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Learn How To Relax and Conquer Premature Ejaculation

Relaxation is often recommended ways to cope with premature ejaculation or PE in short. Simple relaxation methods may help1. Thinking non-sexual thoughts during sex can help avoid over-excitement, and perhaps delay orgasm.


In fact, it is an old method that may involve thinking thoughts of mountain climbing or other exciting experiences, momentarily stepping away mentally from the sexual act itself.

Another key factor that caused PE is stress and anxiety. Let us face the fact, PE itself is a stressful occurrence. There are many ways to manage stress such as deep breathing and meditation.

However, little clinical research has been done to determine whether certain relaxation techniques could help improve or solve PE.

There was a study published in 2007 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine2 which examined 68 men who had been diagnosed with PE. About half the men were asked to take a daily dose of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine. The rest were asked to perform yoga exercises for an hour daily.

Gentle stretches to the pelvic muscles were among the yoga poses to strengthen the muscles in that area. Additionally, yoga the participants were taught to do a deep breathing technique.

Eight weeks later, 82% of the men who took fluoxetine experienced significant clinical improvement of PE, as well as increased intra-vaginal ejaculatory latency times. On the other hand, all of the men in the yoga group improved their PE experience. Yoga has been proven to improved sexual health.

Although, more studies are needed to be conducted, this study suggests that yoga or relaxation through deep breathing could have substantial benefits for men suffering from PE. Perhaps, helping to improve mental focus, strengthen pelvic muscles, and efficient stress management.

Taking and Practicing Yoga

Furthermore, there is evidence that women who regularly perform yoga experience improved sexual arousal and more exciting orgasms. Therefore, it would be a smart idea to consider taking a yoga class with a partner.


For those who do not have time to take yoga classes, the best option is to practice deep breathing regularly. Deep breathing alone can have a significant impact towards relaxing both mind and body.

It is not difficult to do. Therefore, performing deep breathing five to ten minutes every day offers vital positive changes.

Five to ten minutes a day is not a long time, but good results are waiting to happen if this is done consistently. Set aside that five to 10 minutes either in the morning or prior going to bed. This can even be done during lunch or afternoon break.

Watch this video below that teaches the basics of deep breathing. It might difficult at first, but with constant practice, it becomes easy.

Mastering deep breathing exercise for ultimate body and mind relaxation is a great experience. Besides it helps solve premature ejaculation issues, it offers many health benefits.

If you want more tips on how to last longer in bed, check this post. Additionally, checkout more tips on overcoming PE here.


  1. The relaxation or deep breathing is very difficult at first, but overtime… I’m able to make it as part of my day. Very helpful, not only in terms of premature ejaculation, but for overall mind conditioning as well.


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