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What Is Dry Orgasm or Multiple Male Orgasms and How To Achieve It?

The term dry orgasm is common in both medical realm and penile enhancement topics.

We will be referring “Dry Orgasm” in this article for achieving male multiple orgasm or MMO.

However, it is essential to be able to differentiate how it is used in medical term and male orgasm respectively.

Male Multiple Orgasm or Dry Orgasm

What Is Dry Orgasm Medically?

The definition of “Dry Orgasm” are valid regardless whether it is used medically or orgasmically. When conducting an online search of the term “Dry Orgasm“, it leads to different sources and one source leads to another.

In medical terms, “Dry Orgasm” means a man reaching orgasm to the point of ejaculation but nothing comes out of the penis, hence dry or better known as retrograde ejaculation. On the other hand, dry orgasm has a different meaning when it comes to male multiple orgasms.

As a quick overview, retrograde orgasm occurs when the sperm’s ejaculatory pathway in the penis has an obstruction, or due to a malfunctioning bladder sphincters.

Therefore, the sperm simply goes back into the bladder instead of ejaculating it off the penis.

Moreover, this can also happen to young males that have ejaculated numerous times in a short time interval.

If this the case, there may be not enough time for the testicles to produced enough sperm, and simply no sperm is spurt out during ejaculation.

Young males who masturbate or perhaps have sex numerous time in a single day.

The Male Orgasm Explained

When it comes to achieving male multiple orgasms, this simply means reaching an orgasm to the point of ejaculation but holding off ejaculating.

This technique takes some time to master and can be achieved by stopping the expulsion point during ejaculation through numerous contraction of muscles using Kegels, or reverse Kegel holds.

Perhaps, there may be some unexplored process of achieving this to achieving MMO, but Kegels is used to achieve this commonly.

Types Of Dry Orgasms (DO)

There are 5 types of dry orgasms in which 3 out of 5 are not ideal and only two are the ideal way of achieving DO. Firstly, it is essential to know some of the things necessary for achieving DO such as;

  • The right amount of strength of the Kegel hold necessary to stop the spasms that occur in the PC muscles involuntarily.
  • The proper technique of executing the Kegel hold making it effective.
  • The correct timing when to execute the Kegel hold for achieving DO.

The Three Non-Ideal Dry Orgasms

Now let us explore some of the non-ideal dry orgasms. These are the types of DO you should be aware of. Knowing them allows you to find solutions such as talking or consulting with your physician.

1. Dribble Ejaculation

This occurs when Kegel hold is not strong enough to hold and stop DO. This is bad as it will end up all the sperm coming out slowly, and resulting to normal ejaculation eventually. The good news, this is harmless.

Additionally, this can also occur when there is an imbalance within the pelvic floor such as reverse Kegels is stronger than Kegels, or Kegel is simply weak.

2. Partial Ejaculation

This occurs when the attempt to hold DO is not proper timing, and part of ejaculation get throughout to the penis while part of it goes into the bladder, or does not and simply reabsorbs depending on strength and technique employed.

When retro ejaculation happens at this point, the penis can go flaccid quickly and hardly get back to getting aroused and erect.

When there is no occurrence of retro ejaculation, one may feel a slight discomfort as well as lose a bit of arousal and erection.

Even if this seems to feel good enough, avoid being comfortable achieving just this one.

3. Retro Ejaculation

As mentioned above, retro ejaculation is a medical condition within men. However, this can also happen in men while attempting to achieve dry orgasm.

It happens when the technique used is not good enough, or the timing is simply off completely. In fact, many men who attempted achieving DO, end up achieving this.

This should be avoided at all costs since it can result in injury. Most of the time, it can cause discomfort as well as drop both arousal and erection substantially.

When in doubt whether you have just experienced retro ejaculation, urinate in a clear cup or glass. If the urine is very cloudy having some semen-like color in it, retro ejaculation has just occurred.

