplement my exercise as I have not much time in performing..that’s why I only do it lightly. I’m choosing between MaleEdge and X4labs. This is my very first journey to penis enlargement and that first 2 months has been providing good results even with just light exercise.

    • I can confirm with your experience Graig… the little difference in increase in girth is very noticeable with my partner, too. And, perhaps it is due to the improvement in erection quality, as well. I’ve been doing penis exercises both jelqing and stretching for almost half a year now. It’s been doing great and helpful and planning of using an extender as well. I’m eying on sizegenetics, which this website has detailed review on it. This could be my christmas gift for myself πŸ™‚

  4. Glad to know I’m on average πŸ˜€ But, I’m not really concern about it as I know I’m performing well. The exercises are very interesting. In fact, I’ve tried the Jelqing yesterday and did some stretching, both exercise are very pleasurable. It’s just like masturbating…well, I like the sensation πŸ™‚

  5. I’m interested in knowing which women preferred, girth or length because I’m about to embark into PE, too. Well, I already started to perform some manual exercises like stretching and jelqing. Both exercises feels good, though I haven’t seen any results yet…what can I expect within just a week of doing it πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking of getting the size genetics, as it looks more design for length which is something I need to achieve, too. Planning of getting by the end of this month.

  6. Asking women without actual sex experience whether girth or length matters can lead to inconclusive results. Most of the women I’ve asked who are well familiar with actual sex said they prefer girth, at least majority of them. I guess, girth matters over length unless the penis is just an inch long. Why? I have over 5 inches long penis when erect fully, but not very impressive when it comes to girth. When I do thrusting during sex, a simple straight thrust does not make any noticeable pleasure to my partner, but when I do thrusting with circling motion along with different angles, it makes my partner(s) feel more pleasurable. In fact, I’m always get a request to do that weird motion. This what made me think that girth matters over length, and I’m talking a penis that is 4 and up inches in length.

  7. In surveys, there is always something lacking. But, I guess the only way to check it really is to ask women ourselves πŸ™‚

    I have an average size, but women I’ve hooked up with always complement my performance. I didn’t asked if my weapon is big enough to satisfy, it’s always the performance they’ve been talking about about after we have sex.

    • That is true based on experience. I have a decent size in both girth and length, but before I learned how to use it properly to make pleasurable to my partner, my penis was only a penis. There was no Ohhhh….Ahhhh… partner’s expression was just plain simple. However, when I started learning sexual stamina and performance including foreplay, positions and proper angles of penetration, there was a noticeable difference. You’ll here from your partner like… “you’re good”, “that was amazing”, “i was surprised”, etc…

      • Exactly! For a guy who has an average size, or even below on what the research found average…for example a 4 inches fully erect penis can provide pleasure to a woman substantially provided proper foreplay is done and sexual penetration of at least 10 minutes…Yeah, based on experience 10 minutes, and sometimes even less say 7 minutes is what most women want for vaginal penetration. If you do your job well, she’ll locked you with her legs just as there is no letting go until she is satisfied and relaxed… you know what I mean. She might even scratched your back πŸ˜€


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