How To Use Male Edge Extender Video Demo For Natural Penis Enlargement Maximizing Efficiency and Safety

The Male Edge penis extender device is safe and effective alternative to conventional surgical procedures of penis enlargement. It uses a technique called traction, which is the same technique used by other popular penis extenders such as SizeGenetics and Jes Extender. In fact, the innovators and creators of MaleEdge is a spin-off company of DanaLife, the company who designed and manufactured the JES Extender.

It is one of the most innovative all-in-one male improvement device available today. Male Edge uses a cutting-edge technology that harnesses that power or ability of the human body to achieve total control to achieve penile growth. This is why we included Male Edge extender in the list of top 5 penis extenders.

Male Edge Second Generation Penis Extender

What Male Edge Penis Extender Device Can Do For You?

Male Edge is simple to use, although the technology used with its design is complex. With Male Edge you can improve natural penile growth and improve confidence. The device works with the body, and it’s designed with the user in mind as everyone is different.

Male Edge can accommodate penis length ranging from 2 inches to 11 inches. This is a great deal for those who have smaller penis because there traction devices that can’t comfortably accommodate penile length less than 3 inches.

Male Edge PRO Red
Male Edge Pro Package

To accommodate shorter penis length, Male Edge requires some simple adjustment prior to wearing it. Please refer to the video demonstration below and watch how the adjustment is done. It’s so much easier to grasp when explained visually.

Male Edge is easy to use, but of course using it for the first time is difficult. So, pay extra attention to watching the video tutorial and demonstration on how to properly use the Male Edge device. Every package of Male Edge also includes a DVD that contains tutorial similar to what is shown below, which means you can watch it over and over at home prior to actually using the penis extender device.

Moreover, in this “HOW-TO” guide on using the Male Edge extender device, we will also go over on how the device works and why it works.

First, let’s talk about the device innovation and later more topics specific to Male Edge such as; the actual how-to video, package options and shipping, some testimonials from happy and satisfied users, and answers to commonly asked questions regarding penis enlargement and some specifics to Male Edge.

Male Edge Basic Extender Device Only

The Male Edge Penis Extender Innovation

Lightweight Penis Enlargement Device

Male Edge research and design team have been able to produced a perfect lightweight, trouble-free traction, and all-in-one penis enlargement device. Today, it is one among the popular penis enlargement device available for men who wish to increase their penis size. It is design with simplicity and comfort in mind designed to be worn during the user’s typical daytime activities. The device is lightweight, yet able to rival its heavyweight competitors when it comes to efficiency and results delivery.

Male Edge is not new in the male enhancement industry, but if you are among those who have not heard it before, watch the video below to learn more how it works as well as how to use it effectively.

Male Edge Green Base

How To Use The Male Edge Penis Extender Device?

The Key To Maximizing The Benefits Of The Penis Traction System

Here’s a step-by-step animated video demonstration on how to correctly use the extender device in various situation.

It’s a fact, men have different penis sizes particularly in length, so it’s vital to learn how to use the Male Edge device for shorter penises as well as those longer ones.

The adjustments are simple, but it’s important to watch the video or carefully read the user guide in order for you to become efficient at using the device.

Male Edge Ruler

Don’t let the excitement upon receiving the device rule over you. I know it’s a very intense feeling of excitement that most people rush to putting it on without reading or watching the tutorial on how to use it correctly.

You may be able to figure it out on your own, but you may also likely to break it if you use it wrongly, or even injure yourself because it is not appropriately put on.

Advantages and Benefits Of Using Male Edge Device

Enjoy The Benefits From Regular Use with Recommended Routines
  • Helps achieve powerful, strong and long-lasting erections.
  • Male Edge provides a non-invasive means of penis enlargement, hence a great option to undergoing risky, painful and expensive penile surgery.
  • Traction technique has been used for a long time by doctors due to its safety and effectiveness.
  • Clinical studies proved traction technique is an effective means of correcting curved penises, or Peyronie’s disease.
  • Offers a Risk-Free 200% Money-Back Guarantee.