If there is just a little or no cloudy color, this means there is a little amount of precum or sperm within the Urethra, and there was no retro ejaculation occurred.

The Good Or Ideal Dry Orgasms

Now let us quickly explore the good dry orgasms, which are the ideal ones. These are the types you should aim if you want to achieve multiple orgasms.

1. Simply Clean Dry Orgasms

This is the ideal way to achieving DO, and you should aim this one. Clean DO requires enough Kegel hold strength, proper timing, and technique.

When one achieves clean Dry Orgasm, there will be no feeling of discomfort, although it drops erection level due to Kegels, but arousal level and sexual desire will remain at its peak.

When reaching the point of clean DO, one has choices whether to take it slow, perform another clean DO, or simply ejaculate.

At this point, more or less there will be 3 or fewer spasms happening that is decreasing in strength.

The first spasm is one transformed into Kegel hold, the next one happens if the Kegel hold is strong enough, which is barely noticeable, and the last one is almost unnoticeable.

This technique requires practice to master and achieve clean dry orgasms. When it happens, it gives a unique feeling or sensation that you simply recognized you have just done it.

2. Perfect Dry Orgasms

Dry Orgasm Tips

If clean dry orgasm is ideal, this is the perfect form to achieve. Achieving perfect DO involves using a specific technique and strength along with specific timing.

When these 3 factors are working harmoniously, it stops all the other spasms right after the first one occurred stopping the ejaculation completely.

When this happens, one will experience an orgasmic sensation without any drop in erection level, arousal and sex drive are both in its peak without any loss.

Achieving this level of dry orgasm takes practice. First, aim for a clean DO, and once you’ve mastered clean DO, aim for perfect DO. It is all about technique, perfect timing, and strong enough Kegel hold.

On the other hand, this level of orgasmic sensation might be encountered by accident on individuals who have premature ejaculation issues performing Kegel hold with start-and-hold.

Important Things To Remember

The goal of dry orgasm is not to ejaculate in order to achieve multiple orgasms in one session whether doing masturbation or having sexual intercourse.

During the initial stages of practicing DO, it is vital not to ejaculate as much as possible. Ejaculating as many times while practicing DO might seem pointless and difficult for one to achieve a clean or perfect DO.

However, ejaculating makes sense when it comes to male sexual health. It is the process that offers many benefits to the body.

More importantly, ejaculation cleans up the prostate and pipes within the penis. Hence, long-term perspective ejaculating is very vital to one’s sexual health.

Over time, when one gain the ability to achieve a clean or perfect DO easily.

There are those who think it might seem pointless to ejaculate since controlling ejaculation is a piece of cake.

At this time, the brain is now well-trained in mixing the signs coming from the need to ejaculate and sensation of dry orgasm.

Here are some important points to remember when to ejaculate normally. This is to put an acceptable balance between a good dry orgasm and how often to perform normal ejaculations.

Additional Points To Keep In Mind

  • When wet dreams occur, it is a sign to perform normal ejaculation. For instance, when noticing wet dreams of every 5 days, then perform a normal ejaculation every 4 days.
  • If there are no wet dreams due to certain factors such as stress and age, it is ideal to perform normal ejaculation at least once a week.
  • For those who are just starting to practice Dry Orgasm, ejaculate within 2 days, or 3 days maximum to push out precum fluid accumulated during Dry Orgasm sessions.
  • When doing Dry Orgasm for some time, you should or may ejaculate at every session, or ejaculate the following day. Mixing up Dry Orgasm with normal sexual intercourse, or even masturbation is also a good idea.
  • If the pressure builds up in the testicles during the Dry Orgasm routine, and it feels necessary to ejaculate, ejaculating after a Dry Orgasm can be done either through masturbation or sexual intercourse.


