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Cementing or Making Penis Enlargement Gains Permanent And Maintaining Stamina

Cementing the gains simply another term for keeping the gains permanent, or also known as maintenance routine. A lot of questions have been asked on this area in penis enlargement as to whether the gains are permanent or size returns to its original size prior to doing PE.

This is an important thing to keep in mind as PE is not something that results are realized overnight. It takes months and, perhaps even years to achieve the desired results, and keeping that results permanent is vital; otherwise it would be frustrating when all those hard work and time invested end up nothing.

Cementing The Penis Enlargement Gains

Furthermore, it is worth noting especially for beginners that penis enlargement is a long-term commitment. It might not be all throughout a lifetime doing penis enlargement(though it’s possible), it takes a while to achieve desirable results. Once the desired results are achieved, keeping the gains permanent is an additional process, although it might not be as intense or take the same amount time and effort to do it.

New guys involved in PE, keep in mind it requires commitment. PE can be considered related to body building; hence, it is important to have a similar mindset, or otherwise, it is your loss and all those time and hard work would simply be wasted, which can lead to disappointments later on. Honestly, there is no point of spending a huge amount of time and efforts to achieve growth and to be able to make the penis bigger when in the end it just go back to its original size.

The tips contain in this article entails no scientific explanation or evidence, instead a straightforward, practical advice proven to have worked on those who have implemented it. Implement or use it especially for those who are new in PE allowing one to be guided in the right direction accordingly. In addition, this will also help newbies achieve long-term commitment in PE and avoid mistakes; and finally keeping the motivation high and stick to the routine consistently.

The second important point in doing penis enlargement aside from cementing the gains is maintaining stamina. What is the point of having a bigger penis but poor erection quality. There are some who were able to achieved substantial gains, but struggling to maintain hard and lasting erections. Some exercises work complementary for both penis enlargement and stamina.

There are a lot guys out there who achieve quick gains, yet they quickly lose what they have gained, or at least a part of it. Here is the truth about gains. Upon reaching the goal performing PE exercises either through manual or with a device like pump and extender, or perhaps using both, it is not ideal to simply quit at once upon reaching the desired goals.

The rate at which one is able to gain bigger size depends on one’s physiology or genetics; some gain quickly while others at a slow pace. Whether how quickly the gains are achieved, it need maintenance and quitting immediately after achieving the goals is not the right thing to do.

Keep this in mind, cementing or keeping the gains permanent is just as important achieving the desired gain.

Importance Keeping Gains Permanent

Why Maintenance Is Necessary After Achieving The Desired Gains

There is something known as equilibrium, or perhaps you may call it the body’s resting point. This is the point in which the body is accustomed to setting and whatever growth achieved through stimulation; it tends to go back to its original state at some point in time.

When performing penis enlargement routines, it pulls or stretches the various tissues within the penile shaft including the nerves, ligaments, veins and tunica extending to an extent(depending on one’s goal) in which the body is not accustomed.

Overtime, just like a rubber being pulled to a certain extent, it will slowly go back to its original size. Now, when nothing is done in order to prevent this gradual progression of getting back to its original size, gains achieved will be lost gradually, as well. The primary purpose of performing maintenance routine is to allow the body or certain parts of the body(in this case, the penis) reached a new point or level of equilibrium.

Reaching that new point of equilibrium depends on one’s physiological make up. Just as with achieving gains, some achieved gains quickly while others at a slow pace. Hence, there is no specific timeline for everyone as it varies from person-to-person. It is not surprising when creating a new equilibrium could take years.

Take note, although the tissues in the body including the penis do possessed a memory, it is not always a good idea to rely on it as there are no exact means of determining whether it remembers the new equilibrium, or not, yet.

Developing permanent gains and getting the body reached a new equilibrium requires significant efforts and dedication. However, it is not as difficult back to the time when just beginning to achieve gains.



As mentioned, there is no specific timeline or time-frame as to how long the cementing or maintenance process could last. Factors like one’s genetics or physiology can affect the timeline, it takes a short time for some while longer for others.

Here is a good hint. Those who have achieved substantial gains in a short time…say within 6 months of doing PE, there is a high chance of losing the gains achieved if quitting performing the routines immediately. This means, after that 6 months of hard work and dedication, one simply quit performing the routines without performing maintenance.

While those who were able to achieve gains for a long period of performing PE…say for instance 5 years of hard work and dedication; and during the last 2 years of PE achieved only small gains, cementing the gains might not take long as during the process throughout those years of PE. The body might be able to reach a new equilibrium at some point.