Safe and Natural Penis Enlargement

Recommended Slow Start-Up Scheduled Routine

Beginners and First Time Users Follow This Routine
WeeksRecommended Traction ForceUsage Hours/Day
Week #18 to 1200g / 28 to 42oz1 hour per day
Week #28 to 1200g / 28 to 42oz2 hours per day
Week #31200g / 42oz3 hours per day
Week #41200g / 42oz4 hours per day
Week #51200 to 2000g / 42 to 71oz5 hours per day
Week #61200 to 2000g / 42 to 71oz6 hours per day

Male Edge Packages and Inclusions

Three Available Packages (BASIC/EXTRA/PRO)
PackagesDescriptionExtras/Accessories Included
Male Edge BASICMale Edge BASIC comes in blue and white colors. This is ideal for men who wants a top-quality penis extension device without additional extras.- Ruler
- Rubber strap
- Instructional DVD
- Stylish packaging
- Email Support
- Access to customer forum
- 24-hour training program access
Male Edge EXTRAMale Edge EXTRA comes in black and green color combination. Design for men who have a hectic lifestyle and comes with accessories or extras for more comfortable usage especially during travel.- Ruler
- Travel bag
- Protection pad
- Instructional DVD
- Stylish packaging
- Email Support
- Access to customer forum
- 2 rubber straps
- 24-hour training program access
Male Edge PROThe PRO package is Male Edge's top of the range penis extender device that include numerous extras or accessories and replacement components. This package is designed and well-suited for men who are not only hectic but serious, or should we say "hardcore" in achieving great results.- Ruler
- Travel bag
- Cohesive gauze
- Instructional DVD
- Stylish packaging
- Email Support
- Access to customer forum
- 4 rubber straps
- 2 replacement protection pads
- 24-hour training program access

Discreet Delivery

No One Knows What’s Inside The Package For Privacy Purposes
Delivered In Brown Box Discreetly
Shipped In A Discreet Brown Box
Inside The Male Extender Carrying Casing
Inside The Carrying Bag/Case
Contents Of The Discreet Brown Box
Inside The Discreet Brown Box Contains Male Edge Extender In Red Casing Plus Accessories

Billing and Shipping Privacy

Your Personal Info Is Safe

Male Edge delivers to over 150 countries around the globe. Furthermore, billing and package delivery are both done discreetly to protect and respect the buyers privacy.

Male Edge packages are delivered right at the buyers doorsteps through a brown discreet packaging without mentioning what is inside. Shipping is delivered through UPS and various major shipping companies.

Every purchase of Male Edge extender regardless of the package will appear on the buyer’s credit card, or bank account as DANALIFE. There will be no mentioned of what was purchased; hence no one will know what the you have just purchased. Male Edge, just like with other penis enlargement companies respects its customers privacy.

Male Edge Billing Shipping Privacy


Begin Your Penis Enlargement Journey Today

Male Edge Offers Three(3) Packages Basic, Extra and PRO.

Male Edge User Testimonials

Positive Feedback From Happy and Satisfied Users
  • Torbjorn says...

    I haven’t used my Male Edge nearly as much as I would like to in the 5 months I’ve had it…(approximately 2 hours per day at full traction). Still, in the last few weeks, I have started to notice some subtle changes. Main changes are on the girth, and a bit of length, while flaccid I am to say the least extremely happy with the results. I now feel for the first time in my adult life, more confident in the sauna and shower area at my local swimming pool.

  • Donn says...

    Anyway, on a lighter note I just wanted to say how great your product is. I’ve only been using it for a little over a week and already it’s starting to take care the bend out of the my penis that I have had all my life, and I have been very unhappy about. I look forward to using it more for penis enlargement, as well. I cannot thank you enough. Your Product has given me hope for a brighter future.

  • Jeff says...

    I have been using the Male Edge Pro for about seven months and after the first 2 weeks, I have been at maximum traction. I worked my way up to 5 to 6 hours a day in a period of 2 months. And, now I am using for 2 to 3 hours per day at this same traction level. With that, I have gained 2+ inches in length, and approximately 1 inch in girth. I am presently working on about 8 inches, and my ultimate goal is to achieved 9 inches.

  • Joe says...

