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Penis Stretching Exercises – Advanced Variations Of The Basic Stretches

Previously, we’ve covered both basic penis stretching exercise and bundled stretch, which is an advanced stretching routine for experienced individuals who are involved with penis enlargement for a long time. Now, we are going to cover the others penis stretching exercises.

This might not be a comprehensive list, but hopefully, it can offer helpful information when it comes to penis stretching exercises towards advanced routine stretches.

Penis Stretch Exercise Variations

Erection Level

Throughout this article, knowing the erection level is a requirement for performing the exercises as this is important for efficiency and safety. Erection level or hardness level for the penis is detailed in the JELQing exercise article. Read this first and learn how to determine erection level or hardness before proceeding with the stretching exercises below.

Erect Stretches

This routine works by stretching penile erectile tissues while in an erect state. Most men who have implemented this technique claimed to have helped them turn flaccid stretched length into erect length gains. Erect stretches are high-intensity routines, and should only be performed when the penis is well-conditioned.

Recommended Erection Level: 90%
Recommended Repetitions: 5

Getting Started

  1. Just as with the normal stretching routine, grip the penis an inch just below the glans.
  2. Stretch the penis away from the body.
  3. Hold the penis in stretched position for 15 to 20 seconds. Remember not to over stretch the penis, simply ease into the stretch.
  4. Repeat the process as desired.

Note: To make a stretch variation and help loosen the ligaments, compass stretching is a good combination with erect stretches.

Fowfer Stretch

There are two variations of this particular stretching routine. This technique involves pulling the penis behind and anchoring it between the thighs to make the stretch. It is mostly beneficial for gaining flaccid gains both in girth and length. When this stretching is performed on the bed, it is called the “Bed Fowfer”; and when performed while in a seated position, it is called “Lazy Ass Stretch” (LAS).

Getting Started

Recommended Erection Level: 0% or Flaccid State

Bed Fowfers

  1. Lay on one side.
  2. Pull the flaccid penis in between the legs with the testicles moved on one side.
  3. Place a pillow between the legs up against the penis in order to keep in place.
  4. From time-to-time, switch from one side to another.

Lazy Ass Stretch(LAS)

  1. Find yourself a chair, and place some cushion on it such as a pillow.
  2. Pull the flaccid penis in between the legs while moving the testicles on one side.
  3. While stretching the penis towards the back using the legs, sit down on the chair slowly.
  4. Take a break of 10 minutes interval to allow blood circulation to the penis.

Both the “Bed Fowfer” and LAS can be performed in a 20-minute session. Once the session is finished, you may turtled up a bit, which is a good sign that the routine is working and done properly. Shake the penis and massage it a bit to complete the routine.


  • Bed Fowfer is great for warming up and warming down as it heats up the entire shaft evenly and nicely.
  • While performing Fowfer stretch, Kegel exercises can also be performed.

Which Fowfer Stretch Works Better?

The LAS variation seems to have produced a more forceful stretch than Bed Fowfer. In fact, some men who have performed both variations in bundled will recommend the LAS. The Bed Fowfer is somewhat designed for stretching routine while sleeping, although it is not meant to sleep while doing the exercise.

Internal Stretch

This routine concentrates on stretching the internal parts of the penis such as the ligaments attached to the pubic bone. Performing this stretch helps loosen up the ligaments and free up more tissues for further expansion or increase in size.

Recommended Erection level: 0% to 50%
Recommended Repetitions: 5

Getting Started

Note: This exercise requires both hands.

  1. Sit down and spread out the legs.
  2. Make an “OK” sign with one hand and grip around the base of the penis and scrotum. Keep in mind, not to grip the testicles, simply allow it hang out of the grip.
  3. Stretch the testicles and penis right straight up.
  4. Using the other hand, simultaneously grip the penis just below the glans(just as with normal stretching), and pull it in an upward direction.
  5. Hold the stretch position for 20 to 30 seconds.
  6. Repeat the process as desired.

JAI Stretch

The JAI stretch routine is considered a beginner level exercise that can be performed easily whenever a short moment of privacy is available. Reportedly, this is a widely used penis stretching exercise done mostly in restrooms, either prior or after urination.

Getting Started

Recommended Erection Level: 0% to 40%
Recommended Repetitions: 20

  1. Make a gentle stretch of the penis and hold it for 2 seconds.
  2. Release the stretch for 2 seconds while still holding the penis.
  3. Repeat the steps as desired, or when achieved the desired repetitions.

Note: Stretch must be applied gently, and not pull hard.


Breathing Timing – One effective way to avoid tedious second counting is to time the stretching with breathing. For instance, perform a gentle 2 seconds pull while exhaling, and release for 2 seconds while inhaling, or vice-versa.

Gentle Pull – The primary goal of JAI stretch is to perform quick stretches gently and lightly with at least 2 seconds interval between stretches. Hence, be gentle and light as possible, so much lighter and gentler than the basic stretching routine.

Rotary or Compass Stretch

The rotary or compass stretch is a good penis stretching exercise for loosening up the ligaments that are attached the penis to the pubic bone. Overtime, stretching these ligaments further for a long time allows the penis inner tissues to expand and able to hold an increased amount of blood during an erection, and increasing penis size eventually.

Recommended Erection Level: 0% to 50%
Recommended Repetitions: 10

Getting Started

  1. Grab the penis just below the glans with one hand(just as with normal stretching) and pull the penis in an upward direction.
  2. Grab the base of the penis with the other hand and holding it still.
  3. Move the stretch towards the right until the penis is parallel to the floor.
  4. Move the stretch towards the left until the penis is parallel to the floor.
  5. Release the base of the penis and stretch the penis downward pointing to the floor.
  6. Stretch to the left and right direction. Each stretch should last 10 to 15 seconds approximately.
  7. Repeat the process until recommended number of repetitions is achieved.


    • There are two types of flaccid state in penises known as grower and shower. Showers are penises with longer flaccid state but not much size increase during full erection. Growers, on the other hand, are penises with shorter flaccid state but significantly increase in size when fully erect.


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