  1. Am an older guy. Am 73. About when I was 60, noticeable physical/sexual chances in my body occurred where I lost the ability to ..think.. an erection into being. Ever since I was a teenager, all I had to do to bring on an erection, was think about it – but after I aged into my early-60s, that `capability’ was lost. Oh I still have the other functions, & once interests & stimulations are ignited, I can still perform reasonably well. Am still Very Interested in the female form & still very much enjoy playing w/ the female body.
    However in the last yr or 2, my ….execution….. has slowed. It is taking me more & more effort to achieve full release. A lot more effort. I wouldn’t say I am alarmed as much as I would term it – frustrated. My partner REALLY tries to cooperate, but also is not a young-one & either suffers loss-of-lubrication at some point, or exhaustion before I have completed my `mission’. I have learned to accept a lesser achievement of my role, & show graciousness & immense gratitude to her for allowing me the wonderful privilege of being intimate w/ her. I back off. She is 10yrs my junior & still has wondrous powers of performance & Will.
    In learning to adjust to my older body that can no longer “nut” = 17days since I last did, w/ 8 hard strenuous sessions attempting-to again since then = has rolled-up a score of something like …. 35-0 between her & I. (We are both retired, & in this era of COVID, otherwise healthy, what else is there to be doing?) Oh but ==== eventho I do not ejaculate – am always dry – I am witness to some fantastic sensations!!!! My body may not `ship’ ejaculate-fluids, but ALL, I mean ALL…… of the other responses are there!

    The phenomenon of The Dry Orgasm has gotten my attention.

    110%-erection, testicles that draw-up sensationally into the perineum, full-body twitches & sensationalized shakes & jerks, uncontrollable rolling of hips & audibilizations, & internal structures pleasure signaling that goes on & on way longer than my old orgasms uses to …. Orgasms used to last .. mmm-m 12 to 15seconds. Really delightful but now, … it is like my body knows it is not sending squirt or it is reporting to my brain a marvelous phantom-load is coursing thru my urethral pipe so it tries longer. It keeps going. The (dry)orgasm-response now seems (in my mind) to continue on for 30, 40, 45seconds where I’m in a rapture!!!! And, knowing it is not sending squirt, as soon as I can catch my breath = it’s ready to go again. Stiffy remains firm. Right back up to the previous RPM. !!! I’m at full urgency for 6-8minutes. Then another 6-8minutes. Then another. I have a strong heart, a strong back, & no issues w/ high blood-pressure. My ladyfriend is all-in for me getting more & more practice at being .. dry.

  2. Years ago I was married and often didn’t get as much sex as I wanted. By trial and error, with no intent to accomplish what I did, I learned to produce dry orgasms and, ultimately, multiple male orgasms with a single final ejaculation. While masturbating in bed next to my sleeping wife, typically I stroked slowly to minimize shaking the bed, but stopped stroking immediately when I was just at the point of orgasm. I would have a sense of orgasmic release and contentment but no ejaculation. Soon the desire for more was back. Over time I was able to do this repeatedly, as many times in a row as I wanted, until I decided to continue to ejaculation. That ejaculation was totally toe curling, so powerful I was surprised my wife never woke up as it really shook the bed. After I divorced I stopped doing this practice as I was able to get plenty of sex and shaking the bed was no longer an issue.

  3. I find the article interesting, although it’s confusing. What’s the difference between retro ejaculation and a dry orgasm? Where does the sperm go in the second case?

  4. I have had two incredible dry orgasms that have occurred when my sexual partner has given me a handjob rather than a blowjob, and I have to say they were the most mind blowing full body orgasms. Experiences far more wonderful than ordinary ejaculation.

    Or perhaps I’m just weird:)

  5. This is perfect! I’m not interested in experiencing it, but very helpful for the topic I’m working on at school. Of course, as a guy, I wouldn’t disregard the idea especially if it’s about pleasure and giving pleasure to the partner.

    • Dry orgasm the right way can be advantageous to your man. Why? He can last longer and perform better, perhaps…satisfying you more in bed. This takes time to master and need practice on a man’s part. So, it’s not that easy, but it’s possible.


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