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10 Tips To A More Satisfying Sexual Experience

Sex is fantastic, and it should be experienced in an exciting way. Make it full of colorful moments, joy and happiness. Presented below are some simple and practical tips on how to make a dull sex life great and amazing.

Satisfying and Fulfilling Sexual Relationship

There are some men who believed that in order to achieve a satisfying sexual experience, one will need some sort of male enhancement supplement. Other men who have erectile dysfunction issues might need the blue pill that doctors prescribed.

Take a minute to look at the ideas presented below. Try doing a combination of these ideas and see how it will improve your sexual experience.

TIP #1 – Perform Exercise Together

Exercise activates her sympathetic nervous system, which is also activated during arousal, according to reports from the University Of Texas.

Couple Working Out Together

TIP #2 – Using  A Vibrator

Vibrators are linked to positive sexual function such as desire and ease of orgasm found sex educator Dr. Debby Herbenick.


TIP #3 – Using Lubricants

Indiana university linked lubricant with greater pleasure and comfort. Additionally, men’s lubricant like VigRX Oil can provide a more intense and longer lasting erections.

Creams and Lubes

TIP #4 – Mindfulness

Women are more likely to be distracted during sex. The University British Columbia found that by on the sights, sounds, and feeling of sex women have a greater desire and arousal.


TIP #5 – Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The position where the man leans forward and press the base of his penis against the woman’s clitoris can her reach orgasm easily. In addition, practice the art of thrusting such as varying the intensity, angles, deepness, and shallow thrusts. In fact, you can combine all these in random and see which one your partner react best. In short, explore and experiment.

TIP #6 – Cuddle, Kiss, Touch Yet Without Having Intercourse

According to the Kinsey Institute, women often think kissing means you want sex. Removing that pressure leads to a higher satisfaction for men.


TIP #7 – Do Something New Together

Novelty sparks hormones in the brain just as those hormones released when you were falling in love. More things to do, watch the video below;

TIP #8 – Do Housework Together

Women bear the brunt of household chores. However, it was found out through a number of studies that women have admitted that they find it a turn-on when their partners willingly offer for help.

Couple Doing Household Chores

TIP #9 – Be A Multi-Tasker In Bed

At least 4 or 5 sexual acts each session is a strong predictor of orgasm reports Indiana University. It could mean the subjects just spent more time having sex, or variety is exciting.

Fun Sex

TIP #10 – Talk or Discuss Together About Healthy Dieting and Eating

Having to consume a healthy diet every time makes both partners full of vitality, mentally alert and feeling good.

Cook And Eat Healthy Foods Together

Above are only suggestions. You may add your own tweaks to satisfy both you and your partner. Keep in mind that if both partners are satisfied, the harmony between partners is priceless.



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