Getting Started With The Basics Of Penis Stretching Exercise Routine

When it comes to penis enlargement using manual exercises, basic penis stretching techniques works wonderfully.

Probably, penis stretching is the oldest and best form of penis exercise routine. It allows maximum potential gains while maintaining and even boosting blood flow to the penis. This means better erections and healthy sexual function.

This technique is also essential to use with any manual exercise routines such as Jelqing. It is also useful along with routines employing devices such as penis pumps and penis extenders also known as traction devices.

As a matter of fact, nearly all advanced penis enlargement techniques and exercises targeting length gains are based in basic principles of stretching.

Fundamentals Of Penis Stretching Exercise

Stretching routines can be either be performed using bare hands or with an aid of a device like stretching and hanging devices.

One thing to remember, some devices used in stretching require things like a small towel, rubber gloves, and baby powder.

Stretching should be done while the penis is on flaccid state, or zero to 50% erect.

This route is suitable for beginners to avoid potential injuries to the penis and should be performed in a gradual and moderate pace.

Penis Stretching For Beginners To Advanced

During the first 3 to 5 months, beginners should do penis stretching while the penis is fully flaccid.

However, individuals who have prior experiences may opt for advanced stretching technique while the penis is in full erection.

The basic of penis stretching is not to grab the glans or the penis head directly. Instead, a good grip anywhere at the penis shaft is advisable.

Typically, the advisable spot to grab the penis while stretching is an inch or two just below the glans.

This spot provides the least amount of skin stretches when pulling the penis outward when performing the routines.

The primary purpose of stretching is to stretch the inner ligaments and tissues within the penis shaft, and not just the skin.

Stretching the penis in various directions can maximize potential gains. There are various forms of penis stretching that will be outlined later in this article.

Stretching in various directions can cover lots of the ligaments and tissues in the groin area making them loosen causing the penis to expand or extend in length.

Traction technique used in penis extenders worked the same way.

Routine Frequency

Penis stretching can be performed on a daily basis either employing a complete routine or performing it periodically in short sessions throughout the course of the day.

Stretching the tunica and ligaments can be done without a full warm-up, but doing so might not be able to maximize the effect or gains.

When performing stretching on a non-fully warmed up the penis, do it in gradual and moderate pace to avoid injury and even severe soreness.

As a standard, a full warm-up is required to maximize gains and minimize soreness.

Also, upon finishing the routine, dedicate a few minutes to warm down. Basically, warming down is simply massaging the entire penis shaft gently much like warming down when doing any form of physical exercises for the body.

Slight soreness occurred during the previous stretching routine is not a reason to stop performing the exercise as long as appropriate care is done.

The Effects

A sense of itchiness, slight tingling sensation, and a sense of muscle fatigue can be felt during and after performing the routine.

These sensation effects are common as well as an indication that exercise is done accordingly. This means, performing the exercise consistently, and regularly can provide noticeable gains.

However, when extreme pain or soreness occurred, it is highly advisable to stop the routine immediately to avoid serious injuries to the penis.

Figuring out why it happened is an essential step. Perhaps, the stretching is done aggressively, and if so, wait until the pain and soreness is gone and do the exercise gradually and gently.

Once the penis is used to exercising and ready, increase the intensity of the stretching, but make sure it will not over-stress the penis avoiding pain and severe soreness to occur once again.

Basic Stretching Instructions

  1. Have a good grip using just enough pressure of the penis an inch below the glans.
  2. Gently pull the penis away from the body.
  3. Hold the penis in a stretched position for 30 seconds, typically.
  4. Gradually release the tension.
  5. Repeat the entire process over in different directions(downward, right and left sides, upward).

Note: The number of repetitions will depend on how long one is performing the exercise routine. For beginners, start with few repetitions and increase the number of repetitions during the course of the progress. PEGym provided a video demo for this basic process.

Stretching Routine Exercise Variations



This is known as the dual stretching exercise. The principle behind A-Stretch routine is based on 2 stretches utilizing the arm as a lever. When done correctly, the stretch would resemble the letter A.

This stretching variation was first popularized by Mike Salvini of MOS and also being used by avid PEGym members, an online forum popularized by Big Al (AJ Alfaro) who is also the co-creator of Erection Fitness penis enlargement program, and also known as the male enhancement coach.

Getting Started:

  1. In a seating position, grab the penis while in flaccid state just below the glans.
  2. While the other arm is grabbing the penis shaft, weave the other arm under the penis grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the penis.
  3. Pull the penis outward from the body and horizontally towards the legs.
  4. Stretch with moderate pressure or force and hold for a few seconds.
  5. Slowly release the tension and repeat the process as desired.

