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6 Tips On How To Last Longer In Bed For A More Satisfying Sex Experience

One of the most common issues to men when it comes to performance in bed is premature ejaculation or PE. This happens when a man ejaculate at an earlier stage prior to satisfying his partner.

Better Happier Longer Sex In Bed

Men want to be dominant in bed, and last longer when it comes to sex. Being able to last longer in bed is fun, and it is exciting to see your partner happy and satisfied.

Seriously, there are not many men who can it. Sex is fun if one understands how to improve the performance.

Tip #1 Masturbation

One of the best and practical exercise to prevent PE is to masturbate. When doing masturbation, one can practice in controlling the ejaculation and getting used to the sensation orgasm.

Masturbate For Better Longer Sex

This may not be effective during the first time doing it, but through continuous and persistent practice, one will be able to hold back the intense feeling of orgasm.

Particularly, there are certain masturbation techniques that are helpful when it comes to controlling ejaculation making sexual performance longer and better.

For instance, basic start-stop and squeeze methods are two most popular. Additionally, there is also a technique known as Edging.

On the other hand, be reminded that over masturbation that can be considered an addiction is not good. When you implement the masturbation technique, use it with a purpose such as using the technique like edging and not simply for pleasure. Using masturbation as a tool for stamina is a great idea, but use it for pleasure with a specific goal in mind, and boosting your stamina for better and longer performance in bed.

Tip #2 Not Wearing Underwear

There are times when it is impossible not to wear an underwear. It is not required not to wear underwear every time. Doing it twice a week is enough. There are many research and studies conducted that circumcised men who do not wear underwear usually last longer in bed.

Not Wearing Underwear

The reason being is that when not wearing underwear, the penis nerve endings are usually stimulated most of the time. This makes the penis and brain more resistant to intense sensation during intercourse.

Tip #3 Just Play and Forget About Orgasm

During intercourse, forget about orgasm and focus on what you can do to your partner, instead. Think about the ways how to stimulate your partner to satisfy her and reach more orgasms. It is a known fact that women have multiple orgasms. Women can reach up to 10 orgasms in a single intercourse.

Aim For Better Sexual Stimulation and Performance

Therefore, it is a man’s job to let her partner reach as many orgasms as she can. This is more like of a mind control, and practice is the key to be efficient at doing this. The more you relax, the longer you will last.

Tip #4 Think Creativity

Changing from one position to the next one let your penis rest and get off that intense sensation for awhile. That short moment is golden when it comes to enduring in bed. Besides, it is more fun to having several positions during intercourse, or perhaps change the location… from bed to the stairway or the sofa.

Tip #5 Slow Down

Thrusting so hard and fast makes one reach a sensation of orgasm at an early stage, and probably resulting to premature ejaculation.

Slowing Down And Talking To Her

Play with her talk to her and somewhat divert your focus outside of sex from time to time.

Tip #6 Make Her Experience The First Orgasm

Women have multiple orgasms as mentioned earlier. Aim to make her reach the first orgasm through foreplay. For the majority of men, this is hard to achieve. However, doing it every time persistently  will make it easier in the long run.

Let Her Reach Orgasm Before You Do

Try these tips and see how it helps you in aiming to last longer in bed and be dominant all the time. Furthermore, if it is difficult for you to achieve these tips, be open to your partner. Admit your problem and you will be surprised how helpful she is in helping you achieve what you want.

While these tips work well in most situations provided it is done consistently, still there are men who have major issues about early ejaculation also commonly known as premature ejaculation. Men having this issue should not lose hope as there are certain ways on how to overcome premature ejaculation. Although, it may seem difficult to go along initially, but with continuous effort and dedication along with patience and persistence, one can overcome it eventually.


  1. My biggest concern is premature ejaculation. I have it since I can remember with my first masturbation. But I’m already working on it and it seems to be working with edging.

  2. I have an additional tip… this might unconventional but it works. Perform regular relaxation routine and make it consistent. You call it meditation or whatever, but I simply call it relaxation and personally I do it during morning when I wake up. It may not be the quickest solution, but for long term, it definitely can help and combine with what already mentioned here…you’ll be a champion ­čÖé

  3. Hi Michael,

    Good post, but I’m missing 1 thing: using breathing techniques to calm your mind. For most guys anxiety plays a big part and using the right breathing technique to fight that anxiety can help them last longer too.


    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, that plays an important role when it comes to relaxation. Actually, this should be done on a regular basis…say around 5-10 minutes a day of breathing exercise. This is an interesting topic to cover as well, and may need a separate article about. I’ll look into that as this is an important help for those who need it.

      Happy New Year 2013!

    • Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for pointing that out. And yes, you’re right I missed that important aspect of relaxation and will cover it in future article. That is really a very important part of relaxation. When one learns how to relax both the mind and body, controlled ejaculation is very much possible.

      Watch out for an article about relaxation to combat premature ejaculation.


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