Here is a reality, upon reaching the goal(and still continuing the routine even without the significant gains), all those efforts are not wasted because it is a part of the cementing process, even if you are doing it unconsciously. As you continue performing the routine and gains are not decreasing, cementing process is occurring. Hence, never get upset when continuing performing the routine after your goal is reached, and no further gains are achieved. The effort invested is not wasted even if no gains after that as those efforts go into the cementing process.

Experienced individuals in PE say it would take somewhere between 6 to 18 months to cement the gains. This is a good hint to those who are seeking specific time-frame on how long it would take to do maintenance routine.

However, there is no way of determining how long these experienced individuals achieved their goals. Perhaps, it is safe to assume they were able to reach their goals in a span of several years. Again, whenever one reaches the goal in a short time, certainly, it would take longer to cement the gains. This is important to keep in mind as to avoid losing the gains and wasted efforts.

Maintained Stamina

Keeping Up The Stamina

While the density and amount of tissues in the penis are cemented or permanent through PE process, stamina gains are normally temporary and require maintenance. This is comparable to doing workouts at the gym; when quitting to perform workouts, eventual the muscle tissues deteriorate, or goes into a state known as catabolic.

Stamina maintenance should be treated as a long term process and commitment. Overtime, erection quality could deteriorate resulting to a reduction of erection size even though gains have been cemented.

Long-term stamina maintenance is important because as a person undergoes aging(which is inevitable), erection quality deteriorates due to certain changes that takes place in the body including hormonal changes. Among the notable causes of a declining erection quality that goes with aging are decrease in testosterone and HGH levels.

As matter of fact, there are men who experience erectile dysfunction, or ED when they reached certain age, which is usually starts at age 35 and beyond. During the aging process, chances of experiencing an erectile dysfunction increased exponentially. Fortunately, with continuous stamina performance, this condition can be avoided especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Stamina Workouts

Stamina Maintenance Workouts

Among the workouts that are useful for stamina maintenance are; towel raises, Kegel exercises, edging, ballooning, and Jelqing, which is PE exercise that is good for both enlargement and stamina enhancement. On the other hand, PE devices like penis pumps and traction extenders are not for stamina maintenance and the same is true with hanging. However, penis pumping can help a lot for guys who have ED.

While the workouts mentioned previously are for stamina performance, there are men young and old who performed them regularly for penis health maintenance purposes even though they do not have any penis enlargement experience. Exercises like Jelqing and stretching are both healthy exercises for the penis that help clear out plaque from the veins in the penis allowing these people to maintain good erection quality even when they aged.

There is a good reason to do stamina maintenance in a long-term commitment along with cementing or to keep the gains permanent. Stamina maintenance works well either for those who performed penis enlargement or those who simply do it for health purposes. Better stamina means better erection and better performance, and even during the 50s, erection quality can still be maintained similar to the time back in the 20s.


  1. I thought it was just as easy as reaching the desired goal and I can stop doing it and enjoying the gains for good.

    • Even achieving the goal itself is difficult without the strong motivation to perform consistent routine. But one thing that is clear to me based on my experience, if you do it at least 3 times a week of jelqing and stretching and kegeling from time to time whenever I want doing it, it’s effective.

      Now, I’m experiencing a consistent morning wood and it feels heavy during erection, which I think a good sign.

  2. I’m still in doubt about these penis enlargement methods that can truly help increase the size of the penis. However, based on my basic knowledge gained through reading on this website and on other recommended resources, I came to gradually believed it’s possible. In fact, I will be performing first manual penis exercises…and hopefully, I can achieve my desired goals, too.

  3. I’m in a hunt to find some honest testimonials about subliminal penis enlargement, from individuals that have purchased it and can vouch if it helped make the penis bigger or not.

    I want to try penis enlargement, but this is something that I came across that looks easy and safe. Do you ever think it is a good idea or just go through the typical process?

  4. What is an efficient and free way to help me increase the size of my penis? Are these exercises like stretching, jelqing, etc helpful?

  5. I see great deal of adevertisements in net to enhance or enlarge penis size, my problem here is why most of men wish to enhance their penis size and importantly does these methods/medecines/oils / exercises work, if anyone got benefited kindly share your experiances. thanks

    • Hi Austin, it’s a matter of personal choice. Me, personally… I choose to do penis enlargement not for enlargement purposes only, but for penis and sexual health as well.

      Yes, you can find myriad of advertisements online about male sexual health particularly penis enlargement, but unfortunately, a lot of them don’t work. I suggest, you browse around this website and see what interests you.

      All here are collection of male enhancement solutions that are proven to work if implemented appropriately.


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