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How To Do Jelqing Exercises, Types, and Variations?

Jelqing is not only popular but considered to be one of the most effective penis exercises if done correctly. This technique was reportedly employed by Arab tribesmen 100s of years ago as a transition from puberty to manhood.

Arab cultures, as well as in many cultures around the world, a well-endowed penis is a symbol of masculinity and superiority to attract women.

Today, there are numerous Jelqing exercises have been formulated and improved by those who are well involved in penis enlargement.

Jelqing Penis Enlargement Exercise
Jelqing is One of the Effective Penis Exercises For Increasing Girth

Techniques such as stretching and warming up routines are among the variations of Jelqing, and in every Jelqing session, a warm-up routine is necessary and crucial, as explained later.

Men interested or involved in natural male enhancement routines and techniques may find Jelqing an indispensable exercise.

Jelqing can also be used along with any other manual exercises or with penis enlargement devices such as penis extenders and penis pumps.

Jelqing Device

Penis enlargement has come a long way since men became interested in it. The manual techniques of penis exercises have been supported by innovative devices such as penis pumps and penis extenders.

Jelqing is no exception to this development. Jelqing devices are now available for anyone who wants to perform Jelqing to the next level.

Enhance Jelqing Experience and Results Using Penilizer Jelqing Device

The principle is the same, but instead of using the bare hands, a device is used to perform the milking action. Jelqing devices such as penilizer can now be obtained online or through sex toy stores.

The device is not a requirement to be able to perform Jelqing. To put it simply, it is just an aid for those who want more comfortable but more intense than merely doing the exercise manually.

How Does Jelqing Works?

The Jelqing technique is also known as milking as the process of performing the exercise can be compared to extracting milk. The basic concept of this technique is forcing the blood through the penile area for over several months.

Yes, it is a slow process, but when done consistently and appropriately, it will help increase penis size by expanding the spaces within the erectile tissues(Corpora Cavernosa), allowing it to hold more blood during an erection.

The expansion of these erectile tissues is permanent. However, these tissues are very sensitive to stress. Therefore, it is vitally important to take caution when performing Jelqing. One must consider safety before beginning a Jelqing session.

Jelqing is a safe and effective penis exercise, but one must take precautions and do necessary steps to make safe and gain long-term permanent results.

A lot of Jelqing guides online, and even in magazines keeps repeating over and over to add a new angle, and perhaps we can call it flavor to the technique. Mainly, there are two major types of Jelqing, Wet and Dry milking.

Most importantly, do not forget to use lubricant when performing Wet Jelqing. Various lubricants are readily available at one’s disposal, and we will cover that later in this article.

Two Types Of Jelqing

Dry Jelqing – This is an exercise that is performed without any lubrication. Some men who are experienced with Dry Jelqing said it is less tiring and tend to do more repetitions than Wet Jelqing.

Wet Jelqing – This technique uses lubricants prior to performing the full routine. Wet Jelq is performed in a harder and tougher manner as well as it seems to draw more blood quicker than Dry Jelq.

Both techniques target both penile girth and length gains. As to which one is better, the answer would depend on whom you will ask.

Both techniques work well, but some men say Dry Jelqing offers a better and quicker pump to the glans. Others like Wet Jelqing while some avoid Dry Jelq as it pulls the skin.


When it comes to Wet Jelqing, a lubricant serum or oil is vital as this technique requires intense pressure. There are numerous lubricants available that can be used during exercise.

Normally, water-based lubricants can be revived by adding a bit of extra water.

Hence, having a cup of water beside while Jelqing would be a good idea. Some individuals who love to experiment mix their very own lube. For instance, essential oils can be added to another oil, making it smells and feels good.

The most practical lubricant for Wet Jelqing is Baby Oil, probably. Yes, the Johnson’s Baby Oil we see in grocery stores and supermarkets. Moreover, Baby Oil can be mixed with other oils such as Vaseline. If you can, choose the Baby Oil with Vitamin E.

Another lubricant that is good for this purpose is Albolene, which is used by women as a makeup remover and can be found in most drug stores in their cosmetic section. It is an oil-based lube that has been employed in the porn industry for so many years.

