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Sex Positions For Small Penises Designed To Stimulate The Woman’s G-Spot For Maximum Pleasure

It seems that a man is programmed subconsciously to be satisfied sexually deep penetration is necessary, a possible endeavour through certain sex positions.

Even though, numerous research found that the majority of women enjoy shallow penetration close to the clitoris as this area holds the majority of the sensitive nerve endings for sexual pleasure. Despite the fact, men tend to enjoy and penetrate deeply into women’s vagina.

Pleasurable Sex Positions

Probably, this is the main reason why most men are looking for ways on increase penis size both in girth and length.

On the other hand, for those who want to get most of what they have without bothering to go through implementing penis extender routines, performing penis pumping and various penis exercises for purposes of achieving bigger penis size, there are certain sex positions that can maximize pleasure for small penises by by hitting the right spot inside the woman’s vagina.

Keep in mind, the most sensitive are of the female vagina is a region close to the clitoris and the area is known as the G-Spot. Particularly, work and focus in this area when giving a woman an unforgettable sexual experience.

In order to maximize deep penetration for small penises, experiment with some sex positions with your partner. One of the most popular sex positions for small penises is the Doggy Style, or entry from behind. Many women truly enjoy this position especially if you can reach and stimulate her clit while rocking.

Sex Tips For Small Penis

Planning Before The Entry

When having sex, it is not just penetration that matters, but foreplay plays a crucial role towards satisfying the partner.

Obviously, men with medium-sized and smaller penises should focus on foreplay. Foreplay alone can bring an intense and unforgettable arousal for the woman.

Through foreplay especially when done appropriately, a man can deliver a woman to a complete and full arousal. Even though with a small penis, she will beg you for that most awaited penetration. The good news, when she is aroused fully, it would only take a short time to bring her to climax. She will thank you for that intense orgasm you just brought to her.

Furthermore, the use of sex toys is also a good idea. As a man, you should not feel inferior using sex toys for girls. Many women love when their partner perform sexual stimulation employing sex toys. When sex toy is not available at hand, use the hands and tongue to stimulate every erogenous area of her body.


Never overlook the clitoris when it comes to foreplay. When using a finger for clitoral stimulation, make sure the finger is lubricated fully and do not go stimulate directly but explore the area around it. Of course, the best clitoral stimulation is by using the tongue. Yes, use the tongue, it is a powerful foreplay weapon.

Favorite Sexual Positions For Not Well-Endowed Penises

There are numerous sexual positions that are appropriate for small penises to maximize pleasure for both partners. The list below is among the many sex positions. Take note, the names of these positions may differ for what you know. Of course, different people have different names for even if the position is the same.

  • Doggie Style
  • Splitting Bamboo
  • Crossed Keys
  • Magic Mountain
  • Butterfly
  • Sphinx
  • Hound
  • Reverse Cowgirl
  • X Rated
  • Curled Angel
  • Nirvana
  • Slide
  • Snail
  • Fan
  • Eagle
  • Hero
  • Dolphin
  • Deckchair
  • Reclining Lotus
  • Bandoleer

Probably, you are not going to use all these sex positions in one session. Perhaps, 3 to 5 positions are enough to satisfy her. As a reminder, do not neglect foreplay as this can support sexual performance significantly allowing your girl to get aroused and reach orgasm eventually.

Of course, you have a choice to increase your penis size in both girth and length. Penis enlargement devices are readily available and safe to use as long as instructions are followed accordingly. When these devices are used in combination of manual exercises, results are very promising.

Remember, a small penis is not useless. There are numerous positions available at one’s disposal. Use these positions and experiment with your partner to come up with the right combination of positions for maximum sexual pleasure.

It is not the end of the world either to increase your penis size. You have the choices on which route to go, or even take both routes to maximize your active sex lifestyle.

All Time Favorite Sex Positions

Now, here are the sex positions that widely known and commonly used among all other positions. The video demonstrating these sex positions is from the series documentary “Girls Guide To 21st Century Sex”, and it was presented by Dr. Catherine Hood. Unfortunately, there were complaints regarding explicit contents, and it was stopped airing at Five.

It is a series of 8 episodes covering an educational guide to sex, and although the title seems to be for women, men can take a lot of tips on this documentary. If you want to watch the full 8 episodes, it is available here. It is age-restricted; therefore, you need to login to your account to view it.

What is more interesting about this video, they’ve put a camera inside the woman’s vagina to see exactly what is happening inside during sexual intercourse. What area is most stimulated and how the angle affects can be seen visually through the camera embedded into the woman’s vagina.

