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Bundled Stretch Routine Is An Advanced Penis Stretching Exercise For Achieving Girth And Length

Previously, we’ve covered the basics of penis stretching routine along with two of the most popular variations. Now, we’re going to look into the bundled stretch.

This is an advanced penis stretching routine exercise. It is very popular and appropriate for experienced individuals involved in natural penis enlargements for a long time.

Bundled Stretch

For the unfamiliar folks, the term bundled stretch might sound unusual. Particularly, this routine is the most intense among manual stretches that target both penis girth and length at once within a single routine.

It is called a bundled stretch because it involves twisting and rotating the penis to bundle it up. Once the penis is in bundled state, normal manual stretching can be performed.

The tunica covering the smooth muscles consists of two layers. One layer stretches longitudinally while the other one expands circularly. When aiming for an increase in girth size, the circular layer should be increased.

There are effective means of increasing the circular tunica layer such as through Jelqing, Clamping, or by means of pulling and twisting the penis as in the case of bundled stretch.

Tunica Albuginea

Particularly, this penis exercise routine puts tension and stress on the penis tunica and suspensory ligaments.

Isolates The Tunica

The technique isolates the tunica as well as stretch the suspensory ligaments attached to the pubic bone. Stretching the penis in this manner can target both shaft and tunica. Stretching the penis in all directions comparable to a 3-dimensional fashion.

Bundled stretch targets the tunica by deforming and augmenting it resulting expansion of the tissues within the penis shaft.

This expansion and augmentation allow the tunica to hold an increased blood prior to reaching full erection resulting to an increase in girth. On the other hand, the increase in length comes from the plastic deformation of the suspensory ligaments.

Keep in mind, this routine is very intense and should only be performed by intermediate and advanced individuals who are performing stretching for quite awhile.

Powerful and Intense Routine

It is so intense that it can generate a certain level of pain when one pushes it too far. This routine is a powerful girth exercise routine when performed consistently and appropriately without harming the penis.

Beginners who are just starting their penis enlargement journey should avoid this routine. They should wait until the penis is ready enough to take the intense stress when performing the routine.

This routine is particularly geared towards individuals who have already gained a lot of increase in size or girth but struggling to achieve further gains.

Getting Started

Bundled stretch is quite simple to perform. It is comparable to wringing water out off a washed clothing, but in bundled stretch, the washed cloth is replaced with a penis.

The penis is twisted to some degree of rotation, and half rotation towards one direction is the most common.

While in rotated position, stretch the penis and hold the stretched position for 30 seconds. The process is repeated in the opposite direction.

If the initial twist is towards the left, the next rotation will be towards the right direction.

Steps To Performing Bundled Stretch

  1. Perform Kegel exercise in order to fill the glans, or achieve a 30 to 50 percent erection.

  2. Twist the penis towards one direction with the desired number of rotations. Remember, do not push or bend the penis, simply maintain the grip and rotate it.

  3. Just as with normal stretching, grab the penis just below the glans and stretch the penis away from the body as far as you can.

  4. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, which is typical.

  5. Release the stretch and repeat the process as desired.

Bundled Stretch For Girth Gains

For the purpose of gaining girth increase employing bundled stretch, twisting and pulling the penis as much as possible is a very important course of the routine.

This might cause a slight discomfort, but it should not be painful.

The primary reason it is necessary to twist as much as possible prior to pulling is to put more stress on the tunica circular layer. Stretching this manner is responsible for circular expansion for girth gains.

Twisting less than 180 degrees of the circular layer can have a high possibility of developing an uneven girth increase. Hence, twisting the penis as much as possible is vital.


  1. Pls tell me if penis stretching exercise is good for life long which I sarted. Now I use to pull out as I can for some time.

    • Its life long in the “use it or lose it” sense. For instance i lost over 2inches of lengths and a bit of girth when I didn’t stimulate my penis for a 3 month zero sexual desires phase (no masturbation, idle fondling, definitely no sex, etc). None use of it will definitely result in major losses EVEN if you’ve never engaged in penile exercises. They seem to be even more dramatic if you do do them, or did them without realizing it. 3 months of loss took over 2 years to gain back with PE exercises so its a major issue to consider, you never get to stop once you start unless you wanna undo years of daily work in a few months (oddly just like any other exercise regimen).

      I may have lost all my length in the first weeks or first month actually, but i didnt sport a hardon for 3 months so I can’t verify the actual length of time to lose gains/size in general.

  2. I’ve been looking for ways to increase the size of my penis. I’ve tried supplements, but it didn’t helped at all. It does have effects improvements on erection and stamina, but size not all. Now that I know that I can take supplements while doing penis enlargement routines, I think I’m determined to pursue what I’ve started.

  3. I have heard a lot of this penis stretching, which is(in my understanding) a series of tension excersizes to be done on the penis that extend it and make it longer gradually. Does anyone know of means to expand or stretch the penis that are irreversible?


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