How To Do Ballooning, an Advanced Edging? (Masturbation Technique With Benefits For Boosting Sexual Stamina and Overcome Premature Ejaculation)


A ballooning technique is somewhat similar to the edging, but a lot of men who have done it feel it is better than edging. It can be perfect complement to using a penis pump like the Bathmate.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis PumpMany information about ballooning available online and oftentimes resulting in information overload as to which one present the right way of doing it.

The fact, ballooning can be difficult to master, and it takes time for one to master and figure out how it is done a lot more effective than just simply doing it in a typical way.

Some people are simply lucky to get it the first time or at least the first few attempts.

However, there are many who have difficulty implementing and achieving ideal results.

When mastered, the ballooning technique can offer esoteric transcendental states along with full-body orgasms employing the protracted technique.

As mentioned, ballooning is almost similar to edging with the addition of Kegel exercises while performing a massage on a fully erect penis concentrating on the lower shaft part and the perineum area.

In simple terms, just like edging ballooning is a form of masturbation without ejaculating, and just as edging, ballooning can help improve premature ejaculation problems.

Doing the ballooning technique regularly can help you achieve and enjoy the following benefits;

Benefits of Performing and Mastering Ballooning Technique

Doing the ballooning technique regularly can help you achieve and enjoy the following benefits;

  • Helps minimize or overcome premature ejaculation when done appropriately and consistently.

    This technique helps train the brain by being comfortable achieving a high level of sexual pleasure without releasing or ejaculating.

  • Helps improve erection quality, and might help cure erectile dysfunction by boosting penis health overtime.

Although this technique is not meant for increasing the penis size, some men reported they have been able to increase penis size.

Perhaps, the reason why some men noticed an increase in penis size while performing the technique, it involves stimulating and exercising the penile internal tissues such as tunica, penile muscles, and skeletal muscle found at the base of the penis.

In penis enlargement, stimulating these parts of the penis can cause the penile tissues to expand making the penis grow and appear larger than before in both length and girth over time.

Moreover, when done on a regular basis, it is a great means of maintaining penile health.

Basic Steps On Getting Started with Ballooning

Let us now go over the basics on how to do the ballooning technique. Take note, the steps outlined here are simply your guide.

As you do it more often and become familiar with it, you may add or include your own additional steps. Or, perhaps do some shortcuts.

Just as with anything, doing it the first time is the most difficult but with persistence and consistency, you’ll be able to get it.

The key is practice and practice it regularly and consistently.

  • Step 1

    Begin stimulating just as masturbating by gently rubbing the sensitive part of the penis until full erection is achieved without the aid of porn.

  • Step 2

    Continue stimulating, and just before reaching the PONR(point of no return), slow down the stimulation.

    At this time, incorporate medium Kegels upon inhalation, then release Kegels upon exhale.

    Furthermore, if high arousal occurred, refrain from stimulating the glans. Instead, performed a massage-type movement at the base of the penis.

  • Step 3

    Increase the intensity of the Kegels with every inhale. Upon reaching 5 or more reps, begin performing Reverse Kegels with every exhale.

    When 10 more reps are achieved, the Super Kegel point is getting close, and muscles within the pelvic floor begin to contract.

  • Step 4

    Let the full erection subside by performing Super Kegel that draws energy away and out of the penis while holding three breathing cycles.

    If erection does not subside, repeat the process.

  • Step 5

    Upon the subsiding of full erection, bring back to full erection again. Stimulate until just prior to the point of no return is reached while leaving the pelvic muscles in a relaxed state.

    It means, no Kegel exercises will be done when reaching a high level of arousal.

    When an involuntary contraction of the BC muscles begin to occur, perform extreme Kegel during inhalation and hold it until exhale.

  • Step 6

    Repeat the process, and do as many reps as desired. When full erection begins to subside, relax and bring back to full erection again.

    This part takes some time to practice getting it correctly. When done correctly, glans should swell noticeably, which is called the ballooning effect.

    Additionally, a noticeable increase in erection level when repeating the cycle. This leads to becoming the relaxed erection level hard.

Just as with edging, this process can be repeated many times over as desired. This can also be incorporated or perform with other forms of edging in a single or separate session.

Ballooning is considered better than typical edging, and when one master ballooning technique, it can expand the glands substantially throughout the session’s duration.

During sexual intercourse, the swelling or ballooning effect can give pleasurable sensations to the woman. Be patient and be persistent in practicing and mastering this technique. It does not involve any expensive devices or gadgets.

So, What's Next?

The method by which ballooning provides great results to enhancing the penile glans seems easy to others but difficult to some. The key to achieving permanent results with a ballooning technique is persistent and consistent practice.

Just as with Kegels, it’s easy…in fact the easiest among the male sexual health exercises for the penis, but lots neglect its simplicity. So, keep in practicing whenever you have time as there are no shortcuts to it.

Fortunately, for those who have a budget, there a device called PeniMaster PRO, which is originally designed as a penis enlarger device.

However, the intricacy of the design allows the user to use it other than just simply a penis enlargement system. In fact, PeniMaster PRO is a great device for those who have curved penis, and of course as a glans enlarger.

The device is expensive, so if you don’t have any budget for it, try the method outlined in this article instead. As long as you practice consistently, the method works.

As previously mentioned, there are no shortcuts and just as with any penis enlargement methods, it takes time and effort to achieve the best possible results.

Additionally, using a penis pump like the Bathmate is just as helpful. Opting for the Bathmate Xtreme edition can be a good idea if you have the budget for it as it includes various attachments and accessories that makes doing the routine easier.

By the way, doing these exercises is not just for pleasure and improved performance purposes when it comes to sex, but for overall sexual health, as well. In fact, you might want to include in your routine some light testicular or scrotal massage.

At first, it might feel odd, but as you do it more often, it’s fun and it’s healthy. As always, beginners are highly advised to start slowly and lightly.


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  2. I heard you can do this by masturbating and as soon as you will climax stop, up until the experience is gone. Then start back, and repeat. I would like to know if this is in fact true. Also if there are any other ways of enhancing male endurances, thank you.

    • Yes, it does work, and with constant practice you will be able to train your brain and your body to work in harmony for better stamina.

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