Now, closely observing the interaction between the vagina and penis during intercourse, it is the girth that matters and not the length. Clearly, the video inside the vagina demonstrates where the area is the most sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Although the man’s penis in the video is over the average penis size, it did not reach full penetration(as there was a camera installed right at the penile base), it clearly stimulated the woman’s G-Spot. That particular location is only found 2 to 3 inches from the outside of the vagina.

The G-Spot Explained

The Good News…

For men who are not well-endowed with decent penis girth size, it is possible to increase it. The bad news, increasing penile girth size is difficult and one must get through performing penis enlargement routine on a consistent basis. Plus, whenever possible, modify the routine when it reaches a plateau in which there is not much progress.

Modifying the exercise routines along with the aid of penis enlargement devices like penis pumps and traction penis extenders is a good combination. Although, if you have watched the entire series, Episode 2 shows 3 DIY penis enlargement and put them to the test.

The results were shocking as the enlargement cream enabled the user to grow his penis while the JES extender did not make any improvement. Of course, the one who used the pump did get a substantial increase in size.

The Physiology Of Human Sexuality

Here is a video that is part of the BBC-Four documentary entitled Sex: A Horizon Guide. Although, there are no sexual positions covered in the documentary, I thought it would be an interesting additional information to this topic.

The clip includes part of the film created by Masters And Johnson in the 1950s in an attempt to analyze what happen to the body before, during, and after sex. The second part of the clip showed images from fMRI during sexual intercourse.


  1. so my guy has a over 8 in. penis and he is a little bit taller than me. we like standing position. However, sometimes we go beyond the typical sex and do some unusual things. There might some tips that we can pick up in the video. Will watch it with him later, btw.

  2. I’m almost 20 years old and very active sexually but mostly done doggy, spooning and missionary. I think the tips here are worth trying in finding excellent sex positions…. thx and be safe always 🙂

  3. I’m inexperience and innocent about sex and I’m aware I would be into it later in my life so I would like to understand more about the psycology of sex and questions why some couples prefer a particular sex position, or why some engage are obsessed in using food, whips, and other toys during sex? What about foreplay, why it’s important… why not simply get to the point?

    Sorry for the many questions but I’m interested in knowing the answers for my personal development when it comes to sex. I’m at my 18 and yes I have a bf but we don’t talk that much although we’re happy with each other’s company. But I admit it will come to a point when we would do it.

  4. I’m in my mid-20s, but I have no experience about love making. Although, I’ve watched a lot of porn movies and seen a lot of positions, but have no idea there are advantages/disadvantages on each position. Thank you for explaining and now I know a bit about it. I suddenly become interested because I might have actual love making one of these days with my gf…we finally decide to do it as we’ve been together for more than 2 years now and the relationship is amazing.

  5. Me and my girlfriend are new to sex. We’ve been dating for 3 years and 5 months, but due to our busy schdules…we only end up going out for dinner and malling during weekends. I tried to persuade her indirectly about having sex, and she is open it. I’m excited and I’m also worry because this is our first time. As a matter of fact, we talk it a lot openly when we’re together and when I ask about postions, she just say she don’t know and we’re laughing about it. The video is nice as it teaches different positions and pros and cons.

  6. My wife is 4 months and 10 days pregnant now, and she is open for sexual intercourse when I proposed it to her. Howeer, I’m getting worried as she is getting big. Any tips for safe sex positions for a pregnant partner and the baby?

    • Hey Viktor congratulations on your upcoming baby. I assumed that’s the first baby, right? Here are among the common sex positions when your partner is pregnant.

      1. Woman on top
      2. Sideways,
      3. Spooning
      4. From Behind or commonly known as Doggie style
      5. Sitting

      There are probably many others, but these are the very common ones.

        • I was looking for the same thing because my wife is pregnant and still we wanted to do so. Although, her OB told her it’s possible to make love while pregnant, she(OB) didn’t tell us anything about position and I was kinda shy to ask her about it. So, when we’re on our way home after the checkup, me and my wife we’re excited but we’re also wondering which position suited best for pregnant women during sex. And, I think I found it right on time…right here! What next,,,it’s all up to us 😛

  7. Me and my husband’s favorite positions are missionary, rear entry, and spooning. Of course, we do other positions but these are our favorites. Today, I found some new positions that might be interesting for both of us. And, thanks for the video…it’s very informative.


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