    I have been using Male Edge extender for around a month now at 8 hours per day with 5 minutes break every 2 hours. So far, I am just starting to see results. My penis got a little longer, and girth has increased just slightly. It’s exciting to imagine what my penis will look like in 6 months use. After 16 years of using pumps and pills to no avail, and low self-esteem because of my penis size, I have finally found something that works for me.

Money Back Guarantee

Male Edge Is Proud With The Quality And Effectiveness When Put To Good Use

The innovators and creators of Male Edge penis extender are so confident, they offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee if the device does not deliver the expected results. Personally, that is a very bold claim from the company’s perspective.

The company has strong faith in their product they can afford money back guarantee up to twice what the customer paid. However, one condition must be meet by the customer, and that is one has to complete the Male Edge recommended program or routine using the device for a specified period.

To qualify this irresistible money-back guarantee, customers are required to log their progress through online logging system that Male Edge setup at least once per week. Customers are also required to take photos of their penis prior to using the device and implementing the routines, plus another set of photos to be taken after the completion of the program.

Double Money Back Guarantee
Male Edge Pro

For consistency purposes, Male Edge require when taking before and after photos, customer has to wear the Male Edge extender while holding or measuring the penis using a ruler. To learn more about the specifics of these requirements, you may contact Male Edge support either through email at Male Edge’s website contact form.

Personally, the offer is both a challenge and motivation to achieve gains in penis size. Unless, you are buying this for keeping purposes, you are not entitled on the 200% money-back guarantee. If you buy it, use it along with the recommended program and complete the program from start to finish. Surprisingly, not a single customer availed the 200% refund offer. Hence, this is your chance to join those thousands of men who have achieved permanent gains with Male Edge penis extender.


Begin Your Natural and Safe Penis Enlargement Journey Today

Male Edge Extender Frequently Asked Questions

As with any penis enlargement device available in the market, there are always questions being asked frequently. This questions should be address in the quickest time possible as they are mostly general questions.

Male Edge Extender Frequently Asked Questions

I have listed below the most frequently asked questions with regards to Male Edge, although some of the questions are general ones.

Should you have specific concerns about the extender device, feel free to contact Male Edge support directly by clicking here.

Can the Male Edge penis extender be worn while at work or sleep?

Those who are not involve on jobs that require physical interaction heavily, the device can be worn underneath clothing like loose trousers and boxer shorts allowing to wear it at an extended time.

On the other hand, it is somewhat difficult wearing the device due to twists and turns during sleep. Try wearing the device while sleeping and observe it it works for you. It is the only way to know whether it works or not. It might work for some, but not on others.

How long should the treatment last, and do results deliver mine to keep?

Male Edge penis enlargement extender device will continue to help the penis grow as long as one continues to wear it.

Is it necessary to follow a fixed treatment pattern?

The short answer is no. Wear the Male Edge extender device whenever you want. The increase in penis or gains depends on the total number of hours in which the extender is worn plus the traction involved. You, the user has full control over the gains achieved.

Does the gain recedes overtime when quitting using the device?

The gain is permanent. This is one of the advantage of using an extender device as opposed to simply taking supplements. You will enjoy the permanent gains for life.

Does Male Edge extender helps correct penile curvature?

Yes. Traction extender like the Male Edge is a medically-proven treatment for curved penises, or Peyronies disease.

Are there any particular requirements in length or girth size when using Male Edge?

There are no specific size requirements either in girth or length. Male Edge extender is designed for penises of all sizes whether circumcised or not. Certainly, one thing clear, it is design to provide penile growth.

Does it requires assistance from a medical expert prior to using the device?

No. Male Edge is designed with simplicity in mind. Every purchase of Male Edge comes with a detailed instruction manual detailing exactly how to use the device correctly maximizing potential results.

Additionally, you could watch the video posted earlier in the article to have a good idea how to use the Male Edge extender properly.

What would happen if erection occurs while wearing the device?

The Male Edge is design to either glides off smoothly, or adjusts to the current angle of the erection.

What are the differences among the 3 different types of Male Edge extenders?

Basically, the 3 extenders are the same when it comes to design including both production and assembly. The only obvious differences among the 3 are the prices due to the accessories included in each package.

