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Essential Penis Pump Routine Tips For Safety, Efficiency, and Maximum Gains

The hydro penis pump has quickly gained popularity. These penis pumping tips, hopefully, can maximize your potential gains, as well as ensure safety.

These water-assisted penis pumps have helped thousands of men across the globe in achieving measurable gains. The Bathmate was the first one to introduced hydro pumping in 2005. Since then, it has been able to design and produce a series of models to this day.

Today, Bathmate offers newer models designed to cater to a wide range of penis sizes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Bathmate has something to offer that is appropriate to you.

Performing proper routine is essential to maximize the penis pump capability and features fully. Additionally, doing so will ensure safety, efficiency, and achieve maximum potential growth or gains.

Penis Pumping Routine Tips For Safety and Max Gains
Essential Penis Pumping Routine Tips for Safety, Efficiency and Gains

Essential Things To Do Before Performing A Penis Pump Routine

Make sure to trim the pubic hair to enable a good seal between the skin and pump’s gaiter. Thick and long pubic hair can prevent the pumps’ gaiter from providing proper contact with the skin.

When pumping, which applies to both air vacuum and hydro pumps, good contact is required to make an air-tight seal for creating a good vacuum force.

Trimming Pubic Hair Before Doing Penis Pump Routines Is A Best Practice

Prior to performing any routine, perform a 3 to 5 minutes warm up on the penis with warm water on the bath or shower.

It is essential to ensure the scrotum is both relaxed and warmed-up. Doing so makes the pumping achieve excellent results and avoid soreness right after performing the routine.

Additionally, when the scrotum or testicles are both soften and relaxed, it hangs low as the skin loosens, allowing the pump to fit perfectly and make good contact and create a good seal producing good vacuum force inside the pump.

Penis Pump Routine Safety Tips

Many hydro pump users, especially those experienced ones, will tell that pumping is for girth gains only. On the other hand, some reported having gained both length and girth.

Here are some of the recommendations that make hydro pumping effective to achieve gains as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to achieving measurable gains. One must have patience, persistence, and dedication to perform the routines consistently to achieve the desired results.

1. Avoid Creating Strong Vacuum Very Quickly

Creating strong vacuum at the start will not give faster gains either in length or girth, but might generate sports, bruising, and discomfort, especially for one who is just starting with penis pumping, or penis enlargement in general.

Hydro penis pumps are carefully designed for safety and efficacy. Safety precautions and instructions are always included in the user’s guide.

Doing extreme routines while the penis is not ready for such pressure could cause bruising and spots.

Hence, for anyone who is just starting, take the time, relax, and pump slowly and progressively.

Performing hydro pumping routine is comparable to performing physical workouts. Initially, one will start lifting light weights, and progressive to heavier weights when the body is ready.

2. Always Remember To Take A Break

Take off the pump every 5 minutes of use for blood to retract from the penile shaft. Massaging the penis for 30 seconds is an essential part of the routine.

After the 30 seconds massage, reinsert the penis into the pump and repeat the pumping process.

Doing it this way will not only maximize the gains, but improve erection quality such as hardness in particular, and facilitate proper blood flow through the entire penile area.

3. Follow Recommended Sets If You’re Just Starting

The recommended number of sets for pumping is four sets having 5 minutes for every set totaling to 20 minutes every session.

This routine was found to provide the best possible results in size gains and vascular expansion while maintaining comfort to the penis.

4. Handling Certain Issues That May Arise During The Routine

Some individuals have problems in allowing the testicles to hang low below the penile base. It can be a problem as maybe one of the testicles might be forced into the pump, which is not good.

This can also happen when the bathtub is narrow, causing both legs not to spread far enough.

If you are among that experience this scenario, increases the warm-up and relaxation time to 7 minutes or more until the skin of the testicles is very loose.

In some cases, the bathtub is very narrow, hindering the spreading of the legs far apart enough, allowing the testicles to hang low for the pump the fit perfectly, perform pumping in a standing position.

5. Hydro Pump Routines For Active Individuals

Active individuals performing heavy physical workouts, or perhaps playing sports such as basketball or tennis actively, increase the amount of time doing relaxation and warming up.

It is only required when just finished performing workouts or playing intensive sports activities. Otherwise, one can go through the usual time of relaxation of at least 5 minutes before performing the main pumping routine.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most important things to consider when performing hydro pumping.

Keep in mind, creating a strong vacuum so quick will not give quick results, but potential penile injury and discomfort. As mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts to increasing penis size.

However, it has been proven many times over that employing a combination of penis enlargement techniques can help speed up in achieving the results.

Although keep in mind that it is crucial to follow safety precautions when doing multiple techniques.

Follow safety precautions in each technique used and avoid overtraining the penis. Consider these penis pumping tips to maximize your effort and efficiency.

The penis, just as the entire body, deserves a break after intense penis enlargement routines.

Hydro pumping can work with other penis enlargement routines and techniques such as manual penis exercises like Jelqing, Kegel and stretching.

Additionally, pumps work perfectly when used with other penis enlargement devices like penis extenders.


    • Jelqing plus Bathmate is a perfect combination of routines. Do Jelqing first prior to a Bathmate routine. As far as obesity is concern, I don’t have any idea how obese you are. I’m hoping you’re not among those morbidly obese. As long as you follow safey precautions, it’s safe to do both.

  1. I wish newer penis pumps has built-in pressure meter to measure current pressure inside and stay on the limit every time. This way, for sure over pumping can be avoided unless it is intentional. Hmmm… I might design one 😀 But seriously, I hope bathmate and penomet will consider it. I don’t about air vacuum pumps if they have one, but looks like some have as they have pressure gauge installed.

  2. I just follow what is recommended in the guide and still following it to the letter till today. I’ve got penomet premium and the guide is detailed and following the gaiter week recommendation as they say along with the basic routines. It’s fun to use, btw…

  3. Does doing hanging works with this device? I mean, is it advisable to do hanging while doing pumping at the same time? I’m talking about at a newbie’s perspective.

  4. I live in Northumberland County, PA. Any shops close that sell bathemate penis pumps? Anyone knows can give some private tip 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll just get it the usual way of ordering.

  5. Do you get long-term results from making use of the bathmate? If so what gains do you get? I’m very much interested on getting into this one.

  6. For these tips would be helpful once I begin doing penis enlargement. I’m interested in increasing my girth, currently it’s at 4 inches and wanted to make it at 5 inches.

  7. does hanging some added weight to a male’s penis n lettin it to hang easily, increases the size of or extend the penis size in the long run?

    • Weight hanging is one of the method being used in ancient times to increase penis size, but you should be careful about using it especially if you’re just getting started. Personally, I haven’t tried it, but there are those who are using such methods. Using weights was also mentioned here.

  8. if people say penis enhancement/enlargement does not work then why do some physicians say that penis works out work over a period of months of practice and say it is verified to work.


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