Effective Way To Boost Focus and Attention (Study Finds)


Are you among the thousands of men and women who can’t seem to boost focus while on a certain task you do daily at the office or home? This is a very common problem these days.

Probably due to many distractions around especially when you’re online having your browser’s tab open with social media sites, or even on your phone.

There’s no doubt we can’t focus well on tasks we’re working on.

Boost Focus

The One (and New) Trick To Boost Focus

The old trick of keeping well-focused and improve productivity is effective, according to a study.

You may already know the trick, but you ignore it because it’s not productive to follow such an idea. This is about switching from task to another.

It’s about taking short breaks especially if you have plenty of tasks to focus on.

Psychologists have long thought of paying attention to a certain task for a long time. Meaning, you’re focused on it without breaks until it’s done can make your brain and attention get tired.

I can relate this particular concept to a self-help material called Quantum Living by Frank Kinslow, which basically teaches when you’re stressed, take a break and let your thoughts focus on nothing, or focus on what you’re thinking until it disappeared.

Tackling Bigger Tasks First

It’s really amazing when I applied it because the more I focus on something for a longer period, it just disappears and I feel more relaxed.

Also, I can still recall back when I was in 4th to 6th grades, teachers always reminded us during tests that we should skip questions that are difficult and move on to the easier ones.

Meaning, tackle first the easy questions and come back later on those difficult questions.

It makes sense because tackling first the harder questions consume longer time and when getting into the easier questions may not have enough time to finish those because longer time was spent on harder questions that constitute similar points to the easier ones.

Boost Focus By Switching Focus

Well, in real life…in career, this is closely related to doing several tasks at the same time. So, instead of tackling the harder ones, work on easier ones first and you’ll find yourself finishing more at the end of the day.

Of course, it still a good idea during the morning(if you’re a morning person like me) to do the tasks when you’re high in performance.

When I read about this post by @psyblog, I’ve tweeted it because it’s interesting and based on personal experience, it really is. The details of the study can be found here, and here.

So, what’s your experience, do you agree with it? Personally, I do. If you have comments or want to share your insights, put your opinions in the comments section below.


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