Oil and Water-Based Lubricants
Oil-Based Lubricants

Water-Based Lubricants

  • KY Jelly
  • KY Liquid
  • Udder Cream
  • Astroglide

Oil-Based Lubricants

Erection Hardness Scale
Erection Hardness Scale
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Baby Oil
  • Tiger Balm
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Albolene
  • Emu Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Bag Balm

Some of you may ask which lubricant is the best, and the answer would be subjective. There is no one best lube for Jelqing, as it would be based on one’s preference.

Some JELQers used oil-based lubricants because they like it wet, while others prefer water-based lubes. Even some prefer to use lotions.

Recently, Bathmate formulated the Max Out jelqing serum specifically for jelqing purposes. The formulation is not just oil but includes ingredients known for their male enhancement potency.

Jelqing Exercise Variations

  • Side Jelqing – Side Jelqing is excellent for fixing a penile curvature by performing a Jelq opposite to the curve direction. When Jelqing for penile curvature correction, Jelq at a slightly higher level of erection(~75% erection level). This variation is also suitable for girth and individuals looking for a more Jelqing intensity.
  • V-Jelqing – This variation puts pressure on the side of the penis shaft and focusing on the corpus cavernosa. This variation is performed using the index and middle finger forming resembling a letter V. And, with the palm facing toward your direction, Jelq in an upward direction.
  • 1-Handed Jelqing – This variation uses just one hand instead of two, which is typically done with the other techniques. For a more intense experience with 1-Handed Jelqing variation, do a ULI at the penile base before each stroke.
  • Mini Jelqing – This Jelqing variation is also useful for correcting penis curvature by focusing or working on one of the corpus cavernosa. Just as its name implies, mini Jelqing is done in a shorter duration per stroke compared to normal Jelqing.

Determining Erection Level

Erection level or erection grade known in clinical tests/trials is important. This section is included to provide you(reader/user) a good idea to which erection level you should do the Jelqing exercises, in case there is something mentioned about a certain level of erection.

This erection level or erection grade is based on the “Erection Hardness Scale” by the European Association of Urology.

This erection hardness scale is also used as a self-assessment tool in many clinical studies including those clinical trials done for Viagra to find out the severity of erectile dysfunction.

  • Zero(0%) Erection Level: This is not included in the erection hardness assessment, but included here for the benefit of penis exercising purposes.
  • Grade/Level 1 (25%): the penis is larger when arousal begins, but it’s not hard
  • Grade/Level 2 (50%): the penis is hard, but not enough for sexual penetration
  • Grade/Level 3 (75%): the penis is hard enough for sexual penetration, but not yet reached full erection or completely hard
  • Grade/Level 4 (100%): the penis is in full erection, hard and rigid suitable for sexual penetration

Important Notes Prior To Jelqing

Jelqing is best performed when the penis is in the semi-erect state. Hence, to obtain results, a partial erection must be achieved before beginning the session. Achieving a partial erection is somewhat easy, perform a few strokes to full erection and let it subside halfway from a fully erect state.

For Wet Jelq, the choice of lube is important as some lube evaporates quickly and may require reapplying so often, and if you do not like it, choose a lube that does not evaporate easily. Vaseline and Baby Oil lubes are the ones recommended and do not evaporate quickly.

Some men experience a point of no return or an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate while performing the exercise. It is a sign of a poorly developed or weak PC muscles. When early signs premature ejaculation occurs, stop the exercise and wait until the urge to ejaculate somewhat subsides.

Doing so will allow you to practice on how to last longer in bed. Later, we will cover some ejaculatory control techniques that you can use along with exercise routines as well as help perform longer in bed.

Jelqing requires pressure, especially Wet Jelqing, that needs a tighter grip than Dry Jelqing. Initially, apply pressure that feels comfortable to you. Avoid too much pressure at the beginning that can hurt you and your penis.

When the pressure is so tight, slightly adjust the gripping pressure until just enough pressure is achieved, which is not too loose and not too tight. It is to avoid any discomfort as you progress with the exercise. The key is to achieve long-term results without injuries that hurt, leading to quitting the routine.

Jelqing is not to be performed while in the shower. The majority of men are not able to keep it up that is ideal for good Jelqing session and do not use soap as lube as this lead to soreness that can last for days.

The Warming Up Process

Warm-up is a crucial part of the workout as it allows increased blood flow to the penis. The skin becomes soft and pliable due to the heat produced during warm-up and will enable it to achieve a good grip when performing the exercise routines.