Assisted/Fake A-Stretch

This routine is a variation of the A-Stretch using a cylindrical object instead of the arm as a lever.

Commonly used a cylindrical object is a PVC-type material. Recommended level of erection is between 0 to 50% in 5 repetitions.

Getting Started:

  1. Grab the penis an inch below the glans and then pull outward.
  2. Place the cylindrical object below the penis. Weave it up making one end rests on the forearm of the hand stretching the penis.
  3. Apply just enough force stretching the penis downward while pulling up cylindrical object simultaneously.
  4. Hold the stretch for 15 to 20 seconds.
  5. Repeat the entire process as needed.

These are two of the most common variations of penis stretching routines. There are many other variations to be covered separately.

Utilizing these basic routines is already considered an effective means of achieving gains. Combine the routine’s effectiveness with dedication and patience, it can truly help achieve measurable gains.

Fortunately, penis stretching is safe and effective on its own. But it can also be utilized along with other manual penis exercises for enlargement purposes such as Kegel and Jelqing.

Moreover, stretching is also a good routine for warming the penis prior to performing routines that used penis enlargement devices like pumps and extenders.

For more online resources, visit the resources page.

Final Thoughts

Penis stretching exercises are already effective and safe own. However, using it along with other like such as employing penis enlargement devices like penis pumps and traction penis extenders, results are more desirable.

Combining all these into a routine makes it possible to achieve gains quicker than performing the techniques individually.

When you decide to get started with penis enlargement through stretching technique, there are many ways to get your routine improve making your effort a lot efficient and effective.

Even dietary supplementation for men likewise known as male virility enhancement pills can help in the process by enhancing blood flow or circulation to the sexual organs. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle that includes dieting and workout are both essential, as well.

You can also check out penis advantage enlargement program for more exercises and routines. It is an online penis enlargement guide with a wide array of penis exercises.

It’s normal to be hesitant and doubtful especially for first timers who do not have any idea how it works.

Gaining the penis size you want is possible. Two of the most popular penis enlargement guides today are the penis advantage and erection fitness. Both offer a step-by-step process guide from beginners to advanced.

Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

    • Unfortunately, this is not for everyone although many who wants to achieve noticeable results. Just as many who wants to become a millionaire, but not many are able to do so. It’s a weird comparison, but looking at the bigger picture, it’s almost similar.

      • I see what you are saying, but if I stick to a stretching and jelqing routine I can legit gain a permanent inch in length?

        • I assumed when you say “legit” you mean measurable? If you stick to it, you can achieve something, but don’t expect overnight results because it won’t happen. And, yes you better off doing more than one exercise and make it into a routine. The combination of stretching and jelqing. If you’ve asked how much I’ve gained… I’ve gained almost an inch in length doing penis stretching and jelqing. I didn’t track my girth starting size, but it’s definitely bigger a bit than it was, initially. When first get started, I didn’t do it every day, but sporadically during weekdays and up to 10 minutes only during weekends. If I decided to be a hard core, I might be achieving more. But, that little gain I’ve gained is already enough for me. Each of us has different targets and goals. I’m still doing both stretching and jelqing along with jelqing not for size anymore, but for maintaining stamina and for penile health purposes.

          The great thing about starting with these exercises…it’s free. You don’t have to buy anything except for the time you spent doing the exercise. I only do it a few minutes and a few times each week as I’m focused and spent more time right now doing Yoga.

          Just to add… with my gained, it took me around 8 months to achieve it, probably even longer than that, but the amazing thing that happened prior to that gain was I was performing better. If you exercise and I mean exercises like weight lifting, HIIT, or doing yoga, you’ll notice an improvement in our overall performance. This is exactly what happens when you’re exercising the penis. In fact, many men want to do penile exercises not because they’re small but because they want to make their performance better. Because… to be honest, if your current size without doing any penis enlargement exercises yet is around average at 5+ inches, you’re good already. All that is needed is to boost your performance and make erections harder in which penis exercises like jelqing and stretching are helpful.

          • Thank you for your reply man, definitely appreciate it! I know it won’t happen over night I’ve been researching this for awhile now and have been doing it on and off a little bit. Just want a little more size for confidence

    • Not days… but months and even years. The key to achieving noticeable and lasting results is dedication. And, dedication I didn’t mean you will only do this and ignore other important things. I simply mean, stick to the routine and if when you hit a sort of plateau, modify the routine and mix it up with other techniques like Jelqing and variations of stretching.

      The initial results you will get is not size gains, but an improvement in erection quality provided you do the stretching right and consistently.

  1. There have been a lot of questions regarding lubes and if olive oil can be use as a substitute. Honestly, I haven’t tried it.

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