Does increasing the penis size means weaker erections?

No. The Male Edge extender is not only design for increasing penis size, but for achieving better erection quality, as well.

Although, it is not a requirement, combining the extender routine with manual penis exercises has been proven effective in both improving erection quality and gaining penis size increase quickly.

With continued stretching of the penis using the extender, will the girth decrease or stay the same?

The penis extender is designed to help promote general tissue expansions within the penile area. This means it will help achieve an increase in size not only in length but for girth, as well. Average gain for length is 28% and 19% for girth.

Where And How Can I Purchase Male Edge Extender?

Male Edge extender can be purchase online. To order, click the ORDER button just below and you’ll be taken to the official website and pick your preferred package. Additionally, it is important to note, there have been complaints from some complaints about the Male Edge device were easily snapped and it seems to be made with cheap plastic materials. Genuine Male Edge extenders are made in Denmark and manufactured using high-quality materials.

Buy/Order Male Edge Extender Online

Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. Hey, I hope someone can shed light on me about this. I’m planning of getting the Basic package as it is the only package in which my wallet allows. If I decided to purchase additional or extra accessories in the future, is that possible? I

    • Hi Tam, yes it’s very possible. You can simply visit Male Edge accessories page, or just click here where you can purchase various spare parts, accessories, or extras.

  2. Thanks for taking time to put together the faq. They’re really useful in making my final decision of purchasing it.

    • You’re welcome, Chumley…glad it provided you information to make an informed decision in getting. Enjoy it and use it…

  3. I like the green color. Do the have plans of producing other colors like blue or red? Btw, the device is simple to use.

  4. Convincing… tbh, this is one of the best and detailed video demonstration on how to use the male edge extender device. I’m currently doing a research about the device before I order one. I guess it’s all in the tension for achieving gains in the long run.

  5. Browsing at youtube i’ve seen numerous similar videos, but this one is more detailed as it includes important faq that i have been asking. i’m planning of buying it by next month, so this information is a great help in my decision.

  6. It’s always good to know how to use it before purchasing one. I’m planning of buying for my own personal journey towards 6+ inches….Currently, mine is less than 5 inches. Also doing manual routines with DLD’s.

  7. I saw male edge extender online today, but does this thing truly works because i need 2 to 3 inches increase in length? Also, what about the gains… will it be permanent or temporary and will it get back to its original size when I stopped using it?

  8. When using male edge extender as a penis enlargement device, whenever I gained, for instance, 2-3 inches… this this gain temporary or permanent, or whenever I stopped using the device will the penis size return to same size as before?

    • In penis enlargement, there is what we called cementing gains. What this means simply continue to use the device or/along with a routine until you reached your desired goal. Now, to keep the gains permanent, do continue to perform the routine, but you have the option of slowing down…meaning you may not do it just as the recommended routine instructed.

      For instance, if the recommended routine is to wear the device daily for 2-3 hours plus your routine using manual exercises, once you have achieved your goal(for instance 2-3 inches gains), you may do the routine for 1 hour a day, or do it 2-3 hours a day for 3 times a week, instead of daily.

  9. This is a great guide on how to use the extender device, but I’m confused which one should I buy. I’m kinda like SizeGenetics as it has some attachments to it, and so does the X4labs, but I have no clue whether all those would be worth spending the extra. Any tips and ideas? Also, I stumbled upon one called phallosan. There are lots to choose, but it seems they have the same function. Confusing???

    • I would say yes, I used to do manual exercises also but the extender is much more convenient. On a lower tension setting you can still cruise around the house and make dinner, vacuum, and so on as long as its not physically demanding or require alot of bending or squatting. Verses manual exercises were your in the bedroom or bathroom for an hour or more unless you live alone plus you can’t do anything else until your done. For me the extender has been perfect since I can’t exactly sneak off with two kids, but to each there own.

  10. I’ve heard good things about this device, but unfortunately I already owned a size genetics for about a month now…and I loved it. I don’t think I need a different extender for that matter. However, I’m looking into getting either Penomet or Bathmate. Yeah, I know once you’re in to PE, it is something addicted especially if you are doing it right….

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