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Squeeze Method Of Delaying Ejaculation For Longer Performance

Previously, we’ve covered the “Start and Stop” technique on controlling ejaculation, or should I say a technique to train one’s ability to control ejaculation. Now, in this article, we will be covering a different, yet a very popular technique known as “Squeeze” method.

This method has been popularized in the 60s by Masters and Johnson who pioneered research on the nature of a human sexual response. The “Squeeze” action is designed to make the urge to ejaculate subsides, or bringing the level of sensation down to a level where it can be fully controlled.

Frenulum Portion Of The Penis

Basically, the female partner will be the one to perform the “Squeeze” action on the penis by gripping the glans using her forefinger(particularly the Frenulum) while her other fingers curled around the penile shaft.

Others do this by putting both index and middle finger together on the glans(penis head) and pressing the Frenulum with a thumb at the opposite side. It is essential the force exerted when squeezing or pressing to fairly hard on the penis while keeping her hand steady until the urge to ejaculate subsides.

Keep in mind, pressing it so lightly can cause immediate ejaculation instead of holding it back. This is another useful technique for men who are experiencing premature ejaculation.

Control Ejaculation With Squeeze Technique

Steps For Performing The SQUEEZE Method

Just as with any other exercises or routines, there are certain steps to performing the SQUEEZE method. This method of overcoming early ejaculations has been mentioned and demonstrated on a documentary mentioned here.

Step 1

Let your female partner perform masturbation on you using a dry hand. At any point in time, you feel you are getting close to ejaculating or PONR(Point Of No Return), signal or tell her to stop stroking and squeeze the penis. The goal of this exercise is to complete 3 full 15-minute sessions either consecutively or separately. If you’ve read the Start-Stop method, it has the same goal.

Step 2

Repeat steps outlined in Step 1, but this time tell your partner to use lube instead of dry hand. The goal is the same with Step 1. Complete 3 full 15-minute sessions, consecutively or separately.

Step 3

In this step, it involves having actual sex intercourse with your partner. However, this particular sexual intercourse does not involve thrusting for the purpose of stimulation.

The first step is to lie on your back and ask your female partner to set on top of you while inserting your penis into her vagina. Make sure she is wet so there will be no pain on her part and sensation during insertion should feel stimulating. Both of you should never make a move.

Focus on the sensation of your penis while it is inside in her vagina. When you feel the urge to ejaculate, ask her to get off and let her squeeze the Frenulum of your penis. Keep in mind, upon taking your penis off her vagina this cause stimulation and might trigger instant ejaculation if you cannot control it.

Hence, make sure when you signal her you have enough control about the sensation you are experiencing. Repeat this exercise twice before you allow to ejaculate eventually ending the session. Aim to complete a full 15-minute session without ejaculating.

Step 4

Almost similar to Step 3, but this time your female partner should make gentle movements producing stimulation while sitting on top of you. When the urge to ejaculate occurs, ask her to get off and squeeze the Frenulum of your penis as outlined in previous steps. Just as in Step 4, aim to complete a 15-minute session without ejaculation.

Step 5

When you are successful in both Steps 3 and 4, you are now ready to try a different position keeping in mind a sex position with a man on top, you will have less control over the sensation. At this time, when having sex your female partner, focus on the sensation you feel while your penis is inside her.

Let her know about it, so that she will not feel neglected if she notices you are not paying full attention to her. However, if you ejaculate before she reached orgasm, it is your responsibility as her partner to complete the job and allow her to reach orgasm.

It is a great idea to stimulate her at the beginning through foreplay such as French kissing to make her stimulated sexually. This exercise is great if she is wet and well-lubricated. Just keep in mind, you have to allow her to reach orgasm if in case you ejaculated before she does.


  1. I’m actually beginning to make use of this technique without my partner’s concern. Hopefully, this will be effective and help e overcome premature ejaculation. I’m also trying to incorporate Yoga on my daily exercises…

  2. Hello… I am experiencing somewhat of a premature ejaculation … which is beginning to affect my awesome relationship with my gf … although we found a system so that i ejaculate then for the 2nd time provide her an orgasm … i made use of to have it when i was around 17 or 18 and it went on to around 21 then its stopped until 5 months ago … i ejaculate in less than 4 minutes … you can shout … and its not cool at all … my girlfriend went back to her nation given that we stay in china (she went with an exam) and now am below alone … i wanna prepare for her prior to she returns so that i can give her the orgasmes that i utilized to give her … can i remedy it ?? can it go away ?? what can i do about it ?? i don’t require a physician or medicine … i need something done normally … but if u just have medicine to guidance me then its fine … please assistance due to the fact that i know that you know that its very FRUSTRATING.

  3. my boyfriend keeps on fussing over his “size”… apparently he wants to go bigger..

    what are exercises which enlarges the penis.. i dont agree to the coz i need him secure.. i dont wish To take any risk. however, he insists thus here goes nothing..


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