Commonly Used Penis Enlargement Terms and Acronyms


In penis enlargement world, there are various terminologies and acronyms in which if you’re a beginner it can get somewhat confusing. Here you will find commonly used terms and acronyms used and mostly like you’ll encounter when doing research on penis enhancement.

Common Acronyms

ADS – All Day Stretching / ANS – All Night Stretching (using a penis enlargement device that can be easily concealed underneath the clothing such as a penis extender)

BPFSL Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length. The measurement of a penis in a flaccid state. When measuring BPFSL, make sure the penis is warmth up already and stretch the flaccid penis as far as it can be. Then measure from the pubic bone up to the tip of the penis head. Use a ruler when measuring BPFSL.

BPELBone Pressed Erect Length. Measurement of an erect penis from the pubic bone to tip of penis head.

COGCircle of Gains. This acronym originated from the book “Exercising The Penis” written by Aaron Kemmer, Deby Cassill, and Richard Howard II. The COG includes 3 principles such as obtaining adequate rest, gradual increase of intensity, and observing Body Clues.

BTCBehind The Cheeks

EGErect Girth. The measurement of girth of an erect penis.

EQErection Quality. Erection quality refers how firm and hard when reaching full erections.

EVOEssential Vein Oil. This is a lubricant use for penile exercises.

FR ForeSkin

OTS Over The Shoulder

NBPELNon-Bone Pressed Erect Length. Almost the same way as BPFL measuring, but the ruler is not pressed against the pubic bone.

PEPremature Ejaculation / Penis Enlargement or Enhancement/ Penis Exercises. The usage of acronym PE will depend on the context, but mostly PE is as an acronym of Premature Ejaculation

PMPPeniMaster Pro – A penis enlargement device that uses a combination of vacuum and traction. To learn more about PMP, read review.

SMSmooth muscles that make up the penis.

SD Straight Down

SO Straight Out

SU Straight Up

Commonly Used Penis Enlargement Terminologies

Base – The place where the penis seated, usually the pelvic bone. In anatomy, this refers to the foundation of the inner penis base.

Cementing – A penis exercise routing aiming towards gaining permanent gains.

Clamping Devices or Penis Clamp – Among the penis enlargement devices that clamp the base of the penis to restrict blood flow making the penis expands outward.

Corpora Cavernosa – The two chambers of the penis made up of smooth muscle and collagen that hardens during erection.

Corpora Spongiosum – The part of the penis that holds the Urethra.

Darkening Effect – Commonly known as discoloration of the penis.

Decon Breaks – period of time without doing any penis enlargement routine allowing the penis to un-toughen and be able to achieve gains later a lot easier. For those who are somewhat reaching the plateau of their penis enlargement efforts, take a some time off(decon breaks) and then get back on the routines after that resting period. The resting period depends or varies from person-to-person. There are those who do not require decon breaks while others need weeks or even months of breaks before getting back into the routines.

Dry Jelq – Jelqing exercise without using lubrication.

Ejaculate – The discharge of semen during orgasm.

Engorged – Filled with blood. Usually use when talking about erections.

Erect Exercises – An intense level of penis exercise not recommended for beginners.

Erectile Dysfunction – The inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual penetration.

Erection Level – The level in which how engorged the penis. When the erection level is high, the penis may have reach full erection.

Fat Pad – The fat found at the front of the pubic bone. The penis appears longer when fat pad is smaller.

Flaccid – The state in which the penis is zero erection level.

Frenulum – The narrow strip of skin right below the penis joining the shaft and head.

Glans – Refers to the head of the penis.

Grower – This is the opposite of shower. Normally, Grower is a man having a small flaccid penis, but grows during erection significantly.

Ischiocavernosus Muscle – Also known as IC muscle, and one of the primary pelvic muscles.

Jelq – A penis exercise that is also known as milking the blood of the entire penis shaft. Jelqing exercise helps increase penile length, girth, and hardness of erections. Click here to learn how to Jelq.

Jelq Device – A device use to increase the intensity of manual jelqing.

Kegel(kay-gul) – A popular penis exercise that stimulates the pelvic muscles for increased hardness in erection.

Manual Exercises – Performing penis exercises using only hands without the aid of penis enlargement devices like pumps and extenders. Popular penis enlargement exercises program like Erection Fitness and Penis Advantage offer natural and manual penis exercise.

Mid Shaft – The middle of the penis, which is between the penile base and tip of the head.

Morning Wood – refers to the natural erections men experience during early morning. The more or often “morning wood” occurs, the better the sexual health indicates. It’s also called morning erections, or nocturnal erections.

Natural Penis Enlargement – Method of increasing penis size without resorting to surgery or invasive procedures. Methods like exercising, using pumps and extenders, as well as taking supplements like VigRX Plus.

Nocturnal Erections – Random erections that occur while sleeping, also known as morning wood.

Overhand Grip – A hand grip in which fingers are facing towards the floor. Overhand Grip

Over Training – Performing penis exercises more than a penis can handle which inhibits penis growth and lead to negative physiological indicators like achieving weak erections.

Penile – Referring or relating to the male penis.

Penis enlargement – Refers to increasing penis size in both girth and length. There are two main categories of penis enlargement, natural and surgical.

Penis Enlargement Device – A device designed for increasing penis size in both girth and length using a penis pump like Bathmate and Penomet and traction penile extenders like SizeGenetics, PeniMaster, X4 Labs, Male Edge, and JES Extender.

Perineum(pear-uh-nee-um) – The are in between testicles and anus.

Petechiae – Term used in medicine referring to spots formed on the penis.

Peyronie’s Disease – Commonly seen as a curved penis due to plaque build up within the tunica.

Phallus – Referring to the male penis.

Point-Of-No-Return – During ejaculation, the semen begin moving towards the Urethra, and ejaculation is inevitable.

Prostate – This refers to the male prostate gland. The organ that encircles the Urethra that can be found at the bladder base. Prostate gland regulates the release of urine as well as secretes alkaline fluid holding the semen during ejaculation.

Pubic Bone – The bone below the abdomen where penis set directly above it.

Pubococcygeus Muscle(pew-bo-cox-uh-gee-us) – Also known as PC muscles in both men and women. This is hammock-like muscles extending from the pubic bone to the tailbone.

Shock Routine – Doing penis exercise for many hours in just a day. Mostly, this routine is used to jump start gains, or other use it to break exercising plateau, and not recommended for beginners. When doing shock routine, it is required to take a break several days to a week.

Shower – A highly engorged penis, yet still in flaccid state and ready for erection.

Skeletal Muscles – These are striated voluntary muscles. In penis enlargement, this is usually referring to the pelvic floor muscles found at the penis base. Generally, these muscles can be strengthen by using Kegel exercise, which eventually lead to an improved sexual performance.

Shaft – The entire length or body of the penis.

Sporadic Exercising – Randon penis exercise without following a specific routine.

Spotting – This is known in medicine as petechiae, or red spots on the penis.

Tunica – A part of the penis which is a strong tendon-like tissue covering the corpus cavernosa.

Urethra – The canal where urine and semen are discharged.

Vasodilator – A substance such as Nitric Oxide that expand the blood vessels allowing an increased blood flow. Male Extra enhancement pill contains L-Arginine that promotes production of Nitric Oxide.

Warm Up – Preparing the penis before performing the exercises. Refer to this article to learn more on how to perform warm up routine.

Wet Jelq – Jelqing while applying lubrication.