Be sure to do it before every exercise session. Below are detailed instructions on how to perform this procedure accordingly.

STEP 1: Soak a clean and soft cloth into hot water and squeeze out any excess water off the cloth. Then, test it against the skin of the abdomen area if the temperature is comfortable before putting the cloth on the penis.

STEP 2: Wrap the warm cloth around the entire penis shaft. Hold the cloth wrapping the penis for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure to enclose, including the glans trapping the heat around the whole penis area. At this time, the penis can be either fully erect or flaccid state.

STEP 3: After 3 to 5 minutes, unwrap the clothing wrapping the penis. Upon removal of the cloth wrapped around the penis, pinkish color is noticeable, and this is a sign of an increase in blood flow and caused by the heat coming from the cloth.

For men who have a high tolerance to heat, the color may appear darker. Either, it is perfectly fine as long as the warm cloth remained wrapped in the entire penis area.

STEP 4: Once the warm cloth is removed from the penis, use a soft towel to dry it off thoroughly. Drying the penis is vital as it will allow a good grip when performing the exercise, which is next after the warm-up is done.

Warming Up Using Hydro Pump

While the normal process or method of warming always worked and recommended, anyone who owns a pump like the Bathmate or Penomet can use the device for warming up.

To use a hydro pump for warming up, fill the pump with warm water, insert the penis into the pump and do a slight/gentle pump enough to create a soft seal between the pump and pubic skin.

Gentle or slight pumping is done for warming up purposes only and should not be a regular hydro pumping routine.

Jelqing and hydro pumping are always a great combination in penis enlargement. In fact, after doing a full Jelqing routine, it can be followed by a hydro pumping routine for the best results.

Performing The Jelqing Exercise

STEP 1: Gently massage the penis until it reaches 60 to 80 percent erection.

STEP 2: Using the right-hand makes an “OK” sign with the index finger and thumb. Grip it tightly enough around the base of the penis.

STEP 3: While tightly gripping the base of the penis, slowly pull the grip towards the penis glans. Typically, it should take around 2 to 3 seconds to reach the glans of the penis.

Then, perform the stroke in a milking motion, and observe the tightness of the grip. If it is too tight, slightly adjust to a comfortable pressure.

STEP 4: Upon reaching the right hand towards the glans, make the same “OK” sign with the left hand and begin the milking motion with the left hand just as the right hand did.

STEP 5: Perform or repeat steps 2 to 4 alternating both hands in a smooth milking motion.

STEP 6: Perform the routine for 5 minutes, or at least 100 strokes in total.

Important Notes:

  • The exercise must not be performed when the fully hard erect penis. Vascular damage could occur if the penis is milked forcibly while in its full erection state.
  • Be moderate on grip pressure. Squeezing or gripping too tight could result in bruising, or rupturing of certain blood vessels that are on or close to the penis surface skin.
  • Make sure the “OK” formation of the fingers wraps around the penis completely, so no blood escapes when pulling towards the glans.
  • When sensing the point of no return(early ejaculation), stop the exercise and wait until the urge subsides.

Jelq and Hold Exercise Variation

STEP 1: Gently massage the penis until it reaches 60 to 80 percent erection.

STEP 2: Using the right-hand makes an “OK” sign with the index finger and thumb. Grip it tightly enough around the base of the penis.

STEP 3: The same as STEP 3 previously. Also, the expansion of the glans or penis head is noticeable due to blood being drawn to the area using the milking/jelqing motion.

STEP 4: When reaching the glans, hold on to this position for 10 seconds.

STEP 5: Repeat steps 2 to 4 with the left hand.

STEP 6: Perform routine in steps 2 to 4 in 25 repetitions for 5 minutes.

Important Note: Red blood spots might be experienced at the end of the exercise. This is normal and could last for a few days.

The Warming Down Process

Warming down is just as important as warming up. Warming down should be performed at the end of every Jelqing session. Applying a gentle massage and warm temperature using the same towel used during warm-up on the penis shaft optimizes in rebuilding and healing of cell tissues.

The heat helps restores any sensitivity and nerve problems incurred during the routine, as well as promotes faster growth of the cell tissues.

After the workout or Jelqing routine is finished, gently massage the entire penis shaft for 1 minute. Also, applying a herbal cream during the massage makes the experience more comfortable.

Massaging in a circular and soft motion using the middle and forefingers from the base of the penis towards the entire penis shaft is a smart idea. The penis was just subjected to a strenuous workout routine, and it deserves to be pampered. Be gentle with massage, and make soothing as much as possible.

Upon finishing the gentle and soothing massage, wrap the penis with a warm towel just as with the warm-up stage. The heat from the warm towel keeps the blood within the penis shaft, begins to heal the damaged parts, and restarting to function a lot better than before.


When it comes to results and expectations, there is no definite timeline. Some see results within just a month, while others see noticeable results in 5 months. The variation in results achieved depends on factors like the frequency and consistency of performing the exercise.

Moreover, others who have done other penis enlargement exercises or devices along with Jelqing might achieve faster gains than those who are solely doing Jelqing.

Undoubtedly, one thing that becomes first get noticeable when doing Jelqing is an improved erection quality or EQ. Although this is not definite for everyone, the majority tend to notice an improvement in erection due to increased and enhanced blood flow within the penis erection chambers.

Do not get discouraged if you have not achieved gains as others do. You are not alone, and with continuous Jelqing utilizing proper routines, gains are not very far.

Final Thoughts

Jelqing is a trendy penis exercise routine. Lots of men have vouched for its effectiveness, especially those who are involved in penis enlargement for a long time.

The Jelqing technique can either be used on its own or use along with any penis enlargement programs. Jelqing has been used popularly along with the use of hydro penis pumps and penis extenders.

To learn more manual routines, check out more penis enlargement exercises, including stretching, PC muscle exercises, erection strengthening(part of Penis Advantage program).

Or, you can even get a coach.


    • Your main focus when Jelqing is to stimulate the penis in the sense you’re exercising it. Masturbation, on the other hand, is for the sole purpose of pleasure.

      During jelqing, you focus your mind on exerting force to the penis without stimulating the glans. Masturbation, since it is for pleasure purposes, you need to stimulate the glans.

      One more difference is that Jelqing is done in slow motion, while masturbation is done at a faster movement since you’re after the pleasurable sensation.

  1. i have been doing the basics for about 2 months now nd wanna work generally on length but girth is cool too

  2. i have been doing the very basics and fundamentals for about 2 months now and wanna work primarily on length however girth gain is cool too

    • You can combine Jelqing with stretching. As far as risks are concern, I have no experience. If you\’re afraid, do it lightly at the beginning just as considering it a massage instead of a full blown routine. From there, gradually increase the intensity and duration of the routine. It\’s somewhat allowing or preparing your penis to be more receptive on future advanced routines.

      • Is it ok to do Jelqing twice a day consistently.. Would the results be great. I also was told of another exercise where you grip the head of the penis as well as the bass and squeeze both ends building the pressure in the middle for a few seconds at a time for girth results. Is this affective?

  3. Does jelqing truly works and if it does when will you see the outcomes? Are there any other excersises than jelqing? thank you

    • Yes, Drago… Jelqing works. Results can vary from person-to-person, but for sure you will not be able to achieve noticeable gains within just a month of doing it. On the other hand, the first thing you should notice after doing it for a few months is not a gain in size, but a significant improvement in your erection quality and perhaps a boost in your sexual stamina.

      Yes, there are other exercises like stretching with variations and Jelqing also has many variations. Try to explore both and combine routines. You could even use along with it penis enlargement devices like pumps and extenders.

  4. To someone who asked “Is it advisable to use cock ring while Jelqing”. I will answer it here, and unfortunately that comment was sent to spam. It was set to non-spam, but somehow it was missing.

    The primary purpose of using a cock ring during penis enlargement exercise is to sustain a good level of erection when you have a problem achieving certain erection level, or EQ(erection quality). Basically, cock ring cuts off or restricts blood flow, which is not good when performing Jelqing as Jelqing is all about getting blood flow to the penis.

    So, anything that cuts off blood circulation to the penis is not recommended with Jelqing. You could, however, use a cock ring that does not cut off the blood flow completely if maintaining EQ is an issue. Male enhancement coach Big Al recommended a ring that can be removed easily such as a leather, plastic, or rubber type rings.

    Personally, I haven’t used a cock ring.


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